Farewell, 2009!

Holga 011A whole year is coming to a close in several hours. For some reason, I always get nervous around New Year’s. I think I’ve seen too many end-of-the-world action flicks for my own good. But really, this is exciting. A clean slate.
Actually, in a way it’s weird that we say that because the only thing that really changes is the number we put down on our checks or essay papers. But it’s cool that we take this opportunity, one that we can’t avoid no matter what, to try and make ourselves better. I don’t really do the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing and people do tend to dream big and end up messing up their goals just as quickly as they came up with them. However, this time around, there are some things I want to do, that I’ve wanted to do for a while, and maybe I should start now. 
That is, I’d like to stop cursing (it’s to the point where it just comes out without being angry, scared, or…well, does anything really warrant extremely foul language?) and I’d like to stop worrying about everything all the time. The second will be hard for me. I think too much into everything, big or small. And I just want to enjoy life and let things come as they come and tackle them then. If I don’t follow through with this, I won’t be surprised. For either thing.

Anyways, I wanted to take this opportunity to recap the year. So…let’s begin shall we?

Highlights of 2009

  • Graduating college Magna Cum Laude
  • Getting a full-time job
  • Seeing No Doubt in concert
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Getting a Holga camera
  • Discovering “Youth Novels” by Lykke Li, thanks to my sister
  • Lady Gaga
  • Paranormal Activity
  • There’s a Wii in my house now!
  • (500) Days of Summer

…so much more but it’s been 365 days and I cannot remember for the life of me.

Here’s to a great New Year! Enjoy yourself…be safe…have fun!


Workin’ for the weekend.

I’m officially exhausted and I’m pretty sure my body is revolting against me out of anger from lack of sleep. I can’t help it. I like to do things. I get distracted by DVDs and Band Hero. You only live once after all. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. And other clich├ęs about living and sleeping and whatever.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last full day of work for the weekend. Thursday is a halfday and then I have a three day weekend and I just simply cannot wait anymore. I need to sleep and breathe and relax and stay in my pajamas all day and watch endless DVDs and play the Wii and rot away for a few days.

But first, a New Year’s Eve celebration with my dear friends and video game band play.

Pictures to come…


I don’t think you’ve been properly introduced…


My new baby. My partner in crime. I have so much to learn. I can’t wait for all of our new adventures together.

Yes, I referred to my camera like a pet. Whatever.

Live From New York

I have been an on-and-off fan of Saturday Night Live for years now. I first got into it watching reruns on Comedy Central with Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, and Chris Farley in the cast. I thought it was awesome, because at the time they had all become movie stars (Billy Madison and Tommy Boy are two of my all-time favorite comedies). Then I started to watch it live because a lot of actors and musicians (think Freddie Prinze, Jr. and N’Sync) were hosts and musical guests. Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell were favorites in the cast.

They’ve had a lot of on and off iffy moments since then. But this season, I’ve pretty much watched every episode. It isn’t always funny, but a lot of cool celebrities hosted (and I got to look at Taylor Lautner some more!) and I found my new favorite skit:

It doesn’t even have to try and be funny. It just is. And it’s fun too. Klaus Future is a highlight. Check out the other two, there are always random celebrity figures and Kenan rocks it.

But the main point of this is…I have a crush on most of the cast right now. They might not always have me rolling on the floor…but they are all cute! And, in case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for awkward, nerdy, humorous people. Looks and style are always an initial hook, but I stick because I need to be able to talk about things I enjoy and, more importantly, laugh constantly. And okay, I don’t do that with them. But I believe we’d get along swimmingly…


and you can’t forget

To me, they are reason enough to keep watching. Or Hulu-ing. Can you imagine a life without Hulu? Because I really can’t.

Oh and, on the subject of crushes, I have an enormous girl crush on Kristen Wiig. I love her on SNL because she isn’t afraid to make herself ugly and go all in for humor…
Kristen Wiig

But she’s cute and has a fun style.


And now…

for the random portions of a Saturday night.

