I do believe everyone is unique. We all have some different thing about ourselves, whether we wear it on our sleeves or not. Isn't that the greatest thing about being us?
However, I hate when people lie and try to say that they don't shape themselves out of pieces of other people.
I know for a fact that I've seen something, or heard about something, or liked something, and said, yes, I will adopt that into the family that is my personality, or style, or life.
People love to say that because they love obscure music or independent films or 50 cent ironic t-shirts because they are original. But they didn't do it first. Someone else did.
So maybe that shoots my entire original theory to shame...then again, we'll do it in a way only we can. Someone else can wear the same shirt or play the same music in their headphones, but it probably won't have the same effect as it would on each individual.

To show you what I mean, about myself anyways, I wanted to share with you the idols...the...goddesses that have molded and shaped the way I dress or style my hair or rock out in my life. I may not be them. I may not ever be exactly like them. And honestly, I don't want to be. But I'll admit that some of the things they do have inspired me along the way, to shape it into something more me, and to inspire me a little bit more to find myself.


I don't know many people that would ever say that Natalie Portman is unattractive. If I met someone who said that, I would probably shun them for life. For almost a decade, Natalie Portman has held the number one spot in my heart. Yes, she is gorgeous, in a way that is both stunning and approachable. She's smart. When she did the whole stripper role (something most young actresses seem to do to say "Hey, I'm sexy and older and I can do what I want"), she did it because it came with the character. It wasn't about showing America she can shake her goodies. Maybe I've always liked her because she seemed an attainable goal of beauty for me. Like, maybe one day I could actually look like her because we both have brown hair and brown eyes and duh duh duh. But if you know me, you know I love her. She has had her hair everyway, length-wise, and looked good everytime. I have used many of her pictures to help with my new haircuts. Tell me you haven't done that before. She's grown up a lot, but she's always been beautiful and I'm sure she always will be.

My Idol
M.I.A....wow. What do you say about such a kickass person? Ma gurl is 31 years old, looks like she is 18, has given the middle finger to so many people through her style, her persona, and her music, and is still rocking out with a pregnant belly. When I first heard the song "Galang" I was like, cool chick, cool clothes...sorta weird music. I put it on the back burner, 'til I saw her CD sitting in the radio station hear at school, WRKC. I burn anything onto my computer that seems remotely interesting, so when I finally listened...yeah, I fell in love. Much to my roommates dismay, but then again, they don't like most of the music that comes out of my room. M.I.A. raps her deep Sri Lankan/West London voice on top of loud noises that oddly come together as music. And as for her clothes. Some may say the 80s have thrown up on her, but I admire it. I wear loud clothes myself, on those days I'm feeling particularly saucy. And yes, I've gotten some shit too. But I don't give a fuck, and M.I.A. taught me to do that. Besides, the people givin' me the shit, my friends...well, they're just jealous ;) . I must admit I am slightly possessive of her. When everyone freaked over Paper Planes, I was like, yeah this was a good song when the CD came out last year and none y'all cared about it. But those Judd Apatow-produced movies, much as I love them...they'll make anything popular. Besides, she needs to support the baby now. And if my girl's getting love, that means she'll keep making music and in turn, makin' me happy.

The Rockstar

I am by no means a Paramore fan. I think they produce some catchy tunes sandwiched between mediocre songs with uninventive guitar riffs and the same lyrics you've heard a zillion times placed in different orders and aided with the use of a thesaurus. That's harsh. Ouch. But I mean, let's be honest. They do, in fact, rock. They have captured the hearts of millions, boys and girls alike, and they do it well. Whether or not I actually will manage to sit through an entire Paramore album, Hayley Williams is definitely an idol and an inspiration to me. For starters, here's a chick, a small chick, who rocks out with three other guys. Leads the band. And with an amazing voice to boot. She can rock the heck out, and I'm jealous, because who doesn't want to be a rockstar? On top of that, her style is crazy. I mean, she is bringing some form of punk and emo and scene and whatever the heck else she's doing to the masses. Her hair is my favorite part. She's had it basically every color, mostly insane colors, that you can imagine...my favorite being the recent cherry red that I hope to do soon, and hopefully with a similarly rocking effect. She has an amazing voice, whether she's singing sorta crappy songs or not. I find myself singing them, bobbing my head, and wishing I could be on stage like her. She is only 20 and has two albums and a bunch of concerts under her belt. I am going to be 22 this year and I've done...oh, about nothing. I have something like 36 cents in my bank account. This is inspiring.

I have many honorable mentions. Yes, Britney Spears is insane, nowadays, but back in the day, well, I could understand why parents hated her. She made you think about sex. I know I wasn't alone in wishing I could be on camera with a bunch of rhinestones glued to me looking that sexy. I loved Rachel Bilson back in the heyday of The O.C.. She doesn't do much now, so I don't always remember her, but she's got great style, and also that certain sex kitten-ness that I often wish I had. Shannyn Sossamon is another one of those sorta weird, interesting hipster people who has weird hairdos and dresses different, but sometimes in just a strange way. But she's gorgeous and she's pulled it all off. Plus, some have said I look like her haha.

