My sister

I’m glad I can spend time with family, out of the house. I might be going out of my mind if I didn’t get to spend time with my sister. We went everywhere today. Lunch at Jimmy’s Hot Dogs. Perusing through stores like Ollie’s and Big Lots. Eventually going to Wilkes-Barre with her friends for a jaunt through the mall and dinner at TGI Fridays.

Being out of the house was exactly what I needed today. But it makes me never want to go home. Ugh.




I was skeptical…

All of the buzz surrounding 2008’s Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire freaked me out. Considering it swept most of the Oscars it was nominated for, the buzz worried me.

See, when a movie is being touted as the best of the best, isn’t it easy to get jaded? You expect amazing things and then you’re ultimately let down. Kind of like when someone tells you a movie is really scary and you go in thining the worst, only to realize your mind is a lot scarier than the film.

Anyway, I’ve seen the film 3 times since it was released on DVD and I admit that it deserved every Oscar it won. Often times, the nominees are boring films, historical or dramatic. Not to say they aren’t good, but they lack something. Heart or creativity. This film has it all. The cinematography is outstanding, the music is wonderful, the acting is perfect, and all in all, it’s a great film. If you haven’t seen it (perhaps because you were as skeptical as I was before), I highly recommend it.



I finally have my Holga photos on my computer.
So without further ado, some of my favorites…

sc000b938d copy


Currently surviving on…

Finally reading the Harry Potter books. I read the first one when it came out, and for some reason, never picked up the others. And I have no idea why because the stories are amazing and J.K. Rowling is an incredible writer who inspires me to be a better writer myself.

Hulu is one of the best inventions ever. And, to make it even better, they have the entire series of Arrested Development online and available whenever you want it. There is a total of 2-3 commercials each episode and they aren’t ever longer than 30 seconds. And sometimes they give you the option to watch a movie trailer or long commercial before the show, sparing you from interruption during your stream. Amazing, people. Simply amazing.

Rough days, these have been. But they fly by. Work and relaxing with the above have been helping me get through. I’ll be fine. Soon.


When It’s Over

Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath has never sung truer words. Why is it that people always want what they can’t have, even if they didn’t want it when they could’ve had it? Why is it that that lovin’ feeling seems to creep back into your heart only when its threatening to leave or, maybe even, has left already?

On another note, I felt like doing this:

10 Years Ago...
I was anxious about going to junior high and I was as awkward as a 12 year old girl should be.

5 things on my to do list...
- Working
- See Funny People the day it comes out
- Take more Holga pictures
- Look at life more optimistically
- Putting my resume out there

5 snacks I enjoy...
- Mild Slim Jims
- Herr’s Kettle-Cooked Boardwalk Salt and Vinegar Chips
- Veggies and dip
- Eggs and toast
- Mini Snickers

5 favorite things...
1. Movies
2. Music
3. Falling in love with a new TV show, band, or book series
4. Sunsets that look like cotton candy or tie-dye
5. Being around people I love

5 places I have lived...
1. Hazleton, PA
2. Wilkes-Barre, PA
3. London, England
4. ---
5. ---

5 things most people don't know about me...
1. I used to go love going to group therapy sessions
2. I talk to myself a lot, especially in the car
3. I would ideally love to be a DJ on the radio
4. I’ve given someone a black eye
5. I wear my heart on my sleeve, so most people usually do know almost everything about me...still have some secrets though.

That’s all folks. I’m worried about the weekend for me. But I work tomorrow morning and Saturday all night. So I’m definitely going to be kept busy. But I hope your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are fantastic.


Blah diddy blah


I really need to write a book. I have so many ideas swimming in my head, though, so its hard to focus. I have many thoughts. Often times I feel they sound like lines from sappy movies. And even though that seems horrible, those movies are making money, no?

A couple off the top of my head…

  • I feel really sad for us.
  • I am sick of being angry because of you. Because the things that bother me are your problems and not mine.

I feel trapped lately. Maybe its more of the quarter-life crisis. I am going nowhere. I have nothing to look forward too. My life is moving and changing and change doesn’t always bode well for me. But I’ve made it through this kind of thing before. I will continue to do things I love and keep on “truckin’” as they say. Speaking of which, I dropped my third roll of Holga film off today. No predictions on when they’ll be done. I’m still hoping to share the others soon. And now…I must go because I have over 70 sparklers waiting to be lit off and snapped into a lovely photo.


Cinematic Adventures

I love movies. I don’t think I can express that enough. I have always loved them. I am glad they are such a prominent part of my job (talking about them with customers is one of many perks). I love seeing a trailer and getting excited about one.

When I first heard that Drew Barrymore was directing a film about Roller Derby I doubted it. Way more than I should’ve. The trailer has proven to me more that I love Ellen Page. It looks fun, funny, coming-of-age, and just entertaining. I am glad that Drew Barrymore is directing a movie that reflects her personality. Carefree and wild. I will be seeing this when it comes out. And hopefully enjoying it, too.


