Wishing my days away…

How does one go back to a normal 9-5 (or in my case, 8:30-4:30) life after having a fantastic weekend? I checked the weather for the weekend and it is supposed to get as high as 82 degrees here. Needless to say, I’m incredibly ecstatic. I bought a couple of new skirts in Philly and I cannot wait to wear them. Unfortunately, today is gray and freezing for April. I want my spring back. I want my freedom back. I cannot wait for more fun. This week has cemented the fact that I want to cram a lot of day and weekend trips into my summer. And I will do it as much as possible…I hope.


(Some Instax photos from the weekend. I love my camera and I got a little snap happy. But when I saw this entry in one of my favorite blogs, I got jealous. I need to get outta town and take pictures of excellent things. I’m getting sick and running out of inspiration at home.)


My Philly Weekend.

IMG_3718 IMG_3780IMG_3824 IMG_3833 IMG_3843 IMG_3872 IMG_3873 
This weekend I…

  • drank way too much beer.
  • ate tons of delicious food.
  • saw Hot Chip live.
  • went to an after party at a gay hipster bar and told Joe Goddard that his voice is my favorite. He said “Thank you.”
  • bought a bunch of new clothes.
  • saw people I love.
  • had an amazing time.

My back is killing me, I’m tired, and my schedule is out of whack since I worked on Saturday and had today off. But I had the most amazing weekend with my sister. I am so glad she’s 21. I’m so glad we got to have so much fun. Life is certainly good.


Happy Weekend!


I’m about to get in my car and drive to Philly in less than an hour. I’ll be staying ‘til Monday to bar hop, eat delicious food, do a bit of shopping and wandering around the city, and see Hot Chip live!

I’m very excited. Philadelphia is always my little escape. I’m exhausted and I’ll be crashing on an inflatable bed…but it’ll be worth it, I’m sure.

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you do!!!


Skin tight.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new pair of jeans from TJ Maxx. I have gotten quite a few pairs of skinny jeans from that store for great sale prices. My latest only set me back 15 bucks. I guess you could technically call them “jeggings” if you’re into that sorta thing, though they have a zipper and button, belt loops, and pockets.


I was putting off wearing them for who knows what reason, but I ended up wearing them the entire weekend. When I met my friends at the movies, one of them asked if I had painted them on that morning. I must admit, it secretly delighted me. I have this obsession with extremely tight skinny jeans. I am always on the lookout for super skinny jeans that are comfortable on the hips while still being perfectly tight on my skinny legs. These have made me happy. But I’ll always be looking for more…

Some Facts…


  • My favorite time of the day is when the sun is beginning to set and everything is golden, especially in the summer when you can still feel the warmth on your skin.
  • The dill pickles from the Country Cottage in Jim Thorpe, PA are honestly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. I cannot eat and thoroughly enjoy any other pickles.
  • I largely dislike when people don’t respond to my text messages, phone calls, or any attempt to communicate. One thing to do it when it’s just a simple statement. But when I ask a question or, even worse, I haven’t talked to you in a while and I thought we were really good friends…you’re hurting my feelings.
  • I’m trying really hard to not let the little things bother me (see failure above). I want to make sure I worry about the right people and the right things, instead of wasting precious moments giving a crap about people/things that obviously don’t give one about me.


How About It Then?

theboatthatrockedpic5 I kinda had a feeling I would love this movie, and it’s official. Maybe it’s because I love radio so much. Because I interned at a station with a history in it…

I love rebellion, music, and seeing a bit of history in the things I love (even if it’s a theatrical embellishment).

It doesn’t hurt that one of the main characters was hot either…


Why must the time fly?

Another weekend has flown by. I made sure to stay busy, going to the movies twice (The Runaways was badass, artsy, and cool to watch. Kick Ass disappointed me. I am not a fan of violence, especially when I’m not really expecting that much…shoulda looked into it more I guess.) I spent plenty of time with my friends, and drank way more soda and beer than my usual water.

It’s time for bed, but I’m bummed. The end of Sunday is always sad. But I have next weekend to look forward to…always. And this one will be special because I will spend it in Philly with my sister and long-lost friends, seeing one of my favorite bands live, and seeing where my sister likes to go out. I’m so glad she’s of age now.

I just hope this week will be a good one ‘til then…



So close I could taste it…

IMG_3490This week has been one of the longest, despite the fact that I took a half day on Tuesday. Maybe it’s because I only had one full day to enjoy the weekend…I dunno. Needless to say, I cannot wait for it to be Friday, or, more importantly, 5:40 PM Friday. I am desperate for my tiny bit of freedom. 2 days without work. Unfortunately, it seems my freedom comes with a price. It will be raining tomorrow night and pretty much the rest of the weekend. But I suppose that will be all the better for lounging around. I don’t have plans yet and I don’t know if I will, but I’m very okay with an open schedule…

Tomorrow, my sister comes home and I am always happy when she does. We’re catching a late viewing of The Runaways and probably getting some drinks afterwards. I don’t really care what we do…it’s pretty much always a good time and I always end up laughing to the point of tears/choking/asphyxiation. I don’t know if that is really a good thing, but I enjoy myself.


I do wish the sun would shine for me though…


Laced Up

Within 24 hours, I got two new pairs of shoes.IMG_3488 Aside from sneakers,  I don’t wear shoes with laces, but I am so excited about these. The ones on the left are from a vintage shop in Jim Thorpe. They were 10 dollars and fit so I couldn’t deny them. I already told you about the others. I love shoes. I love clothes. So much to wear, so little time.

