Today is one of those perfect days, where you feel comfortable being outside. It’s not hot, so you’re not sweating. But you don’t mind being in the breeze in short sleeves.

The sun finally poked it’s head out in the afternoon.

I decided to take some pictures. And when I did…I found something I’m not ready to see yet…

ohnofall-horzDried up, brown leaves. Oh no…fall is coming.

Regardless, I’m still sitting on the back porch drinking cheap beer with my dad as he grills chicken. There’s corn on the cob boiling on the stove inside. These things still mean summer to me. Even if it’s about to end.

ohhihalfsies  I seriously love PhotoScape. If you’re looking for cheap and easy photo editing, I suggest you download this.

How the days fly…

Wasn’t I just concerned about my weekend?
And now it’s basically over.

4 years ago, when I started college, I remember thinking that the days flew by so fast at school. I don’t remember them being like this when I was in high school. I guess I thought it would stop.

But it’s been three months since I graduated. Summer is beginning to end. Everyone at King’s is starting class tomorrow. And I’ll just be doing the usual things.


The only thing I really did this weekend was go to work. But I did  go to Wal-Mart around midnight on Friday to buy wings because I was craving them.


I watched Goblet of Fire, Sex and the City, and Good Dick. I’ll probably go off and watch another movie when I’m done with this.

Oh, I also did a bit of a photo shoot by myself. That probably sounds self-centered. But I was bored, so why not? I call it Shower Series. No worries, it isn’t anything racy (though it does, in fact, involve a shower). They actually came out pretty cool…but I won’t be sharing them because I’m embarrassed (Also embarrassing? I am constantly getting corrected by spell check when I try and spell any form of the word “embarrass”).

Maybe one day, when I have a better camera (not if, of course…but when), you will see more. I am dying to do more, especially since I can’t stop looking at this blog. I am in awe of some of her photography (and of course, her fashion!). I love that it’s fun, fresh, and fashionable. Though I basically want to take pictures of any and everything in my life, I also want to be able to take fun photos of my family and friends too. This is the kind of photography I like to see.



I suddenly got the urge to bowl.

I’ve never been that great at it.

But the last time I went, a little over a month ago, I got a strike and I actually managed to win the second game. And I was in a bad mood. Fancy that…


Gloomy and Gray

I’m not anticipating the best weekend, especially since the only thing I have going for me right now is work tomorrow.

But it looks like rain all day today. So relaxing with the Order of the Phoenix, some magazines, movies, and good food sounds pretty perfect to me.

{Photo link on picture}



  • I love the word “druthers”. If I had my druthers, I’d use it all the time.
  • I also love the word “rendezvous”. I love that it isn’t spelled like how it sounds. I love that it sounds so exotic.
  • I can’t sleep these days. I’ll get extremely tired or doze off in the middle of something anywhere between 5-9 PM. But if I actually have to go to bed, I can’t. This means I’ve been staying up ‘til 3 AM and later most nights.
  • I am constantly craving ice cream these days. Add hot fudge, malt, and chopped peanuts and I’ll be the happiest camper.
  • I’ve found myself putting a pickle slice on top of a chip and eating the whole thing together. It’s tasty but I know mostly people would find it strange and it makes me feel like a pig.
  • I can’t wait for my hair to grow out. It’s doing pretty well considering it was almost a year that it was…well…like this:
    2008_10010023I’m looking forward to braiding it at night and letting it out in all it’s wavy glory.
  • My sister is off in Florida visiting her boyfriend for the second time this summer. She’ll be gone for the next week and a half. And I’m sad. But not because she’s not here (though that is a bit disappointing).It’s because I’m not somewhere, jet-setting (even if it’s only a quick airplane ride on the same coast). I miss my London days.

    {Cute picture of Maria and Josh. Just thought I’d share.}
  • I’m trying to reduce interaction time with some of the toxic people in my life. It’s going pretty well, save for the occasional slip. One downside: My phone doesn’t ring as much as it used to.
  • Thanks to my sister, I’m re-obsessed with this commercial. I know you remember it. I still have a crush on the spiky-haired guy in the middle section (Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet and Donnie Darko fame…he looks so young and cute here!).
  • When I wrote the title of this post, spell check corrected me. I love that crazy words can become official.

Grumpy Gus

Today was an average day. But by the end of it, I had become such a grouch.

I like to think that everything in my life, good and bad, is leading me down the path I’m supposed to be on. Everything happens for a reason, as they say. So I try not to worry about things that I can’t change right now, specifically things in the past.

