A Top 5 List: Scary Movies

Halloween is today, and while some of you may have already celebrated, are about to, or won’t be until the weekend, it’s almost impossible to avoid it. Trick-or-treaters will be venturing the neighborhoods (make sure to turn the front light off if you’re not handing out the goods!) and party pictures will pop up on every form of social media. Scary movies can be relevant all year round (heck, they so often dominate the box office, even with no-name actors…we are a creepy country), but now is about the time you might feel like pulling some out for a marathon. I have a love-hate relationship with horror…if it’s a good movie, I’m down no matter what. But I am easily skeeved and scared, and I really hate violence, so it sort of narrows my selection. Still, I have several favorites that I thought I would share/recommend.

1. Cabin in the Woods


What I love about this movie is that it teases and praises the horror genre at the same time. We’ve all seen a movie about a bunch of young adults who head off to a secluded place in the middle of nowhere for good times. Those good times never really pan out in the end…cliché? Yes. But enjoyable? Usually. This movie turns the horror film on it’s head, and while you might laugh at parts, it’s scary in ways I didn’t expect or imagine. Co-written by Joss Whedon, you know you’re getting a sharp and witty script. I really had no idea what to expect going in…except for a group of basically doomed college students heading to a cabin in the woods. The fun is watching it all unfold, so I’ll leave the rest vague.

2. Paranormal Activity


I will always be upset that they made multiple sequels to this excellent movie. I was scared to see it…my sister had a hard time sleeping after watching it, and I have friends who STILL won’t watch it. Playing on the found-footage genre, this movie is subtlety scary…which is often the worst kind. It’s quiet and uses a lot of quick movement, shadow play, and small moments to invoke that terror. But the thing is, it didn’t just scare me. It entertained me, as well. It was an awesome idea and it made a lot of money for a reason, without needing special effects, buckets of gore, or any high-end celebrity actors. It’s no wonder that they decided to continue to make these movies. Though I’ve seen each sequel, none compare to the first. If you haven’t seen it, the first time is the best time.

3. V/H/S

Another found footage film, this movie is 6 stories in 1. The premise: A group of petty criminals are asked to steal a VHS tape from a house. When they get to the house, they find a dead body and a huge collection of video tapes. Each time they check a tape, we are introduced to a new, terrifying story. Each short has different directors, so you won’t see the same story or premise twice. One or two of the stories may be lacking, but overall it is a horrifying movie. There’s a sequel I’ve been wanting to watch but dread doing so. Again, this movie is more about fear than cringing at a bloodbath. That’s not to say there isn’t gore, but it’s much more than that.

4. Black Swan


I know about a zillion people would disagree with this being on the list…but it’s MY list so BACK OFF. Scary, to me, isn’t about the blood and guts, the masked murderer walking slowly as you run away. That’s extremely scary, of course, but something even scarier is the fragility of the human mind. Black Swan is a psychological thriller, a drama, but watching the downward spiral of Nina Sayers was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever seen. The last 20 minutes left me clutching the seat and gasping for air…something that rarely happens to me in the theaters. What is real? What is fake? What is lurking in the dark when your mind is a second away from shattering?
This movie stuck with me a long time after I saw it, still sticks with me. And yes, I did this for Halloween in 2011.
It was a brilliant movie, terrifying to me, and Natalie Portman deserved every award she got.

5. Scream


Not adding this to my list would be a travesty. I was 9 years old when this movie came out, and I wasn’t allowed (nor did I really want to) watch scary movies. But eventually, a few people in my class started talking about it and I got really interested…and of course, scared.
It ended up being the first scary movie I’d ever seen, and I’ve seen the 3 sequels (they could’ve stopped at 2, which I loved, I hated 3 and 4). I was super young and fragile and it messed me up multiple times in my life, but it is so 90s and funny and awful all at once.
You’ve seen it, though, of course you have. So you already know.


Again, this is my list of scary movies. Since I didn’t watch scary movies growing up (aside from Scream), I don’t have the “classics” in there. I still haven’t seen movies like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, or Halloween (I’m too scared for that one in particular!).
But I chose the movies above not only because they creeped me out, but because they were good movies that I enjoyed watching.

Enjoy your Halloween!!!!!


Recent Reads: Sisterland


Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld was a book I added to my To-Read list back in the beginning of summer. Entertainment Weekly (a.k.a. my life source) gave it a B in the reviews, but it also placed it on the top 10 summer reads list. As I mentioned before, my reading got a little stunted for a while, and I was also waiting for it to be made available at the library (it’s still hardcover, so it’s expensive, and I like going to the library anyway. Free books? Yes.). I finally requested it online a couple of weeks ago and got a call in less than 24 hours. Yay!