  • I watched over an hour of R. Kelly’s “masterpiece” Trapped in the Closet and, as you would assume, I feel offended, dirty, and dumber now.
  • I freaked out when Ke$ha’s song “Tik Tok” came on the radio as I was driving home from Blockbuster. The song is ridiculous and she and it remind me of the kind of girls I try to avoid in my life. And yet, I find it completely fun and slightly relatable because…who hasn’t brushed their teeth with a bottle of Jack? But anyway, it makes me wanna go out dancing and drinkin’ in sparkly clothes with cute boys and single ladies errywhere.
    • With God as my witness, I will do this soon:LadyGaGaGaga

    Once Upon a Time…

    When I was still in high school, before Wii was released, there was Nintendo Gamecube. My dad always got us the latest Nintendo system because we loved video games. I played on and off. I’ve always been a sucker for Mario Party and Mario Kart (Double Dash for Gamecube is addictive). Then, randomly, my dad rented a new game to try. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He didn’t like it much, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.

    Hours of game play added up to days. I got hooked in the story, the cute characters, and the side-scroll play. Adventure games aren’t always my strong point…decision-making overwhelms me a little, even in the fictional sense. But this made it fun and easy, while still being challenging.

    I just purchased Super Paper Mario, the Wii release (there’s an N64 version too…a friend of mine has played it, but I couldn’t get the hang of it) and already I foresee myself sitting in a chair in front of the TV with my slippers, snacks, a large water bottle, and my Wii remote in hand. This is gonna be fun


    Yay Holiday!

    Christmas was better than I expected. Not that I expected it to be bad. I am just very pleased with how everything went. I am the proud (albeit confused) owner of a Canon Powershot SX120. I need to learn the ropes, but for now, I’m happy I have a camera again! Our family has also brought the Wii into our household. I’m trying to get up the guts to just buy this already, because I know I will be playing all the time.IMG_0124IMG_0008 Overall, it was a great Christmas. I think as kids, we always want the entire world and we expect it under the tree. As my sister and I got older, our Christmas lists got a lot smaller, but with some bigger items (electronics and expensive shoes, mostly). But the main thing to me is that we all make each other happy, even if it’s by giving a mug and receiving a sequin beret (Oh am I ever excited!).

    And just because I missed having a camera…
    I can’t wait to actually utilize all of my photo ideas now.


    Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

    It’s that time of the year again! Doesn’t December 24th/25th always creep up so fast once the holiday season comes around? And then it leaves as quickly as it came.

    Enjoy your holiday, everyone! Make every moment last, eat lots of delicious foods, give and receive with your loved ones! It’ll be another year before you can do it again.



    I enjoy a nice night in to myself. At first, I was bummed out that my sister was going out and my mom was going to bed.

    But I:

    • watched (500) Days of Summer (which I loved all over again) and laughed and cried as much as I wanted to
    • drank Franzia sangria
    • painted my toenails (Essie Lady Godiva)

    I want all of Zooey Deschanel’s clothes in the film. And her bangs.


    My Bad.

    I suck at blogging these days. I love doing it, I love reading others. But I feel like mine are lacking, and I can honestly say a large part of it is my lack of personal pictures to keep it interesting. I do a lot and see a lot (we won 2nd place at Pub Stumpers last night, saw Christmas lights, and even exchanged some small presents), but you can’t see what is going on in my life. Soon though…really soon.

    I passed up an opportunity to make this weekend a 3-day weekend before Thanksgiving and I’m regretting that. I just want to sleep in and relax and enjoy the holidays. But I’ll be working tomorrow and Saturday. Both days until 1, so that’s a half day and not so bad. Still, I relish the ability to stay in my pajamas for a long time and not rush to go somewhere or do something.

    Though I love going somewhere and doing something.

    I can’t stop going these days. It really does feel like my life is crazy crazy crazy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I may be grumpily exhausted, but I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Whether I’m somewhere with friends or even running errands by myself, I like doing something, anything. Because that’s what being young is about. I pride myself on the fact that I keep work separate. I don’t take it home with me, and a lot of people make that mistake (I am pretty early in though, so this could change. It took me almost 2 years to get sick of my previous job.). I’m not working my dream career. And yeah, sometimes the job, the people, the work can be stressful, infuriating, or annoying. There have been times I’ve wanted to cry (but never beyond the situation itself). But I’m making money and I have health insurance and in times like this, I’m very blessed to have both of these. It might not be what I always thought I would do, but I have time after work and on the weekends to work on those goals and dreams. I feel like too many people get all caught up in how they aren’t doing what they want instead of appreciating what they have right now. We all do that, though, in all different aspects of our life. But I’m happy that once I’m home, I’m home.

