The Shortest Weekend (Literally)


Daylight Savings Time definitely has it’s perks. It is going to be so nice to drive home with the sun still shining, longer days, warmer weather ahead. But losing that hour, even though it is just 1 hour, is kinda sucky. Sunday kept slipping through my fingers, and because of the sunshine, it felt earlier than it was. I worked on Saturday, so that was a good chunk of my day, but I had a lovely evening. Maria and I went to dinner (I love sisterly bonding) and then met Brad at a local bar where he was taking photos for a couple of the bands that were playing there. It’s been months since I went to an actual bar. It was fun, but I realized I left with a lot less money than I came…this is why I don’t really like going to bars to drink. I’d rather do a MYO 6 pack or get a bottle of wine and stay in with friends. You don’t have to yell over loud music, you’ll save a ton of money, and you’ll actually get a drink when you want one! It’s also safer…but anyway. I still had a great time!


I’m totally cranky, but work has been sort of busy (stressful, too) but it makes the time go faster.
And, no work this coming weekend! Just gotta keep my chin up. Here’s to a great week for everyone!

(The first photo was taken by Brad with his camera. The others are iPhoners, obviously.)

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