Sisterland is the story of identical twins Kate and Violet. The story is told from Kate’s perspective and takes place in the fall of 2009, though it jumps back and forth from their youth to 2009. Like many sisters/siblings and especially twins, Kate and Violet have an untouchable bond, that has grown and weakened through the passing of time and the strange upbringing they share. Most importantly, though, is that Kate and Violet share “psychic” capabilities. Both are capable of premonitions, of knowing some facts about the future and about people. Their “powers” also helped find a child who had been kidnapped, through dreams and visions.
Violet has always been in tune and proud of her ESP, but Kate (who was born Daisy) has decided to distance herself from it. But everything gets turned upside down when, after a small Earthquake in their hometown of St. Louis, Violet predicts a bigger, more dangerous one will be coming soon and shares it on the local news. Word spreads, and she becomes fodder for the nation. Kate is embarrassed while trying to keep her family life together, her senses at bay, and her relationship with Violet in a level place.

This started as a slow read for me. When it comes to reading, I’m the type of girl to say, “One more chapter…okay, one more.” But the chapters were often at least 20 pages long, and I’d have a tendency to read right before bed, and I’d fall asleep before I could finish one. On Sunday night (or, technically, Monday morning) I spent over an hour finishing the book. By that point, I had reached the climax, and I was dying to see how things would turn from one page to the next. The book is a slow burner, but it’s enough to keep you interested.

If I had my way, I would’ve focused a lot more both on Kate and Violet’s relationship and their abilities. Maybe it’s because I’d read in such small increments, but it never felt fully formed to me. Then again, with Kate as the narrator, she’s going to want to talk less and less about Violet and her powers as it goes on, the more she pulls away from it all.

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads, mostly because it was well-written and the story was unique to me.
But it did get a little crazy towards the end, a little unbelievable, and that kept me from fully appreciating it.
Not a bad book, I’m glad I read it, but I don’t feel as compelled to read Sittenfeld’s other works.


The Last Week or So in Pictures

Thought I’d share a random array of photos of the happenings of the last week-ish.

006One of the joys of being home during the day has been taking Artie for walks. I’ve loved the bonding time we’ve had…I always felt like he didn’t want to go out for me or anything, and now we have a little schedule. He’s usually at our house, so when he left after getting a tick (that I’m beating myself up for, but he’s a tough guy) I was so sad to see him go. And I’m so used to doing things to either accommodate him or keep him from getting into things he shouldn’t. So weird when he’s not around…


Last Wednesday, I got super bored in the morning. I had looked at all my usual websites and ate my bagel and coffee. So randomly, I decided to pull out some black makeup and have fun. If you’ve been watching American Horror Story: Coven , then you may have heard the fans twist the Mean Girls quote “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” to “On Wednesdays, we wear black.” So it was fun to play into that.
Last week’s episode was whole lotta crazy, though. And not in a good way.


Bills suck, and they are just about the only mail I get these days. But sometimes, fun things arrive! I preordered my copy of Allegiant and, in perfect Amazon fashion, it arrived the day it came out! I also got some more Hex Nail Jewelry charms (they are so great, guys, buy them!). The second photo is me holding up my prizes from a recent OPI Instagram contest. I was one of 10 winners who received a signed copy of Man Repeller and Leandra’s collab polish with them. It was exciting, as I never win anything, and I’m excited to dig into the book
(and use the polish, of course….it’s a lovely pink-ish neutral).


After weeks of saying we weren’t going to get involved in Halloween parties, Brad and I caved and attended a party on Saturday and I’m really glad we did! My costume cost me 4 dollars…that’s because I didn’t have a bow. I decided to be a makeshift, modern-day Dorothy and Brad played along as a Scarecrow. We both had so much fun at the party and it was nice to be festive!


I made dinner for Brad. You are NEVER too old for dino chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.

That’s all for now!


Recent Reads: Just One Year


Back when I was still actively pursuing my 52/52 challenge, I read Gayle Forman’s Just One Day. Honestly, it was only the 3rd book so I was still all about it. Not that I’m not anymore…I’m just not going to torture myself over it and enjoy reading no matter how long it takes me.