    Speaking of, I will be relaxing the next few days, for the holidays. I plan on watching a couple movies tonight  (I’m thinkin’ Extract and All About Steve) and staying warm in comfy clothes because I am freezing. I’m worried that I won’t be able to stay settled for long. I already have plans for the movie theater lined up. And I don’t plan on stopping there.

    I think the point of my blogging today was to say that I hope to make this blog more interesting, or at least as interesting as it was before (if it even was before), as soon as I can get my hands on a digital camera (Um, Friday please?). Regardless, I’ll keep doing it because I love to do it. But I’d like you out there to enjoy it as well.

    And um…YAY! I don’t care…I love the show. The first movie is good, though I do feel it paled in comparison to the amazingness of the show. But fabulous friends in fabulous clothes talking about relationships and love and life and fashion…well, I cannot say no to that!!!!!


    My Fair Lady

    Lady GaGa Bad RomanceI don’t know what it is. Is it the catchy songs? The extravagant outfits (or lack therof)? The shock factor? I am now a fan of Lady Gaga, full on. Before, I understood the hype but was outside of it, looking in. Now, I actually find myself enjoying her music and watching her videos.

    I completely agree that she is crazy. But aren’t we all? She makes pop music art. Not many people do that anymore. I have to hear “3” by Britney Spears a thousand times a day at work and it is so completely over-processed with crappy lyrics and no emotion. I think Lady Gaga puts heart and soul and insanity into what she does, making it a bit weirder but still fun to dance to. Maybe it’s because she actually writes her songs (and they are almost believable. Is it wrong that, even though I enjoyed the song, “Single Ladies” bothered me because Beyonce is married and can’t relate to the song anymore?). And, have you noticed the sudden influx of leotards in music videos? If not, see here, here, and here. I think we can all credit Lady Gaga for that. And the 80s, but really no one has worn them for real since then. And, I guess they are easier to dance in.

    I don’t know what it is. She’s marching to the beat of her own drummer and it’s working for her. Maybe it is because she’s unabashedly out of her mind. Maybe we don’t feel so crazy after all. Or maybe we just get sucked into catchy pop songs and we can’t help but watch celebrities who make us look.


    Les Miserables

    Nothing seemed to be going right yesterday. It was Friday, so I was thisclose to the weekend, but at work we also happen to be open an extra hour and the day just could not move fast enough. I got laughed at by a member for making (and instantly correcting) a small mistake, the heater in my car refused to work (this happens but it usually kicks on in 5 minutes…my 20 minute drive home was icy), Burger King decided to discontinue Cheesy Tots (I no longer have a reason to go there anymore!), a couple of family Christmas commercials made me tear up (I’m always emotional, but that was too much) and I didn’t eat anything from noon to 10 PM.

    Regardless, it’s the weekend now! So everything that sucked just made it that much more enjoyable to be home, watch The Hangover with my dad and sister, drink some sangria, and sleep in today. Sure, sleeping in for me is only anywhere from 8-9:30. But I can stay in bed and watch TV until I’m ready to move, instead of grumpily rolling out of bed or hitting the snooze repeatedly. They are calling for snow, and I’m not sure how to feel about it. It’s the company Christmas party tonight, so a part of me feels bad if I can’t make it. But the other part doesn’t really want to go so…heh heh.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    And can you believe it? This time next week, Christmas will be over! So make sure to get in the spirit before it’s too late!




    I love being out of the house as much as possible, but it takes it’s toll. I am exhausted and never want to wake up for work. I’m anticipating the weekend just so I can sleep in.

    This week was good as always. I wish I had photos to share with you. Tuesday was Pub Stumpers We didn’t win this time…but I still always have a blast. Yesterday was fantastic, though. A few of us have been tossing the idea around of decorating old tees, so we finally picked up some gear and went at it last night. I love being hands on and crafty…I just never do it. We all sponged and brushed and splattered and sprayed paint on our old gear, making it new again. I wish I could show you everyone’s. Sorry for the quality below…all I have is the webcam….for one more week(?)!

    newtee {My masterpiece}

    It’s just so nice to do something that doesn’t involve the computer, cell phone, or TV.

