One for the books…

I am not sure if I can accurately describe the weekend without completely downgrading how amazing it was. I knew it was going to be a busy one, but there ended up being a few surprises along the way. To top it off, everything turned out better than I could’ve hoped.


On Friday, Brad and I had plans to see a friend’s art display for First Friday. We stuck with that plan, but I found out about a couple of bands playing a show while I was at work. My sister told me that Starfucker would be playing at a bar I’ve been wanting to go to for a while. I just got into the band about a couple of weeks ago, thanks to Pandora radio, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them for 8 dollars! They played with an excellent Norwegian band, Casiokids.  Amazing music, intimate setting, dancing so hard (my neck still hurts from whippin’ my hair back and forth), forgetting all of the world’s woes. That is what a show should be…and I didn’t even know I would be experiencing something like that when I woke up in the morning.



Despite being insanely exhausted come Saturday, we still managed to have another excellent day. I was up earlier than I would like to spend some quality time with my sister. No pictures of that, unfortunately. But my friend Ed, who is leaving for Texas in two weeks (more on that later…), threw a classic party that night. Tons of drinking games and laughing and classic moments. I wish we did this kind of thing more often.


It’s finally starting to get nice and warm up a little for Spring, so Brad and I went to Jim Thorpe for the afternoon. It was super quiet and got chilly quickly, but we still managed to get some pictures and enjoy a day outside. I just cannot wait until the trees and plants begin to bloom. I’m sick of every place looking like a wasteland. I am bored with the brittle and bare tree branches and overcast skies.

As I said…words just simply cannot describe the weekend. I feel like I’m putting it to shame with this silly post. I like these times. I’m tired and sore but I’ve never felt better. Sometimes it’s easy to get trapped in the dull and boring 9-5 lifestyle, to let myself get tired and lazy and boring. But this weekend reminded me that I’m still in my early 20s. I absolutely can have fun with friends and stay out late and dance my butt off. And I should. I know it’s silly to say those things, because they seem obvious. But when you are working for the weekend, it’s so easy to forget yourself.

This time, I’ll remember that.

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