After I finished Just One Day, I preordered Just One Year. Which, by the way, was back in February. And it didn’t come out until Oct. 10.
It’s been sitting there, in my Amazon orders, just waiting to make it’s way to me. By the way, I absolutely love preordering books from Amazon (or DVDs, but it’s mostly books for me). They arrive the day the item comes out, especially if you have prime, and it’s awesome to have something to look forward to. And, as a bonus, if the price goes down after you’ve preordered it, you’ll get the lowest price. If it goes up, you still pay whatever you initially preordered it at. OKAY TO THE BOOK.

Much like Gayle Forman’s books If I Stay and Where She Went, this book is the companion to Just One Day. As with the others, the first was told by the female character, in this case Allyson, and the second is told from the male perspective, Willem de Ruiter here.
The book starts with Willem waking up in a hospital in France. He is concussed, so he is having a hard time remembering what exactly led him there, but he quickly realizes that he has left behind Allyson…or as he remembers her, Lulu. He is dreadfully sick, though, and has a difficult time making it back to where he last saw her…not that it matters. She is gone.
The book takes place over the year following that fateful day, and we learn so much about Willem. Why he chooses to drift from place to place and person to person instead of rooting himself. His travels and the people he meets along the way. And, of course, his attempt to find Lulu, whether he does it knowingly or not. As with Just One Day, we end up following Willem on a journey of self-discovery.

I really enjoyed this book…possibly even more than Just One Day. I think it would’ve been smart of me to re-read Day because I didn’t remember all that had happened. But I’m glad I didn’t, because it was recounted slowly through Willem’s memories. Though there is an air of romance to the book, Willem doesn’t do as much brooding over the loss of “Lulu”, rather he tries to find himself and a place to call home.

If you like books about travel, romance, and timing, these books are for you.


Obligatory Trip to the Pumpkin Patch


Fall, specifically the Halloween portion, is incomplete without a trip to a pumpkin patch.
I’ll be honest, I haven’t carved a pumpkin since I was in elementary school, but I still love being outside, taking hay rides, and looking at all the interesting gourds and pumpkins. Also, Brad is an excellent carver since he’s such a creative guy in general.
I’ve been looking forward to carving a pumpkin this year…and it looks like I might be doing it a couple of times!
Brad and I picked humongous pumpkins that we will be carving this weekend…and I just might be helping my sister tomorrow.


All photos were taken with my iPhone. I would’ve loved to have my Rebel with me, but I’m thankful the iPhone has great quality.
I also pulled out the Diana Mini for the first time in a while, but I’m worried the film wasn’t loaded properly…we shall see!




Pretty much every morning, I make an egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. It’s the perfect breakfast…quick and filling.
If I don’t have the muffins, toasted bread is just fine.
I actually look forward to mornings simply because coffeeeeeeeee! I make a cup as soon as I get out of bed (though that isn’t always right after I wake up…whoops), while I’m making my breakfast. Like everyone else in the USA, I am enjoying pumpkin coffee, but I recently tried
Coffee-Mate’s Dark Chocolate Fudge creamer, and LAWD is that good. It’s like hot chocolate and coffee all in one mug. Yeah. Yum.
I haven’t included a couple of books in my Recent Reads post because I decided to put them altogether, but I’ve been lost in the Divergent trilogy. The final book comes out TUESDAY and I can’t wait to see how everything wraps up. Look forward to a post on that once I’ve finished (which might be a bit, because I’m starting a new book today and I don’t know if I’ll finish it in time for Allegiant’s arrival…I’d wait, but I need to read every day). If you haven’t heard of Divergent, I’m a little surprised. A movie will be released in March 2014 and it has a pretty strong fan base. However, I often don’t find out about a lot of YA trilogies or series until a movie or show is created from it so…yeah.
The first two seasons of New Girl are on Netflix, and Brad decided to start watching it randomly, as a quick show to play while eating. He ended up getting into it, so I’ve had fun watching it again with him. I am up-to-date with the show, as I’ve watched it every week since it started. But watching them in mini-marathons has reminded me why I watch it in the first place and how much I love the characters.
I’ve been wanting to get my grubby paws on a copy of Lorde’s Pure Heroine but I haven’t done it yet. Which is stupid, because I’ve heard the songs and they are excellent and catchy and slightly dark yet poppy and she’s 16 and amazing. In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying everything Warpaint, which is moody and melodic and beautiful and perfect for gloomy fall days (a.k.a. the best days).
In general, I have been in the mood to shop for clothes. I’m currently trying to figure out my style all over again…we change, our styles change…and right now I’m in a weird transitional period in which I have no idea what I want to wear or what size I fit in and I hate everything I own. I’ve been looking at clothes on Cotton On, Forever 21, and, of course, ASOS.