I am a little bit of all these and a bunch of myself. I love boy's tees or shorts and tight tank tops and girly colors and prints. I've mixed and matched the styles of these people or the feelings that they've inspired me to have. Yeah, I don't want to necessarily be them. I will always be me. I don't think I will ever get to be a movie star at the Golden Globes. But I can find a pretty dress that makes me feel like a goddess of the silver screen. I won't be an underground princess but I can rock a pair of magenta spandex leggings and feel like one. And I might not be a rock star, but I have outfits that make me feel like I could kick ass on the stage.


Hot N Cold

I know boyz hate when girls try to blame their ever-changing moods on PMS.
Hate to break it for ya, fellas, but its the damn truth.

Today I lost my ID. Not a big deal. I mean, sure, it fucking sucks. But there is a solution to the dilemma, despite the fact that it does not allow for instant gratification. However, it was the end of the world for me. And I was such a dick to the nicest person in my life right now because of it.
What could have been a nice time at Barnes and Noble and dinner at Taco Bell (I have a large weakness for Mexican), turned into a large fight about stuff I've never said before in shout-form and nearly ruined everything for us.

Then again...what is it? I am not his girlfriend. And I think I can honestly say I don't want to be.
So here I am.
Hot and cold.
Up and down.
I am a wreck.

I just wish I could find someone or something that made sense in my life for once.
There are definitely people out there with a rougher life.
But I still can't help but hate the stress.
And being stubborn certainly doesn't help.

I plan on doing more fun entries, but today, I just needed to vent.
Good night, and happy week to everyone!


The Weekend

I don't know how we could survive without it.
I mean, when I'm out of school maybe it won't matter anymore.
But something will always ring true about a Friday or Saturday night and the complete and utter freedom it holds.

I love going out. I did last night with a bunch of people. Two of my roomies, one's boyfriend, my best friend, and my...well, whatever he is at the moment. And we had an amazing time, dancing and drinking and not giving a shit about anything.

I work Saturdays, 4-10. Right in the middle of this carefree day. But I wouldn't trade the shift. Plus, I work at Blockbuster, and a lot of people like to come in after their dates or with their loud groups of friends to pick the movie to watch tonight. The way they want to spend their weekend, their free time. Relaxing, alone or together.

I just wish we had a camera to take pictures of the good times we had last night. Unfortunately, none of us carry them around anymore. And now all I have our very foggy memories to cling to. However, there's some video footage of some ridiculous stuff that I need to see and then probably convince to be deleted.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


The beginning...

and sort of the end.
But that's always the way it is. One portion of your life begins, and that previous one usually concludes.

I am Michal Lynn. A senior in my last semester at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
You may notice my previous blog. I was in London for about two months this summer.
It was an interesting time in my life.
I loved it and I hated it.
But now things are good.

I have always loved writing. I mean, even if its not a story like I used to write, or a screenplay like I used to want to write, or a journal like I used to keep, expressing my feelings in some form has always helped. Unfortunately, I've let the craziness block myself from being as creative or expressive as I used to be.

That's okay though. I've been through a lot. We all have. Or we all will.

But I wanted to write, to remember my last days as a school student, before I go into the real world. And then maybe I'll stay here and continue to write as my life goes on, and another chapter begins.

To set the story, I am a crazy gal. 21. I like to have fun, but I am also shy and quiet sometimes.
I have had my heartbroken. It's not completely mended yet. It gets in the way of things.
But I don't let it get me down.
Instead of being sad and worrying about things 24-7 like I spent most of my life the last few years, I've found myself happier, a little more independent, and still nutty, in good ways and in bad ways.
I love music. I love movies. I love TV shows on DVD. I love Time Management games on Arcadetown and iWin. I love clothes. I love cutting my hair short. I've recently gotten into dying my hair. This is techincally the second time I've done it in my life. One time, from a box, I had two friends, one my roomie Tracy, the other my ex Ed, put Fuschia Flash streaks in my hair. At first I was upset. Then I fell in love. Then it got weird and faded out into awful brassy red and yellow streaks. I had to get it done professionally in brown to cover it up...I don't count that, because brown is my natural color.
Now I have it done in black. Unpermanent. It's fading now, because its getting close to the 28 or so shampoos it would take. But I sort of have a mission this year. Try every color once. And if I like one, stick to it, for a while anyway. None of it permanent. Chameleon like. For fun. To get a fresh feeling of confidence or a new perspective. Mostly because I'm curious haha.

I also have a goal to go back to reading books more. I've already done two since I made this goal last Monday. First: Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. Second: Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk. Obviously two very different books. I want to expand my horizon and exercise my brain.

As for classes, I have four this semester. It being my last, I have some pretty relaxed ones. Radio and TV Announcing (I am a Mass Communications major, and I enjoy the radio), Film Studies (love movies, as mentioned above), Multimedia Applications for the Internet (Photoshop and Flash and stuff...graphic design can be fun) and Jazz Dance (because I've always secretly wanted to be a backup dancer).

These are the things you may hear of. With people being introduced and removed from the situations along the way. Such is my life.

So long for now.