Wow, what an unexpected year. 2009, I’ll be honest, was nothing to write home about. I was struggling with leaving college and friends and moving back home and not knowing what to do with my life and not having a full-time job and other lonely sucky things. All led to a complete turn of events…


Some highlights of the year:

  • Multiple trips and visits to Philly for Maria and Rafter and concerts and car shows
  • Meeting Artie the long-haired chihuahua and having him pretty much unofficially join the family
  • Reuniting with Brad, first as friends, and eventually as a couple
  • My first ever paid vacation!
  • Purchasing 4 cameras (see here, here, and here) …including my first ever DSLR…and furthering my passion for photography
  • One of the best summers of my life

It’s hard to condense 12 months into a single bulleted post. Maybe I didn’t do a lot of super significant things…but I have so many pictures that document all of the fantastic things I got to experience this year.

A lot changed from 2009 to 2010…in the best of ways. I’m a little worn out and ready for some more change, though. And I’m hoping that 2011 brings great things with it. I’m hoping the same for you, too! Enjoy your New Year’s…have fun, be safe…and get ready for a clean slate.


Black and White

Got my latest roll of Holga film, black & white, developed. I am so so SO so so pleased with the way they turned out. I hate to admit it, but black and white is pretty classic and flawless…even if the pictures themselves aren’t perfect. I’ll always prefer color, but I’m very excited about this batch, and even more excited for the next B&W round.



American Apparel

I got not one but two American Apparel gift cards for Christmas this year. I never woulda thought it, but Dana and Rafter remembered my obsession with their stuff. I love that my friends know me…

Shopping there is tough. I have a couple things already, and most of them are mainstays. My acid-wash V neck is sprouting tiny holes from excessive wear and you can’t go wrong with a cozy, long black cardigan. But I also have a pair of hot shorts I’ve worn 3 times, and a pair of loud magenta leggings worthy of 80s Aerobics workouts. Yes, I love these things, but they aren’t exactly practical. Then again…I’m not really practical.

Also, factor in that the quality isn’t always the best, so it’s hard to settle in for the slightly annoying big prices and decide what’s really worth the amount. I’m going to wait until I’m in store…but here are some things I’m eyeing up at the moment…


A Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket. I’ve been eyeing this up for a while now…not sure what color I’d want, but it’s so badass.


Can’t complain about another acid-wash deep V-neck.



Chambray Jumper Pants or a Chambray jumpsuit. I’ve been itching for a pantsuit/jumpsuit for a bit now, and I tried this on at the store/liked it. The pants are a nice change from a simple skinny pair of jeans. A little classy and different.


Shiny High Waisted leggings in Matte Black. I love the look of a leather legging, and these are comfortable, reasonably priced, and classic.


Shiny Stirrup Tights. I already have them in Sangria and they’ve held up, two years later. I don’t know what color I’d even get…they are all so good.

So many choices…I may have to wait until I journey over to Philly and actually peruse the store/try things on for myself.

Regardless, I’m very thankful for my thoughtful friends and some extra clothing cash.


Crush Crush Crush


It’s hard to choose favorite pictures of my ultra long-time girl crush. Here are just a few. Oh man, she’s so perfect.

And now, not only is she receiving rave reviews for the greatest role of her career thus far, but she is pregnant and engaged! Looks like she has a lot of good things to look forward to in the future…and I could totally tell she was hiding a belly in recent photos!!!!

My Girls

Animal Collective–My Girls

This song has been stuck in my head for a while now…


A Successful Christmas Story

I can honestly say that Christmas 2010 was definitely one of the tops.


Why did I love this Christmas? Hmm…spending the entire day with my family. Turkey baking in the oven because we had our first ever Christmas without travel or worrying about visits. Pretty much everything I wanted (and more) under the tree. My sister winning a lot of money (we’re talking hundreds) on a $2 scratch off lottery ticket. Brad coming later and exchanging gifts (and later going his house to find a few more presents I didn’t expect…gosh, I adore his family). Falling asleep for 8 hours straight in my new Slanket (why, yes, Santa gave me one with a burger and hot dog design).

I have to say, it’s easy to get a little jaded as you get older. The one thing that helps is shopping for perfect little presents for the people I love (and I think I did a pretty good job this year…). A few setbacks on Christmas Eve kinda knocked everyone’s spirits a little. But by the morning, the mood was back and I’ve never had such a relaxing and satisfying and beautiful holiday weekend.

Hope everyone got what they wanted and had a beautiful, enjoyable, relaxing, and blessed Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christmas Wrapping–The Waitresses

One of the classics.