Recent Reads: Brain On Fire


Once upon a time, I had a dream to read 52 books this year. Unfortunately, one setback put a wrench in that dream, so I haven’t been working towards the goal anymore. In fact, I’m 8 books behind schedule according to my Goodreads account. Make no mistake, I’ve been reading consistently since the setback. But I just haven’t been forcing myself to go too fast. The reason I was able to read quickly was because I was able to read during work downtime. But that stopped. So I had to find time after work, and it always ended up being bedtime and I always ended up falling asleep and I always want to read books that around 400+ long. And breathe….

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan has been on my Kindle for quite a while (I believe I bought it as a Daily Deal…if you don’t check those out, you are depriving yourself of some excellent steals on great books!). I read about it and it piqued my interest, but this memoir has a lot to do with an unknown illness that affects the brain and I can be a bit squeamish from time to time. And, of course, the story is true…that makes it extra-tough. I finally decided to pick up the Kindle and dive in.

Cahalan makes sure to put a disclaimer of sorts in the beginning of the book. For about a month, when she was really suffering through her then-unknown illness, she had no real idea what was going on around her. Some of her memories are hallucinations that have stayed with her while others are very random and come back at the strangest of times. She referred to her doctors, family, and friends to recount the story.
This was smart, in case some people find the story a bit unbelievable.

Susannah was 24 when she got sick…but she didn’t know exactly what was wrong. At first, she felt as if she was coming down with a flu. Then, she experienced anxiety and mania (in which she felt powerful and in control in an almost dangerous manner). Not long after these symptoms, if you will, she began to experience seizures. That led her to a variety of doctors, the ER room, and eventually the neurology wing of NYU’s medical center.

The strangest part of this is that pretty much all of Susannah’s basic health tests…blood work, EEGs, CT scans, MRIs, neurology tests (reflexes and repetition) were coming back negative for any illnesses. Unfortunately, her health was declining at a rapid rate. She slurred her words, she could barely move and lost weight at a rapid speed, and she would go from an almost catatonic state to extremely paranoid in an instant.
In order to find what ailed her, the doctors had to think outside the box. And thank God they did.

I had an idea of what Susannah had based on some review-reading a while back, but I think it would be especially interesting to save it for the book. Reading the story unfold, the health unravel, was extremely interesting. The brain is such a force and Cahalan repeats a few times that it is similar to Christmas lights…they all work together, and can still operate if one goes out…but if the wrong one goes out, then the lights can’t function without it. I’m paraphrasing that…she said it a lot better.

If you’re into memoirs and you enjoy some medical fact and history, this is the book for you.


Corn Maze


Yesterday, Brad and I were invited to join our friend on a little corn maze excursion.
I think I might have done a corn maze once in my life, as a teensy toddler with my mom holding my hand, so I jumped at the opportunity.
It was an hour drive, but a beautiful, scenic one.
Again, the weather has been unseasonably warm, but there’s nothing like that sun beaming through leaves of orange and red.
We got to the corn maze, and the goal was to hit 12 different points. The maze was cut into a barn scene and the only way to navigate was to hope you were at the cow’s foot or something like that. Listen, I didn’t navigate. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we would’ve been lost if I had. I just had fun enjoying the walk with some great people. And, of course, snapping some photos.


This probably sounds so stupid, but I was actually surprised to see corn growing on the stalks. I guess I figured they were out of season or something, but full heads of corn were growing, falling, and budding all around us. It was neat to see. The picture directly above is a particular favorite…the roots are so cool. Not what you’d expect to see. It reminded me of those weird scalp massagers with the claws.

Next, I’m desperately waiting to head to the pumpkin patch. I’d really like to actually carve a pumpkin this year.


Top Ten Favorite Nail Polishes


A while ago, I compiled a list of my top ten favorite nail polishes.
This was an extremely difficult thing to do because I have over 100 polishes in a variety of colors and finishes. How do I narrow it down?
The funny thing is, even though I have so many polishes, I tend to go to the same several colors over and over. Some are reserved for special occasions. Some are trend polishes that maybe don’t really flow with my style anymore. So after some careful consideration and thought, I came up with the polishes you see above, all of which should be easy to find if you so desire.
There is no ranking for these, just random order.


