I don’t know what it is lately. I am obsessed with cute little puppies. I seriously never liked animals growing up. And now, all the dogs I encounter make me want to laugh and hug and play until I cry. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

47879385.0410BostonTerrier14n197214004321_1498pugs cutepuppies {All images from PaperTissue or Google}

Everyone loves dogs at work. We allow them to come in and we even have some biscuits in the back. So they get to come play with us. The other day, I was helping a man who let his dog Fletch run free through the office. He had a lot of work for me to take care of, so I was focused on that. But Fletch came around for a couple of pats. Before you know it, she was up on me, on my chair, and planting a huge kiss on my face. Back in the day, this would’ve bothered me so. But it made my week.


Friendly Fires

friendly_fires Cold hearts
Hold the world in your hands
Got me feelin’ lovesick
in your arms, in your arms…

This is exactly my type of music. I’m in looooove.

Alone but not lonely.

Things making me incredibly happy lately…

  • The fresh clean feeling after a deliciously hot shower
  • Music (currently obsessed with this and this)
  • The sunshine peaking through the trees on my way to work
  • Guitar Hero
  • Relaxing in bed on a gray, rainy day

I think people tend to forget about all the little things that make them happy personally. Everyone always seems to be looking for something they don’t have…typically, at this age, a job or a partner to spend their days with. But the most important thing in the world is being comfortable with yourself.

If you don’t have that, you got nothin’.


Lazy Sunday

It is a gray, rainy day. I’ve mentioned many times how much I love those. Sometimes, I wish I had someone to spend it with. I miss college so much lately, but especially when I’d like to be lounging with my friends in one of our rooms, watching crappy movies, snacking, and typically nursing hangovers.


I had a good weekend. Maria came home Friday, and, after much debate, we decided to head up to Wilkes-Barre to look around at some of the stores, get a late dinner at Panera Bread, and read magazines (and craft books, in her case) at Barnes and Noble. No matter what, we always have a good time, laughing tons and basically acting ridiculous. 

Yesterday I woke up early to head to my hair appointment. The salon is 45 minutes away, but it’s worth it. I’ve loved Ashley since I first went to her back in 2008. She is worth the trek and the money. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my hair, but when I took it out of the ponytail, she gushed at the length. She’s only known me with hair no longer than chin-length, so she encouraged me to keep growing and gave me some shape and bangs ( I’ve missed bangs!). I was getting bored and insecure with my hair, but I forgot that I haven’t had a good haircut since I went to her last March. I’ve only gotten a trim since then and it was from an older woman and at a crappy place because I was desperate for a bang trim, which she didn’t actually give me anyway. Let that be a lesson…never stoop, just go for the goods.

I experience a new first in my life. SNOW TUBING. We listen to the radio at work all day long, and they’ve been advertising it like crazy so I randomly mentioned it to my friends. Next thing you know, we’re setting up a date on Facebook to go for it. I was super nervous, like when you go on a rollercoaster for the first time, but, like with the rollercoaster, I fell in love and kept going back for more. I will definitely try to go back and do it again before the winter season is over. But this time, I’ll make sure I don’t hurt my tailbone and I’ll load up on extra pairs of socks.

As for today, I’ll be lounging in my room, playing mellow music and looking at blogs and eventually going to Joe’s to watch Lost and finish up the 3rd season. I’ve given up on the prospect of us actually catching up in time for the new season (FEB 2nd!!!), but at least I’ve seen them all anyways. I just wanted a refresher. Man, I love that show.

Part of me is wishing I had my own place in a city somewhere. I’d love to bundle up and walk the streets, eventually stopping in some cafe to have a cup of coffee and read a book or something. One day.



When I say long-haired Chihuahua, most people cringe. But if you met Artie, I think you’d change your mind.

I was never a dog person. Actually, I was never a pet person. Maybe it’s because most of the pets I’ve experienced in my young life have been over-excited, jumpy, violent, or bigger than I can handle. Recently, and maybe it’s because I’m getting older and my maternal instincts have been kicking in (haha), I’ve been falling in love with puppies. Personally, I’ve always loved Pugs and English Bulldogs. If I were to get a dog, I’d get something like that. But when I met my sister’s boyfriend’s pup, I fell in love.


The good thing is, the puppies I’ve met recently are well-behaved. They are quiet and loveable. I hate too much barking. I hate too much jumping around. And I hate when they’re big enough to bowl you over. Still, I don’t think I can handle one on my own. I’ll just stick with cuddlin’ up on other people’s puppos.