Oh, it only took months and months to get the film developed and months and months (okay, two, we dropped it off in October, during my surgery recup) to pick it up, but Brad and I finally saw the first roll of Ricohflex film.





The focus ring doesn’t really work on the camera…but we were pretty pleased that we got some cool, retro-looking pics out of it. And, oh my gosh, do I miss those summer days. It is bitter cold now…I miss those hot, sunny, lounge-by-the-pool days.

Unfortunately, when you click to enlarge the middle pictures, it only shows the bottom one. I can’t seem to figure out the problem. Sorry!


Black Swan

So, the deal is, if Natalie Portman stars in a movie, I am instantly intrigued. I am and have been a huge fan since I saw her talk about Anywhere But Here on Oprah. I thought she was super-pretty and smart and I still think that, of course.

The first viewing of the Black Swan trailer, I was hooked. I was super curious, and only slightly frightened and disturbed. This was the first time I had ever seen Natalie in a film like this, with so much depth and layers and darkness. When watching the movie, I couldn’t help but think how…small she was (obviously physically, weighing less than 100 pounds, oi, but emotionally too). She is the movie, but she speaks a lot less then you’d think. You’ll be surprised. She is so quiet, delicate…like a little girl who has yet to grow up. And yet, she has this dark sexuality, another first for Natalie (who wasn’t allowed/wouldn’t do sex scenes for a large portion of her career). Obviously quite a few of her roles have involved a bit of sexuality (like her stripper role in Closer, one of my favorite movies ever, but even then it is all talk, no action), but this was raw. There’s an awkward reality to it, the way she feels, expresses, and bottles it up. Obviously, she is a perfectionist. And when you strive to be perfect, you may seem contained and in control on the outside, but you are fighting a constant battle inside.

I’m not going to give anything away. I read a few reviews out of curiosity in magazines before I saw it, but I don’t like to know too much going in. And I think, if you’re going to see this, you should go in sort of blind. I will warn you though: This isn’t just a pretty movie about a ballerina who’s undergoing some pressure with a lead role. It’s, pardon my French, fucked up.

Your blood will pump…your heart might race a little. I will tell you that, until the credits rolled, I could barely breathe. For a movie that was about 2 hours long, I felt like I was in the theater for 20 minutes. It starts off slow, but moves rapidly from there. Things spiral. You might get confused. And I heard a woman, as we were leaving the theater, say “Let’s never talk about that one again.”

I came in knowing clips from the trailer and a few tidbits I’d read in a magazine.  But, I also am aware of the work of Darren Aronofsky (see here. I still refuse to ever watch Requiem for a Dream. But The Wrestler was fantastic(ly depressing)). So, I was expecting to be shaken up. It’s a psychological thriller. I mean, they are telling you that in the previews. But seriously…your brain will be thrilled.


I couldn’t speak about it for a while after. The floodgates are slowly opening now. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone wanting to see it, but be prepared for a trip.



I’m Good, I’m Gone

I really like this song. It’s not so new, but this is a great interpretation of it. I like when artists can strip down their songs and they are just as fantastic. And I appreciate truly good female singers. There are too many lip synchers and sing-talkers out there. This is where it’s at.

My Sunday via Hipstamatic

I decided to document the activities of this Sunday, December 19th, via the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. Ok, I didn’t really do anything special. But here it is…

102103 104 105 106107108  109110

  1. My first plate of food at lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet.
  2. Ice cream dessert.
  3. Fortune cookie.
  4. Brad driving us to the movie theaters. It’s a 20 minute trek from his house to Cinemark, and even longer when I come from home. I (half)jokingly threatened to play Paramore on the way there, but he seemed pained. And then they ended up playing on the radio anyway. It was amazing.
  5. Cinemark. Even though it takes a little while to get there and we both have theaters so close, this is pretty much the only place that gets the smaller movies (even if they are bigger in their small-ness).
  6. Brad’s feet as we stood in Cinemark.
  7. Two tickets to Black Swan. (More to say on that later…)
  8. We were surprised to see a sunset when we came out. Both of us expected to see pitch black skies.
  9. Dinner = our favorite chicken nachos at one of the restaurants in the casino. They are to die for and I am craving them still…

OK…so I apparently ate…a lot. My goal was to use the “Shake to Randomize” option and stick with whatever the first picture gave me. And I did. Which meant more black and white then I would like (I didn’t want any…but oh well). It was a nice Sunday, given the nature of the rest of the weekend. Not saying it was bad, but I had a bit of bad luck on Saturday, and I was still getting over my cold. But that day ended with my work’s Christmas party so: an open bar, delicious (free) dinner, and dancing.

All’s well that end’s well.