On the left: Deborah Lippmann’s Hapless Hunter Green (Hannah) from the GIRLS collection.
Considering that I love the show GIRLS and I love nail polish, this set was a must-have. The price was wince-worthy, but I’m glad I got it because the colors, this one in particular, are gorgeous. Before I got this polish, I was often covering my nails with designs and glitter…anything to avoid a flawed look. But this polish applies smooth and is such an interesting shade of green that it’s PERFECTION on it’s own.
It finally gave me the confidence to do simple one-polish manis.
On the right: China Glaze’s Fairy Dust is a must-have for polish (and glitter) enthusiasts. I couldn’t wait to get it myself. I haven’t tried it for this purpose yet, but I hear it’s perfect for galaxy nails. It is a super fine, non-gritty holographic glitter that can be layered for an intense look but one coat is enough to add some flair to absolutely any color you own.


On the Left: Essie’s In the Cab-Ana…I got to be honest, I don’t actually “own” this one. My sister has it and I borrow it A LOT. I want to get my own bottle, but I just can’t get myself to do it. I’ll regret it if I don’t soon. While it’s easy to find on Amazon, it is from the resort collection this year, so it’s Limited Edition. It is a beautiful, tropical, almost juicy looking blue that goes on beautiful in one coat and looks amazing with a variety of colors, glitters, or on its own.
On the Right: Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Black Out is CLASSIC. If you want an excellent black polish, pick this up. Don’t bother with expensive brands. For no more than 3 dollars, you can own the best. It’s shiny, it lasts, it covers in one coat, and it’s excellent for nail art.


On the Left: As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, I am a Julep Maven. When I first started the program, I got a code for 50% off any polish and it was hard to choose. Since I can only look online, I did a lot of swatch research and settled on Julia. This metallic polish is sometimes purple, sometimes gold, and always beautiful. I couldn’t have picked a better polish to start with. Once again, it’s excellent to have a a great color that works for one-polish manicures. This one is so interesting without any extra art or glitter coverage.
On the Right:  Essie’s Good as Gold is a part of their Mirror Metallics collection. Out of the several colors they offered, I chose this classic gold and it is beautiful. The finish is outstanding and top coat only adds more oomph! Most metallic shades tend to go on streaky, showing visible brushstrokes. But this polish goes on smooth and it also works great for nail art! I’ve done stripes and polka dots with ease.


On the Left: Nail polish connoisseurs will know that glitters don’t just come in chunky multi-colored blends. Black and White glitter was something I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. If you follow Chalkboard Nails (if you don’t, you should), you might have seen her massive collection and comparison post. Who woulda thunk that black and white could be so versatile? Most of the glitters she has shown are indie brands, but mainstream has been allowing various glitters (matte, bar, hex) to trickle into their formulas. I had no idea Maybelline was releasing a Polka Dots collection, which has a few polishes with color bases, but as soon as I saw Clearly Spotted, I snatched it up. At less than 4 dollars, how could I say no? The first time I used it, I nearly cried. Glitters can be tricky but this polish has excellent glitter coverage and plenty of each color in various sizes.
On the Right: Black and white nail polishes are, without a doubt, nail art staples. Without them, you’re limited with what you can achieve. But I didn’t realize how important nude polish was until recently. OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons is the perfect beige-y nude. It applies smoothly and is perfectly opaque. It’s beautiful on it’s own, but it provides an excellent base for neon nail art to pop.


On the Left: Pink is one of the colors I don’t own many of. I purchased Spring Break, a Nicole by OPI polish from the Selena Gomez collection, after seeing the movie Spring Breakers. I was all excited, and the hue really went with the bright colors in the film, so I snatched it up, knowing there was a hot pink gap in my collection. Though I knew I’d use it occasionally (and actually had an idea for it right from the start), I didn’t expect it to become a go-to polish like it has. You can’t see it in the picture, but the bottle has a visible line showing how much I’ve used. This is a feat since I hop from polish to polish, but that’s why it’s a favorite. Excellent pigmentation, great coverage, and easy to work with in terms of nail art. I actually have it on right now!
On the Right: I didn’t want to do a Top Ten without including an indie brand nail polish. Happy Hands Nail Polish is the first indie brand I’ve purchased from, and I will continue to go back. The formulas are excellent and the color combinations are gorgeous. Most of the collections are inspired by your favorite TV shows, movies, and music. However, Afternoon Thunderstorms is inspired by the weather in the Florida. This polish is a best seller on the site, and for good reason. It is honestly a thunderstorm in a bottle. The gray base and black glitter would’ve been enough to showcase stormy weather, but the gold shimmer adds that post-storm silver lining look of the hopeful sunshine!
This is an excellent and super beautiful polish.

