A Wedding Weekend

As expected, this long weekend (I didn’t have to work today, Columbus Day) was pretty beautiful. Shawn and Rebecca had a gorgeous ceremony and reception. Rebecca is a personal hero of mine for putting together such a wonderful wedding with lots of cute personal touches. I’m so happy I got to be a part of some of the moments leading up to the special day, from the bachelor party to the little photo/program meetings between them and Brad (he did such a great job, no surprise there). So I was so happy to see the end result, watch them get married, and cry way more than I expected to at a Best Man speech. Here are the photos I took via Instagram.


1 wedding down, 1 more to go for the year! 3 weddings in one year is the most I’ve done so far in my life, and I have a feeling it’s just beginning. But it’s exciting, and it’s so much fun to witness two people in love come together and begin to build a new family.

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