    Off topic, we have to listen to the radio all the time at work and I hate it. Yes, I studied broadcast in college and I would ideally like to do radio. However, I feel like most stations abuse the same songs over and over. Below are two reasons I don’t mind song repeats…

    I don’t really care what you say. Lady Gaga is fantastic. This song is damn catchy and I dare you to say you couldn’t relate to it at some point in your life.

    This song makes me want to dance and sing. I love Beyonce. She has a lot of cheese factor, but I’ve always found her extremely gorgeous and feminine. She just looks like a real woman to me.



    I am sick of hearing about Tiger Woods.
    I miss having a digital camera more than I can even explain.
    I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas.
    I wish the weekend lasted longer than two days.
    I like spending time with my parents.
    I can’t wait until my sister is home too.
    I miss my London hair.
    I cannot get myself to do laundry.
    I bought a Hip Hop exercise DVD and I love it.

    joseph-gordon-levitt-and-claudia-schiffer-bondage Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-Claudia-Schiffer-GQ-Scans_3

    These pictures are hot.


    I have a crush on every boy.

    Why can’t dreams come true?

        John_Krasinski-4-Leatherheads           taylor-lautner-rolling-stone-2 

    andy-samberg_1 joseph-gordon-levitt-3-0609-lg-163248


    Oooh boy(s). I could go on.

    P.S. Check this out. I’ve loved it since high school and I still find it funny. It’s where I got my title from. Watch them all.



    The ingredients for a good Saturday night…

    1. My comfy Danskin pants
    2. DVD rentals (Watched World’s Greatest Dad…I recommend it! About to watch Shrink next.)
    3. A box of Franzia Fruity Red Sangria. I obviously don’t plan on drinking the whole thing in one night, but I find it important to keep wine available to me at all times.
    4. My family. Though I always wish my sister were here, it’s nice to hang out with my parents.
    5. Taylor Lautner hosting SNL! I don’t care if it sucks and it isn’t funny. I’m excited.
    6. Nothing to do tomorrow but relax some more! I needed this weekend.

    By the way, I noticed Ed Hardy Sangria at the Wine and Spirits store. I’m offended. But I’m sure a whole slew of people were excited to find this out.

    Time to Relax

    So glad it’s the weekend.

    I can’t believe it’s been a week since Philly.
    lovesisI’m just thankful to have some time to myself to do whatever. I’m probably going to do some Christmas shopping and then watch movies and Taylor Lautner on SNL until my eyes bleed.

    Before I started my new job, I was convinced that I would never see my friends and I would never have a life again. That was very wrong of me. In fact, I feel like I never have time to myself with this job because I make damn sure I’m always out having a good time. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being around people I love, the people I can always rely on to have fun with. I’m glad these people are my friends.

    On a side note, I failed to mention that I finally got a pair of Nike sneaks. In fact, the exact pair I wanted just a couple of months ago. If you squint, maybe you can make them out in the picture. Very comfortable and on sale, so I snagged them up before everyone else did.



    I was very grumpy when I woke up this morning. Unreturned phone calls/texts, strong winds, rainy slush, and waking up earlier than I wanted to all factored in.

    So I made the decision to pick up a Hot Chocolate from Dunkin’ Donuts. I don’t know what it is about hot cocoa but…it was like my mood instantly changed. It’s delicious and warm and it almost feels wrong to drink because it’s chocolate…but it’s so right.


    I suggest that, even if you’re in a good mood, you pick up or make some hot chocolate tonight. Because it might change your life.


    Nights and Weekends

    NIGHTS AND WEEKENDSSaw a preview for this movie before How to Be and I was strangely intrigued. I’m open-minded about the types of movies I watch, but I typically can’t wrap my mind around super-quiet and awkward indie films. A part of me thought that’s what this was going to be like. But as far as this 78 minute movie goes, I was very pleased. There wasn’t a bit of score or music and I didn’t even realize it. The story and the characters make it so easy to watch.