And there you have it!
Since my polish collection is always growing, the list will certainly change at some point.
Do you have any favorites? What polish(es) is your go-to?


A Walk Through the Cemetery

Yesterday, on my way home from Brad’s (I spend a few days at home with my family every week and still consider that my home), I was enjoying a quiet drive through the foliage and sipping on a pumpkin coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. It was a bright and crisp Autumn day, the first in quite a while (and especially this month so far) that was actually cool enough for a flannel and jeans. As I got closer to my house, I passed a big, beautiful cemetery that is one of those landmarks I always ignore because I’ve passed it a billion times day in and day out. Today, though, I thought, “I should go there someday with my camera. Maybe tomorrow?”
Actual Michal Lynn translation: I should go there (I would like to, but I won’t) someday (never, that would require me to move and do something and why would I do that?). Maybe tomorrow (or never, because I am a procrastinator and there’s probably something on Netflix I should be streaming)?
I had that entire train of thought as I passed the cemetery, and realized quickly that I could, and should, do it RIGHT NOW. After all, my camera was in the trunk, since I was transporting my usual goods (that one in particular goes unused too frequently)
So I turned around at the next light and headed into the graveyard, at first nervous and confused about parking, then excited to break out my Rebel and the 50 mm lens that’s been collecting dust in my camera bag.


I liked seeing the way people decorate and commemorate the headstones of their loved ones.
I found so many interesting things, like that beautiful fall bouquet or the fallen mums.


Since so many of the leaves have fallen, I kept stumbling (almost literally) upon what looked like very shallow pits of leaves. But, after brushing the leaves away, I found flat headstones. I was thrilled when the first one I really had to brush off revealed the name SPOCK.

It was so nice to actually follow through, get fresh air, and explore a little. I have a lot more photos, and I hope to share them later!


Fall Feelings


October is, like so many of you out there, probably my favorite month.
Growing up, I always loved summer because it signified freedom. Playing outside all day and night, ice cream trucks, beach vacations, and absolutely NO school. Of course, as you get older, it’s still pretty great. But with work and regular responsibility, it lost that humid haze of happiness it once had for me. And now, Fall has taken over. Sweaters and boots. Hot coffee, tea, chocolate. So many baked goods.
The foliage. If that foliage could last so much longer…

Ultimately, it comes down to my extreme enjoyment of moodier weather. I love gray, rainy days (but of course, I also love crisp, clear Autumn air) because they beg some moody music and supreme relaxation. I’ve created a playlist via Grooveshark of 10 of my favorite songs for this time of year. Very chill and relaxed and ethereal, with a couple of melodic surprises.
Enjoy it with a cup of tea, your pumpkin treat of choice, and the comfiest sweater you own.

Fall Feelings by Michal Lynn on Grooveshark



A few weeks ago, Artie got a much-needed bath. I’ve actually never witnessed Artie get a bath, but I always imagined it would be funny because, well…he’s so cute and funny already! I missed the actual event, but I was able to grab the Rebel and take some photos of him
post-bath. I absolutely adore these photos, and I’m so glad I took them with my DSLR instead of the iPhone.
I actually had my fingers all tin-foiled up, removing glitter polish, but I still got some good pictures.
One day, I’d love to print one of these out and frame it or do something silly with it.



Still Here.

I decided to look at my blog, just to see how long it has been since I last posted.


Trees look like this.
Pumpkin spice everything.
Halloween decorations.

If I’m being honest, I knew it was a while but it certainly didn’t feel that long. Besides, time is flying every single stinking day.
I took an unintended break from blogging because my life sorta went into a strange flurry of emotions and decisions. Because of it, I lost track of all my creative outlets. The blog, my nails, photography (I failed yet another Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge, which I used to complete every month).  BUT ENOUGH ABOUT FAILURES.
I’m blogging again, right?

A lot of things are changing in my life…and that will include a brand new blog that I’ve been working on.
It’s in production, so it might be a bit until that rolls out.

Until then, there are still some things I’d love to share on this blog in the meantime.
And no worries, I plan on keeping this site up for random posting.
This is my online journal, a place to record my memories. It’s staying.

Expect some posts about things that have happened that I never reported on. I have a real cute one of Artie going up tomorrow, hopefully!

I’ve missed you guys. It’s good to be back. And I can’t wait for the next chapter! Hope you will join me, when the time comes!