I don’t know why…

marshall …I just do.

My taste in boys hasn’t really changed much over the years. I’ve always had a thing for the nerdy underdogs. Simon happened to be my favorite Chipmunk, after all. And I appreciate people who are funny and creative in some way. Having a sense of humor and a personality are the most important things to me in a guy. Don’t get my wrong, I can drool over a muscle-y bod and perfectly chiseled cheekbones. But that won’t keep me. I need someone I can talk to and laugh with. Being a friend is first and foremost.

Jason Segel has been a celebrity crush since I first watched Freaks and Geeks. Then, I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall, to the point where I pretty much watched it every night before bed (not only does he star in the movie and do a nude scene, he actually wrote the movie, and it’s a great story, not just a good comedy). I’ll watch anything he does, which might be why I am currently Netflixin’ How I Met Your Mother. I can’t lie. I do enjoy a fluffy sitcoms. And it hurts how cute he is on the show. I just admire that he is funny and talented. I read an article in Rolling Stone about him, and he’s apparently and huge partier and kind of a man whore. But whatever. I still love the characters he plays and the work he does.



The weekend is approaching! I’m so excited. I’m tired.
This Saturday, I’m getting a haircut. I’m not sure if I want to just get a trim and proceed with my attempt at growing it. I’m starting to think I look like a cross between a bag lady and Ted Theodore Logan. Not cool. Knowing me, I’ll lob a nice amount of it off. Nothing crazy short but just right for me.

In other news, I’m trying at all costs to avoid the stomach flu going around, I’m enjoying a lazy night in with this and this, and I just added another boy to my ever growing list of crushes…



I love talented boys with a sense of style.


Did I mention…

I love my camera? A lot. Due to cold weather outside, I haven’t really been able to take it out for a test run and let it do it’s beautiful thing. It’s actually kind of nice today (and I have the day off, thank the Lordy and MLK Jr.) so I thought, why not?

IMG_1061IMG_1088 IMG_1086 IMG_1120
I am just so happy that I have a camera that works and has a much better quality than my previous one. These photos would have been blurry, or I would’ve needed to edit them to get such rich colors. These haven’t been touched, and I am so excited. The second one down is so warm, and all I did was put it on the Foliage setting.

IMG_0962 Also, this was a photo taken of an amazing sunset on Wednesday evening. That’s my backyard…where I took the photos from above. Can you believe how much snow there used to be? Or rather, how much snow isn’t there anymore?


Budding Romance

I know we just met. It was brief. But I couldn’t wait to see you again today. And now I know for sure, this is really it. When I’m with you, I feel comfortable. Happy. Maybe even a little sexy. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. I was weary at first. I don’t usually look for these types of things over the internet. You never know what you’re going to get. But I’m so glad I did this. Because this is the start of a very beautiful relationship.


I am, of course, talking about my new Chinese Laundry Trust Me boots. Black leather. They are the most money I’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes in my life so far and I’m so happy. You can’t go wrong with black leather boots. And I’ve been wanting a pair that go over-the-knee forever now. So this girl is head over heels.


My dream…

If I could do anything in the world (I guess you can but you have to actually make efforts and strive to achieve your goals), I honestly would become a professional dancer. I love dancing. I don’t do it enough, and I obviously don’t do it for real. But I wish I had practiced it my whole life. I just always felt like the little dance classes I took weren’t what I wanted (I did jazz, tap, and a bit of ballet, not for very long). I think I’m more of a hip-hop, modern, salsa-ish gal.

Anyway…here are some dances I really love.

Basically, I love anything that fits with the song, that shows true emotion and almost tells a story. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to tell a story like that.


Golly Gee

My friends are cute. I love them. I feel like me when I’m around them. Which isn’t nearly as often as it should be. Ugh.

IMG_0990IMG_0991laurafter friendzhug

I’d quite enjoy a vampire weekend…

I was driving to work yesterday morning, in a rather grumpy mood (I’ve been sick with a cold since Monday, tired from waking up early to get to work with said cold, and just plain cold as always) when I decided to put Vampire Weekend on.

