Lunch Break


Canteen 900 can do no wrong in my eyes. It’s truly a gem in NEPA (I’ve mentioned it a few times, most notably after my first time), and I wish I could make it a more regular stop in my life than it is. This past weekend, I spent most of my time nursing a cold. The one outing I did was head to Canteen 900 with my sister, her boyfriend, Brad, and our friends (and adorable couple) Nicole and Ed. It was their first time at Canteen 900, and I’m so glad I was there for it. We all indulged in café mochas, lattes, and teas, delicious salads and sandwiches, and great conversation. It was a lovely afternoon, and I hope to have more like that in the future.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!
And get well soon, to all the sickies out there!

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