Crafty Moments: Scrabble Tile Coasters


I spotted Scrabble tile coasters a while back on Pinterest, and from that moment I knew I wanted to try this for myself. I’ve had a game of Scrabble in the trunk of my car for probably at least a year now, so obviously I don’t play it. I finally purchased some supplies (I used
this method to create my tiles), pulled the game out of the back of my car, and had fun making words.
Unfortunately, I only had the one bag of letters (and my game was a deluxe edition so that’s why the tiles are darker than usual) so I settled on making four. But I would love to buy more letters and create so many more coasters. It’s a lot of fun! And you don’t just have to make four letter words, but I wouldn’t make smaller than that. These are the perfect coaster size.


I used wood glue, Mod Podge (glossy), and corkboard mat. I didn’t expect the corkboard to be thin and with a sticky back, but that just meant Brad helped me cut a second piece of the cork to line up with the other for a thicker bottom. I spent some time making my words, glued each letter to the mat with wood glue, let them dry, cut them, and finished everything off with the Mod Podge.


(So the cork wouldn’t bend and separate the tiles while drying)


This was such a fun project! I would definitely do it again, and highly recommend it to craft beginners like me!

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  1. If we didn't just get new coasters I would totally try this! My favorite is the "Live more care less" one.