Out of curiosity, I double checked my archive to check when my first ever post was.
January 23, 2009.
That means that this blog, this little space of the internet that I rant and ramble on, is five years old today!

I’ve changed several times over since that very first post. It’s a little embarrassing, but I was also 21 years old, still in college, and I had no idea what blogging could mean. In high school, I had a Xanga (we all did) and a LiveJournal. I have always loved journaling…it was something I used to do every night before bed with my headphones in, writing until my hand cramped. When I saw that I could do it online, I couldn’t say no. After falling in love with Rockstar Diaries (now known as Love, Taza…again, how things change and so often for the better!), I settled on starting a Blogger.
I don’t think I knew what I would do, and certainly it’s just been my little online diary. But it’s one of the few things I’ve stuck with over the years with absolutely no intention of stopping soon.

While I attempt to embark on scrapbooking for the first time this year (which will basically be a fancy-fied photo album and journal), I’m so glad I still have some way to look back on times past and remember things that have totally slipped my mind. I haven’t gone too far back in the archives, but I think I might take a gander today, on it’s anniversary, to cringe and laugh and remember the good times.


To those who read my blog, which has gotten a bit more of a bump from some great friends these days, thank you so much! Even though I do it for fun, I love knowing that you guys read and share your stories and inspiration with me.

Some favorite posts:






Here’s to many more years of documenting the little, great things in life and growing all of the time!

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