The beginning...

and sort of the end.
But that's always the way it is. One portion of your life begins, and that previous one usually concludes.

I am Michal Lynn. A senior in my last semester at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
You may notice my previous blog. I was in London for about two months this summer.
It was an interesting time in my life.
I loved it and I hated it.
But now things are good.

I have always loved writing. I mean, even if its not a story like I used to write, or a screenplay like I used to want to write, or a journal like I used to keep, expressing my feelings in some form has always helped. Unfortunately, I've let the craziness block myself from being as creative or expressive as I used to be.

That's okay though. I've been through a lot. We all have. Or we all will.

But I wanted to write, to remember my last days as a school student, before I go into the real world. And then maybe I'll stay here and continue to write as my life goes on, and another chapter begins.

To set the story, I am a crazy gal. 21. I like to have fun, but I am also shy and quiet sometimes.
I have had my heartbroken. It's not completely mended yet. It gets in the way of things.
But I don't let it get me down.
Instead of being sad and worrying about things 24-7 like I spent most of my life the last few years, I've found myself happier, a little more independent, and still nutty, in good ways and in bad ways.
I love music. I love movies. I love TV shows on DVD. I love Time Management games on Arcadetown and iWin. I love clothes. I love cutting my hair short. I've recently gotten into dying my hair. This is techincally the second time I've done it in my life. One time, from a box, I had two friends, one my roomie Tracy, the other my ex Ed, put Fuschia Flash streaks in my hair. At first I was upset. Then I fell in love. Then it got weird and faded out into awful brassy red and yellow streaks. I had to get it done professionally in brown to cover it up...I don't count that, because brown is my natural color.
Now I have it done in black. Unpermanent. It's fading now, because its getting close to the 28 or so shampoos it would take. But I sort of have a mission this year. Try every color once. And if I like one, stick to it, for a while anyway. None of it permanent. Chameleon like. For fun. To get a fresh feeling of confidence or a new perspective. Mostly because I'm curious haha.

I also have a goal to go back to reading books more. I've already done two since I made this goal last Monday. First: Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. Second: Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk. Obviously two very different books. I want to expand my horizon and exercise my brain.

As for classes, I have four this semester. It being my last, I have some pretty relaxed ones. Radio and TV Announcing (I am a Mass Communications major, and I enjoy the radio), Film Studies (love movies, as mentioned above), Multimedia Applications for the Internet (Photoshop and Flash and stuff...graphic design can be fun) and Jazz Dance (because I've always secretly wanted to be a backup dancer).

These are the things you may hear of. With people being introduced and removed from the situations along the way. Such is my life.

So long for now.

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