I miss it.

I cannot believe its over.

I’m sad.

And to make matters worse, a mini-show I watch on Hulu just ended. Called Dorm Life.

The episodes don’t go longer than 15 minutes. Most of them are probably 5-8 minutes. It’s short but sweet, funny, and weird. I love it, it made me happy, and you should watch it too.



Where Does the Time Go?

Remember this?

OK…well, now it’s more like this.



Emma Watson you are gorgeous and fabulous.


Good Finds


I haven’t really been buying clothes lately, and that’s good because I’m broke and that would be pretty stupid. Money now is reserved for bills, gas, and food if I want it.

However, when I went out with my friend Lauren last week, I found a pair of jeans for $5.48! I love Target, seriously. On top of that, the jeans are purple. So I mean, they may not be the most practical pair, but they fit like a glove, were insanely cheap, and I will make them work.


Proud Mama

My Holga gave birth to some pretty picture babies.

Considering these first two rolls were test rolls and I am by no means a photographer, my shots came out really well. The first roll turned out to be B&W. I am not complaining, as I got some pretty great photos. And even the screw-up with the second roll (I had a 6x6 plate in the back, but my photos were set to 16 instead of 12) made for even more amazing photos. The man behind the counter even told me I did well for my first go. I am already nearing the end of my third roll and then I have to buy a bunch of new film. Can’t stop, it’s addicting!

I need a scanner! I need a photo disc!


I bet the suspense is torturous.


One of those days

It’s so weird. You’re doing fine, great even, living your life. And then all of the sudden, a day, like any other ordinary day comes along and blows everything out of the water.

You are miserable, maybe even for no reason. Everyone and everything bothers you, or maybe just one in particular. Shit hits the fan or things come out of the blue. It is just not your day. You woke up fine and went to bed with a huge loss of hope.

I had one of those yesterday. I’m still reeling, like an anger hangover. An angerover. What a bummer.

On another note, I get my Holga photos after work today. And its finally really sunny without  cloud in sight and I’m supposed to go swimming after work too. So…here’s to better days!


To keep me going…

  • I have a pitcher of Grape Kool-Aid in the fridge
  • I’m going to start reading the Harry Potter books. A little late in the game. I read the first, but I’m doing the whole series for real this time
  • I get to pick up my Holga pictures on Wednesday
  • I also get to swim and have a taco night on Wednesday too

So far, so good!


Sunshine Day

We, thankfully, had a gorgeous, sunny, warm day today!

People have been calling this “the summer without a summer”. And I don’t like that one bit. See, my hair may freak out and I may sweat like an animal, but the heat and humidity are what make the summer what it is: shorts, sun kissed skin, and swimming.

Today my sister came home from her 3 week long Florida trip. And I must say, those 3 weeks flew. Because it seems like only yesterday we were eating nachos and I was preparing to have her missing in my life for a while. Now that’s over. We literally had half a day to hang out because she had to be back at school in Philly. So we went to Wal-Mart, ate dinner with the family, and then I joined my dad on the trip back to school.

He encouraged me to bring my Holga, and I was so happy! He even stopped by the lake and the famous art museum so I could take pictures of the city. Unfortunately, towards the end of the night, Holga took her first spill and cracked open. She’s okay, but she does have some permanent booboos. And the back did open, which is how it fell in the first place (I was wearing it around my neck like a nerd) so I’m hoping the pictures are still okay. If anything, they’ll probably just look cooler.


Despite everything, Holga got her first compliment tonight! Well, two actually. A girl told me she simply liked my camera. But a man behind the counter at Capogiro told me he liked my Holga. Very exciting!

024 032


Those are some awesome motion shots my digital camera took. It may be a hunk of junk compared to all the crazy good ones that are out there these days. But I’m proud of it for capturing some insane pics. 


It’s great when…

a song I love comes on when I shuffle my Zune.

my dad hands me a beer without having to ask for one.

a pair of sheets can totally convert your bed.

I make it home from work finally.

f2OmQc1cjpa560naKVI7xQDZo1_500Image from PaperTissue

Swirl and Twirl

I love being a girl. I love that I can wear jeans and a tee and it can be stylish. And I love, even more, that I can wear a dress whenever I want to feel sassy and special (extra props to my people who wear dresses no matter what people think, you know).

Watching Sex and the City again has reminded me of the fabulousness of a dress. There are sundresses that can be simple, light and cute. There can be gowns for classy events. And then, there can be that sexy party dress that is perfect for Cosmos with your gal pals and being…well, fabulous.

I don’t have a disposable bank account like the ladies of one of my favorites shows…but thank goodness for Forever 21. They make amazing dresses that are reasonably priced. All of the ones I like well under 50 dollars.

59696566-01 party bustier All images from Forever 21.

Check it out…there really is something for everyone. Maybe one day I’ll be able to splurge and buy a few.