Vampire Weekend

I had one of those moments when everything is wonderful and you feel perfectly content with your life. My car was finally warm, the sun was flickering through the trees (it doesn’t come out much these days), and Ezra Koenig was serenading me through the Bu’s speakers. Life is great sometimes, even when it’s not (Scroll down to April 2nd…:( ). I also realized I really do tend to like things involving vampires…


Take this pen to paper…

I am suddenly brimming over the edges with all kinds of creativity. I have a bunch of ideas for photo shoots and I even started thinking about a short story…I’ve had one in my head for a while now but I just never get around to doing anything about it. Which is my problem.

tumblr_kpwolcuc1L1qzyrwvo1_500 {PaperTissue}

All of the things floating in my head are fantastic (in my mind), and would be even better if they were finally born into amazing pictures to frame or pages to flip through (in a notebook, I’m not expecting anything I ever write to publish beyond the pages of this blog haha). The only problem is, I never let myself get around to it. But I want to change this. I want to stop talking to myself in the car on the way home and write these scenes down. I want to stop saying I’m going to go get props and accessories and go buy them. I know I have people to help me out and back me up and who are just as excited as I am about the things I want to do. I want to get off my butt and do it already.

I just hope I finally follow through.


Average Girl Beauty Recommendations

I am far from a glamour girl and I’m nowhere near perfect. My tastes in make up and products have changed a lot over the years. But there are some things I’ve stood by for a long time, that maybe even changed my life in a way. So why not take the time to discuss?

cetaphil-daily-facial-cleanser-normal-to-oily-skinMy skin isn’t flawless and perfect. Man, I wish. I’ve been through lots with it and luckily, it’s been doing pretty well. Over time, I can probably credit Cetaphil face wash for that. I was introduced by a dermatologist, which was interesting because many before her had prescribed me all kinds of medicated, smelly washes. This is a simple, non-irritating formula that I swear by and have been using religiously since high school. I feel like a lot of us get pissed off with our unruly breakouts and try and attack. But sometimes, all you need is a simple wash that keeps everything in order without stripping all the necessities.

rosesalveI know there is a competitor but C.O. Bigelow’s Rose Salve is easier for my to obtain and I don’t use anything else. I’m not one for lip gloss and I think lipstick looks weird on me, so I’ve always been a lip balm girl. Unfortunately, the sticks tend to dry my lips out more than moisturize them. This tin lasts for a long time…I’m pretty sure I’ve been using the same one since before I graduated college. It actually makes my lips feel soft and smooth and it just makes them look and feel healthier. It may seem strange to put something scented like flowers on your lips but there is no taste and the smell is so light it disappears pretty quickly. I am a big advocate of this product. 


When it comes to makeup, less is more for me lately. When I have a lot of make up on, I don’t feel like myself. I like when my skin can shine through. I’m not perfect and sometimes heavy makeup just accentuates that. So I stick with concealers and blush. The one place I can have fun and experiment is mascara. But I almost always run to the Rimmel aisle. The mascaras are priced well and there are all kinds of formulas you can try. I go through them pretty quickly because I love loading it on. I’d recommend any one of their mascaras, but I am currently using the one above, which is the latest product.


Moisturizing  is super tough for me because I have combination skin. If I don’t moisturize enough, I get dry spots. If I use something too greasy, I am an oil slick. So finding something good was hard for me. I’ve been using this Aveeno moisturizer on and off for years now (sometimes I use something a bit creamier for colder weather) and whenever I stray, I always come crawling back. The formula is perfect for my oily streak, because it almost mattes it down. And yet, I’m still soft and smooth.

So there ya have it. I know it’s not much, but I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to beauty products.


Full Weekend

I have been lounging in my pajamas all day today. I haven’t done this in a long time and man, does it feel good! I must say, the weekend has been good to me. I like having activities to look forward to and fun with good people.

On Friday, I decided to drag my dad out bowling. In my early teen years, my parents would always take my sister and I to malls and restaurants and book stores out of town and long car rides where I would zone out listening to my Walkman and dreaming up book ideas. A lot has changed since then, and since we gained or lost boyfriends and new best friends and driver’s licenses and college lives. But I still enjoy going out and having fun with my family as much as possible. So we got a couple of pitchers and bowled a few games. I am obsessed with bowling, by the way. If I had a date, that would be one of the places I’d like to go…


Last night, I went out with my girlfriends for a hibachi dinner. I’ve only been to one once in my life, and it was probably almost a decade ago. I forgot how much fun and how tasty it is. We also went to go see the movie Nine. I’m not raving about it, but I’d love to be as sexy as Penelope Cruz.