Unfortunately, I find my regrets catching up to me every now and again. It’s all very pointless, I know. And usually I get over it after a few hours. But it’s not fun at all to look back at things you wish you had or hadn’t done (big and small), especially when it tends to be the same things all the time.

I always try to tell myself that it would’ve gone the other way if it was absolutely supposed to. But it’s hard to stay in that mentality. Things I need to work on…

In other news, if I were still a King’s College student and not just an alumni, I would’ve been moving back in this week. Ordering prints of photos for my wall. Covering my wall in multi-colored pieces of paper. Rearranging what little furniture the school provided me with. Drinking with friends who lived a quick walk away. Laughing. Dreading classes in the morning.

I’m sad. I can’t lie. Though I don’t really feel like I should be there anymore, it’s still hard to think that this is really it. Perhaps that’s why I’m so funky lately.


Sure, my wall was concrete and cold in the winter. If you didn’t cover everything in pictures and posters, it would look like you were trapped in a prison. But I loved it all the same. I still miss ya.


Come with us now on a journey through time and space…

The Mighty Boosh 05_The_Mighty_Boosh

When it comes to The Mighty Boosh, well…I don’t really know what to say. This BBC show is, in one word, crazy. But another good word would be hysterical. I first watched it about 2 years ago. But my friend recently bought the first 2 series, which are finally on DVD here in the States, and I fell in love all over again.

Perhaps you’d think I’m crazy for loving it so much. But the fact that two guys can come up with a such a strange show that is uniquely funny and pretty out there is admirable. And if you watch it, you’ll find yourself wanting to remember all the crazy lines they utter.

Here’s a little taste. The show isn’t all animated. But this is one of my favorite stories they tell.

If you’re down with mod wolves, large-thumbed hitchhikers, and random outbursts of song and rap, please check this show out.

Image from last.fm

I have a dream…

I still have no idea how or why this happened, but I am obsessed with photography. I am desperate to be out there, anywhere, taking photos of the beautiful people, places, and things that I see in my life.

I have an eventual goal. I want to be out there, snapping pictures, with a bag of cameras at my disposal. I have my Holga and her film. I want a Polaroid now that film is coming back. And I, of course, want my new digital camera…if I can ever find out what camera I want.

I can’t stress enough how much of a…well…stressful process this has become for me. I want something fantastic with a lot of great features but that isn’t too complicated for a beginner like me. And, of course, price is important. I just feel that, because I am a very cheap person, it’s hard for me to look past a certain price range. And I keep thinking, “Well, if I get this one, what if an even better one comes out.” And it’s all very frustrating.

It looks like I won’t be getting one ‘til Christmas, so I have time to debate, research, and possibly test as many as I can until then. However, my current camera is as good as dead. If I can get it to open, the lens never full comes out and most of my photos are blurry or rely on digital zoom to focus and are of the worst quality. I would love something ASAP.

It’s so exciting to think about having a new toy/tool to work with. And I expect to fully dedicate myself to whatever I get for as long as it works with me (which will hopefully be at least 4 years, like my current one did). But I’m just worried. When there’s so much to choose from…what do you choose?

Update: If I had my way…this would be mine.


Isn’t it funny.

I set my alarm for 10 am today because I wanted to sleep in but not get too crazy. I ended up hitting the snooze for an hour and a half anyway.

Also, the thing about having a crush is that it can fade just as quickly as it arrived.


I can feel it…


Fall is hanging in the air.

Next week is September. Everyone is heading back to school. Everyone but me and my freshly graduated friends (though not the ones going to grad school).

It’s worrying me. I haven’t been at home for this season in 4 years. I’ve known what was going to happen for the past…gosh…forever. And now I don’t.

But I’m kind of excited…I suppose this clean slate will bring lots of new things…good and bad. But hopefully mostly good.

And at least I’ll have my Holga to get me through the changes.


Thanks, Shakira

Because I am obsessed with this, wishing I could dance and be as hot as she is, I am on American Apparel drooling over leotards. I don’t even know if anyone actually considers these sexy (though the one I own is pretty hot if I say so myself), but because of Shakira, I kinda wanna buy as many as possible.


It may also be because I really wish I were a dancer…



I absolutely loved it.

Just so ya know.


I forgot how simple the feeling of having a crush is.

It seems like these days, people just want to hop right into a relationship. And don’t get me wrong, love is so important to me. I have had one love in my life and it was everything love could and should be (good and bad).