Pet Peeves


I’d rather sit here and tell you about the things I love right now. I mean, that’s what I usually do anyways.  But I felt like it was time to share with you, as we all should at some point, the things that absolutely irritate me.

So now…a list of things that piss me off:

  • Unreturned phone calls, texts, IMs, emails, messages, carrier pigeons…whatever
  • Paying tolls on trips
  • Bugs and, consequently, bug bites
  • Clouds appearing on a day planned outside
  • When my phone (I call him Peter) decides to shut on and off at any given time
  • Tossing and turning all night
  • When the people at the drive-thru forget to give you something you need (like a fork)
  • When my nose gets stuffed on one side
  • Stubbing my toe on my stupid bed
  • Caffiene-induced anxiety
  • When a pre-street movie doesn’t come in the back early enough and I have to wait 3 weeks to rent it

I could probably go on. I’m just in that mood. It’s unfortunate. But its fun to rant anyway!



I love just hanging out around good people.

Being brutally honest, I’m losing faith in some of the people in my life. Perhaps its just the way things go. We are growing up, and some people must move on. But I never want to grow up, so you’ll find me still trying to have much fun as possible.

I spend a lot of time with the boyz at my friend Joe’s house. We watch movies, drink a couple beers (if there are any) and play video and/or board games. Sometimes my lady friends come and join. But its rare and, when they do, its not for long.

But ain’t no thang…we have a good time.



Soul Sisters

I had a wonderful day. After work, I got changed and met up with, quite possibly, the love of my life at Barnes and Noble.

laurenandiSomething you need to understand about us…I feel like I’ve known Lauren forever, and its only been 4 years. And the reason we met was something (Residence Life at King’s College, fate, God) brought us together as roommates. It took us nearly a semester to get close, but once we did, that was it. We were cemented. She’s been my roommate since then. Until now. I love her more than you can love a friend. A roomie like that becomes a type of sister. You drive each other bonkers, but you survive the bad anyway.

We don’t need to do anything spectacular to have an amazing time. We walked around Old Navy, Target, and the mall. We ate Personal Pan Pizza meals at Pizza Hut. We blasted Lil Wayne with the windows down.

I have good friends in my life, yes sir.


Is it wrong?

Is it wrong that I think owning a cheeseburger phone would be kinda awesome?cheeseburger

Is it wrong that I am jealous of people who have freckles?


Is it wrong that I am constantly craving fried chicken?


Is it wrong that I want this so much, I actually dreamt about it?  


7 Days

This week I will be

  • swimming at Hickory Run
  • enjoying hot and sunny summer weather
  • spending one on one face time with my roomie and friend of 4 years (we were strangers when we first met, and now we know too much about each other)
  • seeing my sister again for the first time in 3 weeks

Not a lot, but its enough to make me happy. Can’t wait to see Lauren and Maria. Can’t wait for it to actually feel like July. Can’t wait to lay out in the sun and swim in the water.


Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone is going to be relaxing and cooking out and swimming and doing whatever 4th of July traditions you have (or any that you may be starting this year). As for me, I’ll be at work from 4-10, because Blockbuster never closes. Lucky for me, I celebrated last night. And I’ll probably find a way to celebrate again tomorrow.

046 028

Fireworks from afar and marshmallow roasting. Instead of making smores, we sandwiched our “shmallows” between these bad boys. Pretty tasty.



I’m in love again. Still in love with the former, but I’ve now added a new love. Perhaps the baby to my first love and me. A new addition to the family. This is bad.

Thank Lomography for being so amazing.

That’s right, folks. I’m in love with yet another camera. It didn’t seem possible about 2 months ago. I love pictures but I’m by no means a photographer. In fact, the extent of my photo taking was always my friends huddled in a group. But I’m trying to get more into it.

I thought I’d check out Fred Flare just to see what’s recently been updated on the site. And then I found this. It’s 35mm, so it won’t be hard to develop the film. And, on top of it, it takes 4 pictures that go on 1 photo. It’s perfect for capturing my friends dancing. I’m debating. I’m still not sure…but I’m just warning that you might be reading a post very soon about a recent purchase…



Thoughts for Today


Eating a popsicle, thinkin’ back on my day.

Worked ‘til 5, and it flew. I love busy days that don’t give me time to think about anything. Found a possible job that I should really apply for. Realized I am on a total rap kick and cannot get enough of it, want more of it. Spent time with two boys that I’m glad I can call my friends. Dropped off my Holga film and you might be able to see my pictures as soon as the middle of next week.

Small things make up for the things I’m lacking. I don’t really have money, a job that I can live off of, a place to call my own, or a love to share everything with. But I have good friends, a job I like, and, as I told my mom, I feel pretty rich just driving the Buick on a warm summer night with the windows down blastin’ Lil' Wayne.

P.S. How did July get here so fast?

P.P.S. I’d be doing the same thing…