On a side note, I took advantage of the capability of a half day at work. I need this. I am lounging in bed on a rainy, icky day, listening to music and looking at pretty things online, and eventually laying down, baking something sweet, and getting tacos with my bros. People should never underestimate the power of time off. Mental health is super important. And I have been ripping mine to shreds running around and being a billion different people, letting everything get to me and worrying about everything under the sun. So…I’m happy now. Even though I’ll be back to the grind for the rest of the week…


An Education

an_education_nick_hornbyan_education_trailer_gawker.flv1 an-education-pic-free-542540444
I’ve seen better movies, but I loved the look and feel of An Education. I hope I get to prance around Paris in a pretty dress with a dashing man one day…

Morning Benders

Back in September, I ventured to NYC/Brooklyn with my sister and some of her friends. We crashed at one their high school friend’s apartments, and I woke up in the morning to The Morning Benders’ cover of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. I fell in love and annoyed my mom by playing the song repeatedly. Then I kinda pushed them aside.

Now that they have a new album out, I have been listening to everything I can get my hands on of theirs, and I can truly say I love this band. I am so excited to see them open for Broken Bells. I almost feel like it’s not real….that’s how bad I want to see them! Do you ever feel like that? Like, I feel like maybe they’ll back out and I won’t get to see them because it almost seems unreal that they will be playing a show and I will be in that room, listening and probably falling even more in love. Concerts are amazing…


My weekend in photos…

IMG_3357IMG_3369 IMG_3377 IMG_3433 IMG_3435 IMG_3434 IMG_3437 IMG_3460IMG_3465 IMG_3456










Spent Saturday with my friend Brad starving and being grumpy until we were fully satiated at the buffet in the casino. Spent today with Ed and Dana wandering around Jim Thorpe and enjoying pretty spring weather. Life is good on the weekends. I don’t want to go back to the grind. But another awaits in 5 days…



The second trailer has been released for Sex and the City 2. It has confirmed how much I love everything I love about this show and these characters. I am so excited to watch this. I have a feeling I won’t be let down this time.

If you haven’t watched this show in it’s entirety, you are missing out. It is, without a doubt, one of my tippy top favorites. It’s funny, it’s heart-warming, it’s sexy, the clothes are to-die-for, and there will be at least one storyline (I promise) that you will relate to. Watching it always reminds me of summer. And it’s nice to know that you can still be fabulous as you get older.


Stay up and play with me…

I am obsessed with music in general lately. I’ve been getting into some great bands, as well as enjoying the ones I already know and love. It’s that time of year when you can drive with the windows down and blast some great tunes.

Lately, I can’t stop listening to Yeasayer, especially their new album Odd Blood. I love electronic-y fun music that I can dance to or chill out or maybe even feel like I’m tripping to, and this album has all of that.

This song is a particular favorite, but it changes with the day. I just had to share.


Saddle Up


After weeks of longing for the perfect pair of oxfords/saddle shoes in my price range, I finally settled on Vans Sophie Shoe. They are adorable, classic, and I’m assuming (because of the classic sneaker brand name) that they will be comfortable.

I love the classic yet casual look, and I love that I will be able to rock them with jeans and a tee or dress down frilly skirts and dresses just as easily. I cannot wait for them to arrive in the mail. I love online shopping. The wait sucks, but receiving packages in the mail is a very satisfying experience and, though expected, always a pleasant surprise.

Bare Legs

Our little heat wave will be ending soon, but I’m enjoying every moment. Even though I don’t get home ‘til 5, the weather is still nice enough to wear dresses and shorts and stay completely comfortable. I’ll miss it when it goes away, but I know it will only come back again…



I am in awe of my Canon sometimes. The second photo was taken by using the optical zoom and I just feel like the quality is so clear. I am obsessed with the picture…I could see it in some kind of nature magazine. Regardless, I’m happy to have it in my collection.


Favorites For Now…

IMG_0431I saw this on one of the cute blogs I follow and I felt the need to do it as well. Who doesn’t like to talk about the things they truly enjoy?

My favorite letter is M.
My favorite number is 19.
My favorite color is every color.
My favorite flowers are lilies.
My favorite place is wherever I am when the sun is shining and I’m surrounded by people I love and everything feels right.
My favorite animals are elephants.
My favorite smells are cinnamon and baked goods.
My favorite season is summer.
My favorite food is mostly from the Chinese buffet.
My favorite shows are Lost, Sex and the City, Scrubs, Coupling, and so much more. TV shows on DVD are one of my favorite things.
My favorite candies are usually a mixture of chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzels. Also, Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish. 
My favorite movie is hard to choose. I love so many.
My favorite time is 5:19.
My favorite bands are Radiohead and Kings of Leon.
My favorite drink is water.
My favorite book is hard to choose, because I haven’t read in a long time. I want to start again.
My favorite word is rendezvous.
My favorite thing is sunsets.

Check out this blog! It is one of my favorites, as well!

Fisheye Love

I got my first roll of film developed from the Lomo Fisheye No. 2. Needless to say, I’ve fallen completely and utterly in love. All of my cameras are my babies, it’s hard to choose which one I like most! But this is definitely a great addition to the collection (and, alright, my favorite right now). I dropped the film off at Rite Aid during my morning break and had the finished products in my hand by lunchtime. So happy.

IMG_0004 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0008 IMG_0017IMG_0022

So glad it has a flash so I can take pictures anytime. So happy for multiple exposures. So happy for bulb mode. But pretty much all of my pictures were taken with a normal shutter speed and the light of day. I’m so pleased. I can’t wait for more!


Fuji Instax 7s

Man, do I love an instant camera. Film is such a fantastic thing, but you have to finish an entire roll (and I’m so stingy about what I shoot with my special cameras) before you get to see the results. I get the satisfaction of film with the ability to see it as soon as it develops. Which is another reason why I love instant cameras. Watching the photo come to life is always entertaining.