But I think people tend to forget how nice it is just to have a crush. To like someone and want to share their company. You don’t have any expectations really. You might not even want to be in a steady relationship, let alone marry them down the road. It’s nice if you do have that, and you can have that.

But sometimes its just nice wondering what it would be like to hold that person’s hand for a little bit…



Bug bites are the worst. This is the third time I’ve had a strange reaction, the second time that the area surrounding the bite has become obviously swollen.

Yesterday, I ate pizza for both meals I had. And that was all I ate all day.

My sleep pattern is completely messed up. On top of that, I wake up constantly and usually to find that half of my covers are off the bed.

I’m getting scared for Fall and Winter. I’m getting scared to get serious. I’m getting scared of change.

I have a love/hate relationship with dreams. Because the fact that I didn’t really share an intimate moment with Ed Westwick is very disappointing.


New Batch

My 4th roll of Holga film.

Still learning from my mistakes…

Holga 011Holga 013 Holga 023
Holga 014 

Holga 018Holga 024

Holga 017Holga 019



Growing up, I spent most of my days inside. I was always a reading-writing-board and video game playing type of girl. Now, I hate being inside. I still tend to sit in front of the computer or the TV if I can’t think of anything else to do. But I absolutely need to expand my horizons.

Today, I went for a hike with my friend Ed and our friend Sarah, who is moving to Tannersville on Saturday. Despite the fact that she lives in town with us, we all still considered each other “college friends”. You forget the fact that they might be right there because, to you, college is the main thing that held you together. I wish I hadn’t. I had a blast.

And even better, I saw some places that I never knew were hiding so close to home. Unfortunately, my digital camera sucks. I got a bunch of Holgas but I won’t know what they look like for somewhere around 2 weeks. I still got some nice photos, regardless.

003014edsarahbeerI tackled a bunch of fears on the hike, but I almost always have to when I’m outdoors. When we were done, despite the fact that I needed a shower badly, I felt content. Happy. Satisfied. My body was tired but it felt good to be out. I got attacked by bugs but I am glad that I did something different. Accomplished.

Ed and Sarah both took pictures, and a lot more than I could (ugh). I will hopefully be posting more when I can.


Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…

Just thought I’d share a few of my favorite things of the moment.

  • TV Shows on DVD (In the last week, it was Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl…next up: Mad Men. This habit has cut into my Harry Potter time, but I’m still managing)
  • Making myself breakfast, specifically omelets with cheese, ham, and broccoli with toast and bacon
  • Daydreaming about a new digital camera
  • My hair growing out and anticipating all the things I can do with it when it gets longer
  • Having my health
  • Trying to be more hands-on creative
  • Sleeping in when I can

Honestly…I never

thought I would get so into photography. Though I must admit, I’m embarrassed to even call it photography, because I am, by no means, a photographer. I’m just learning how to perfect my craft. But honestly, I am so utterly desperate and excited to take pictures of everything in my life.

I love those rare moments in life when everything feels good and seems like its in place. And you want to capture it and, well, for the longest time, I didn’t know how. And I’m still learning. Sure, I had a camera. But it didn’t mean much to me. I was always so sure I would screw it up anyways.

So now, I find myself perusing sites for a new digital camera and for tricks of the trade. I’m still learning (as I saw on my 4th roll of prints) how to use the Holga (I am still screwing up, but I am happy all the same).

I took a photography course my Sophomore year of college…it was required. And I was so intimidated. I hate that I get scared of something so simple so easily. But I suppose the better part is that I’ve fallen into this passion on my own. It took some time, but it was a natural love. I cannot wait to learn more and, eventually, express this in photos I'll be proud of.

On the same note:

nikon Initially, I loved this. I’m looking for a digital camera with a good optical zoom and at least 10 MP. I won’t get it until Christmas time (unless there is a money miracle), but this leaves me enough time to scope out the market. Because I did some research, and even though I was starting to get stingy about Canon or Nikon

bluedigiThis Kodak came along with a better price tag and, seemingly, more features.  I’m not sure what to do, but the more I read up, the more I’ll understand and (fingers crossed), the easier it will be for me to pick out the perfect camera for me. Since I know I will have it for as long as it doesn’t fail me, I want to be able to do as much as possible with it.

Any help is appreciated!

crossflowers {To take the edge off of my rambling, a photo I took and edited}


Weekend Recap

It was a pleasant weekend, despite the fact that I worked 2 out of the 3 nights. I crammed 5 discs of the second season of Gossip Girl in there (I still have 2 more discs to go and I cannot wait!).

