A Successful Christmas Story

I can honestly say that Christmas 2010 was definitely one of the tops.


Why did I love this Christmas? Hmm…spending the entire day with my family. Turkey baking in the oven because we had our first ever Christmas without travel or worrying about visits. Pretty much everything I wanted (and more) under the tree. My sister winning a lot of money (we’re talking hundreds) on a $2 scratch off lottery ticket. Brad coming later and exchanging gifts (and later going his house to find a few more presents I didn’t expect…gosh, I adore his family). Falling asleep for 8 hours straight in my new Slanket (why, yes, Santa gave me one with a burger and hot dog design).

I have to say, it’s easy to get a little jaded as you get older. The one thing that helps is shopping for perfect little presents for the people I love (and I think I did a pretty good job this year…). A few setbacks on Christmas Eve kinda knocked everyone’s spirits a little. But by the morning, the mood was back and I’ve never had such a relaxing and satisfying and beautiful holiday weekend.

Hope everyone got what they wanted and had a beautiful, enjoyable, relaxing, and blessed Christmas!!!

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