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Okay, so most books are fun in my opinion, but I understand that not everyone loves to dive into a huge novel as much as I do. Still, the great thing about books is that it doesn’t start and end with chapters of words. As kids, we read (or are read to) small books with pictures about talking animals and stories that end with lessons about sharing and doing chores. Pictures make books fun. Lists make books fun. The ability to hop around, to open to any page and just read that…it’s all fun! So this is a post about “Just For Fun” books that I recently got for my mom, sister, and I for the holidays. All of these books were purchased at Marshalls for great prices. I’m obsessed with those stores.


Each one of the books above have fun topics that don’t require constant dedication.
If we had a coffee table, they would sit there.
I’ve always loved being able to go over to a family member’s house and grabbing a magazine or book to skim through.
I want that to happen when people come to my home one day.


The first book, Bright Young Things, was the book I purchased for myself.
I thought it would be great since I have an appreciation for the aesthetic of the Roaring 20s.
It’s all about modernizing that look and that passion. There’s even a list of cocktails to make for a themed party, classic songs and slang, and the perfect movies for a 20s movie night!


The second, Let’s Bring Back, is an encyclopedia filled with things past and present that aren’t appreciated as much as they once were or should be. I can’t wait to give this more attention, but things I’ve spotted are tea parties and Bing Crosby, and various words or phrases (such as nail lacquer, seen above, which is just fancy).


I know that cookbooks (even for drinks) are in a whole other category, but The Fashionable Cocktail is a fabulous and fun take on a mixology book. Trying new cocktails is always fun (and I happened to open up to the French 75, which is one of my favorite drinks, served at the 20s party and first enjoyed in Boston by recommendation of my love for gin). I got this for my sister because the drawings are fun and cute, and she also loves to experiment with different cocktails.
Just need to stock that bar!

I’ve been working on a post about why I love to read so much, but I feel like this post covers a topic I didn’t even think to write about. Books don’t just entertain or help you escape, as they do with fiction. They also provide inspiration. They teach you, which might have seemed boring when you had to buy textbooks but is awesome now that you can choose anything you want to learn and find a book that correlates with that. They can be pretty things that decorate the free spaces on your shelves and end tables. And sure, most of these books are available and can be appreciated in             e-format, but they are just so much better when they can be decorative and informative.

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