Yesterday, a bunch of us went to the Laurel Drive-In. I had a good time. I haven’t been in years. Two action flicks, some cheap grub, and a late night made for a good time.

013 As for today, I did a day shift and met with a friend from work for a small bite and drink at Rodano’s, a pizza place in the square in Wilkes-Barre. The weather was wonderfully warm and when I left, the sun was going down and everything looked nice. Driving around made me sad that I won’t be returning to the area for another year of school. So weird…


Nothing But the Truth

Below is a list of things that truly, honestly, and wholeheartedly suck.

  • Wanting something you can’t have
  • Pretending everything is okay when it isn’t
  • Feeling pressure to do things, rather than support
  • Realizing you have been wrong about something the whole time (especially when everyone else was right)
  • Watching things get worse and feeling unable to change it (especially when the people around you are not having a hard time)
  • Anticipating the worst
  • Hating anything or anyone for reasons that are beyond your control
  • Losing control of your life and/or a situation
  • The feeling of your heart shattering into microscopic pieces
  • Being ashamed of the truth, whatever it is

I wrote this post, not to seem angst-y and depressed, but to put a list of things out there that I feel everyone goes through and, when they do, they feel alone. I might not have the solution to these problems (otherwise I wouldn’t know that they suck in the first place), but I think that knowing you share common ground, that you aren’t the only one dealing with pain…well, that can help in some way.


I did.

A week or so ago, I complained that I wouldn’t be able to see a couple of films recently released because they didn’t come to my hometown. Well, I got to see 500 Days of Summer last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I read on someone’s blog that they expected to love it and they didn’t. You’ll have that, of course. But I can’t help but think that the only reason why is because it isn’t your typical Romantic Comedy where everyone is happy in the end and it all makes sense and all the problems are solved. It’s real. And I appreciated that, so very very much.

I was going through old posts and came across this, which I blogged a few days before I complained. And I am so glad I remembered because it reminded me of what might be my favorite part of the film. It is sad…it is heart-wrenching…I couldn’t even watch it again when I found it on YouTube. But…here’s a small taste of it. Please watch it. And please go see the movie if you can. And drop the expectations…as they often lead to…well…you know.

Rain or Shine

My sister has been begging me to go to Heisler’s for some food and mini-golf fun. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to go. But the weather is always so fickle these days and it’s a bit of a drive over there.

Anyways, I dragged two of my guy pals along and we had a lot of fun. There are two courses, but we only did one (it’s 3 dollars before 3 PM until Aug. 28th…very good). The food is also cheap and tasty. Milkshakes are recommended!

081082{You can see the impending storm clouds. It drizzled when we got there, stopped as soon as we got on the course, and started up again when we got our food after, luckily.}

On the way their, we spotted Odd Fellows Cemetery and the name really intrigued me. As we discussed over some food, cemeteries (at least around here) are usually named after a person, the town, or a church. So, on the way back, we stopped and took some shots (hopefully the Holgas come out as well). I’m really trying to take more photos that I’m proud of…and, of course, of the weird things I find along the way in my life.

oldfellowseditview  On the way home, I took some random photos as well.
124 113 {Only the essentials, of course}

I love the Combine option in PhotoScape. But then, I am just so happy to finally have a photo editing program I’m proud of.


Some More Holgas

Scanned the others in.

There are some good ones but I am not as proud as the last batch. Hopefully my next roll will be good. And I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer 6x6 cm over 6X4.5.

Holga 001Holga 003 
Holga 006
{This one above is my favorite}
Holga 002

I love the mystery of the Holga, regardless of whether or not the photos automatically become my favorite. 

On the Telly

I don’t follow TV shows regularly (I wait for DVD, Hulu, or a huge marathon of back-to-back episodes because I hate waiting for a whole week), but I find myself excited for noon everyday thanks to It’s On With Alexa Chung.its-on-with-alexa-chung-3 Alexa Chung is a 25 year old former model and TV personality from England who came over to make a funny, fresh, daytime talk show that appeals to a younger age set than, say, The View. The show is funny and the interviews are interesting. It might not be the smartest show, but I get to watch celebrities talk in a less uptight way then usual.

Daniel Radcliffe’s interview was one of my favorites, but the site holds plenty more and you might be surprised to see some of your favorite people on the show.



Just a few things I’m ogling right now.

saddleshoes Traditional Oxford Saddle Shoes

This video game for the DS (I am a sucker for cooking games)

A new, way better, Nikon digital camera