Sundays usually make me sad. Sure, I have the whole day to lounge and relax, but even as a kid in elementary school, it was a countdown to responsibility and things that are un-fun. But, I always have the next weekend to look forward to. Technically, it will be a “long weekend.” But the problem is, I work on Saturday (for 4 hours and I’m done by 1 so it’s not biggie) so I don’t get the full effect. But I hope to fill up those few days of freedom with fun. If you know me, hollaaaaa.


On Fire

Caleb Followill’s hotness is painful for me. His voice couldn’t be any sexier, no matter what he sings about. Plus, he has amazing style and looks so good in tight jeans.

calbecaleb2I love Kings of Leon. I love every album. I’m happy for them, that they are finally achieving success in America. However, I don’t think most of the fans realize they have more than two songs. We listen to the radio at work and I pretty much hate “Use Somebody” at this point. But that won’t keep me from being a fan. I saw them live November 2008 and it was honestly the greatest show I’ve been to, and in the Electric Factory in Philadelphia so it was up close and personal. Oh yeah…and they are freaking hot.
kings of leon feature shoot for the nme magazinefollowill_brothersh3_20090209  And below are photos thanks to Maria during the concert!!!

{This one is probably my favorite. Just a great concert shot}

Me, my bfffffffffffffff, and my sister :) My dad came too, but he has a bad knee so he sat upstairs.

Just reminiscing…



I am extremely exhausted. Thank goodness the week is halfway over. I just wish I had another long weekend to celebrate with. But soon enough…

Things keep happening in my life to confirm the thought “Everything happens for a reason.” And all of them are in a good way. A few days ago, I felt really boring. I’ve always been crazy and loud and fun and I started to realize that, since I work full-time now, my life is based around quiet evenings and being sleepy. I started to miss college life and feel bad that I am not as social as I once was.

But then I had a conversation that made me realize that I am so much better off this way. The friends in my life, the ones that have stayed by my side through it all and hang out with me as much as possible in the week, are practically my family. I love them very much. They’re my friends because we all get along, love the same things, and have fun times together. The people I don’t talk to much, that I maybe had a few fun bar times with…well…I don’t miss them much. I’ve let a lot of weird people into my life. We all do at some point. But I don’t need drama. I don’t need negativity. I’ve been very happy lately, with no need to complain. And I realized it’s because I have my real friends by my side.

I guess the point is, I spend a lot of time alone these days, more than I used to at school. My parents think otherwise (I still get out of the house pretty much every other day). I miss random drinking nights and apartment parties and meeting new people and I hope to have more of those in my future. But I like my anti-social moments because they teach me a lot about myself. I like learning who I want to be and the types of people I want around me.

And even though I get to see my lovely friends a lot…there are still some scattered out there, all over…I miss their faces.


Hot Mess


I amuse myself.



My long weekend is coming to a close. And not only that, but all the holidays are over now. Back to working long Fridays. No more half-days. What a bummer.

I had a great weekend. However, instead of feeling well-rested, I actually feel like I might be getting some kind of cold. Maybe everything is catching up to me. I’ve been fighting it.

Friday, we ate and visited some family. My baby cousin (He’s 3 years old, so to him he has “3 fingers and 2 socks” haha) was in from Pittsburgh and we rarely get to see him. I’m amazed at how much he’s growing up and talking and being an adventurous little boy.
IMG_0629 IMG_0633
IMG_0641 IMG_0661

I also went bowling with my sister and some of her friends. I love bowling and have a lot of fun with her friends. We also watched some True Blood after. I only watched the first season because I don’t have HBO, but I forgot how much I love that show. And vampires. And most things I watch on HBO.

Yesterday was nice. I got my eyes checked and upgraded to better contacts (although it cost me an extra 35 dollars for an “evaluation” which consisted of the doctor looking at how they fit my eyes for about 30 seconds). Then, Maria and I headed to Allentown. I don’t really have the money to shop for clothes (like I need anymore…but God, do I want more) because it has been brought to my attention that I recently spent a pretty gross amount on video games. But it was nice to look around and I did grab a new pair of leggings I had been admiring for quite some time for 5 bucks. Patience pays off.
IMG_0696 IMG_0703
smalltweak therunaways

I also went out in Scranton with my dear friend Lauren. I haven’t seen her in a long time. It was kind of strange to go out to a new bar. That’s something I haven’t done in a long time. Made me realize that I’m always up for new things, I just don’t always have the resources, people, money, or transportation to do so. But I’ll let that come in time.

I’m going to try and enjoy my final day of freedom before I go back to the grind and have to work 6 days this week. BAH.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!