    Last week, I mentioned that I was starting to have a hard time believing in love. I should explain. I feel like no one really knows what love actually is anymore. In mainstream films, we see two people meet, fall in love pretty quickly, face some kind of problem, and have it solved in one big proclamation to live “happily ever after” (That might be one of the worst phrases ever). That would be nice. But it isn’t the whole truth. I believe there are those good moments when everything feels right with the world. But there’s also the raw, awkward part of love. This is something we all need to realize. That it isn’t always easy. That it isn’t like a fairy tale. And that most of the time, you’re probably going to have to deal with the shitty parts so that you can come out of it even better.

    I just feel like everyone thinks they have to look for something perfect. I feel like everyone is afraid to be alone. I feel like there is love out there, flawed and fucked up as it may be. But no one believes that or wants to deal with it.

    I liked this movie because it showed a side of love that needs to be shown. It’s not perfect, at all. It’s cute and funny and sad and awkward. That’s life.

    I’d recommend it. It’s available to Watch Instantly on Netflix, if you have it!



    I didn’t get into Philadelphia ‘til almost 10 PM on Friday…but I’m so glad that I got there at night. I drove in, blasting a Zune playlist on the speakers of my ‘92 Buick and seeing the city lights made me happy.

    I’m serious. I love it there. I wish I had money and job prospects because I wouldn’t mind living there one single bit.

    ‘Til then, I’m so glad my sister goes to school there and I have a reason (and place to stay) to get away for the weekend. It was just what the doctor ordered after a rough week.

    This weekend I:

    • played Chandelier with Maria’s friend Lindsay (see also: Michal Lynn’s friend Lindsay) and her roommates. She has the sweetest off-campus house, despite the fact that it is in what appears to be one of the shadiest areas around the Temple campus. Oh wait…isn’t it just the entire campus?
    • slept on my just-bought air mattress which I blew up with a just-bought air pump which made me feel really special and is also the reason I have a back ache.
    • met up with BFFFFFFFF Rafter for brunch and coffee at iHop (it was my first time there and I got the Big Breakfast Platter: 2 eggs, 2 sausage links, 2 bacon strips, 2 pieces of ham, 2 pancakes, and hash browns). Good conversation with people I love.
    • went to Crafty Balboa (craft fair) and saw so many cute hand made items that made me feel totally useless. Also saw so many cute hairstyles that made me want to forget about growing my hair and just lob it off and have it cool and short like I usually do. But it’s too cold for that anyways. I’m keeping them in mind for the spring, though…
    • walked around in the rain/snow/cold to step into cute shops, buy cupcakes from a rude baker, and check out the Christmas light show at Macy’s.
    • caught a late show of Fantastic Mr. Fox.
    • spent time with my sister, no fighting, just fun.

    Needless to say, I had a great weekend. I just wish I had a damn camera. It kills me that I can’t share a picture with you. I’ll be stealing one from my sister the first chance I get.

    I’m going to pour myself a big bowl of cereal (Crunch Berries? Crispix? One of each?) and watch Funny People with my dad (and mom, if she feels like it). I have to enjoy the last few hours I have of weekend freedom. Back to the grind tomorrow.

    I’ll just be waiting for Friday ‘til it comes.


    Another List.

    You know how people are always talking about the things they can’t live without (and it’s usually something like their favorite mascara or gum)? Well, I’ve decided to be more realistic about it.

    Things I Could Live Without but Would Never Want to:

    • Pickles, especially my favorite kind from Jim Thorpe
    • Bacon…which, I don’t care what you say, is the greatest meat ever
    • C.O. Bigelow’s Rose Salve
    • Leggings (Especially as a substitute for jeans/pants)
    • TV shows on DVD (honestly, this has made it on my blog so many times. But you can’t go wrong. No commercials and instant gratification. Drama, sitcom,whatever…if you’re good and I can watch you in a row with the press of a remote control button…you make me happy)
    • Hot Pink patent Doc Martens (They make knock offs at Wal-Mart now. I’m proud to have my OGs.)
    • Video (especially free ones from iWin)/Board games (especially ones like Cranium or Taboo)
    • Garnier Fructis Hair products. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and any kind of styling products they have that I want to try. Super-cheap, smell great, work great.
    • Texting. Let’s face it, this generation is obsessed with it. If you want to ask a quick question or talk to someone when you really shouldn’t be, it’s the perfect way. Also, if you don’t want to talk to someone, it’s a lot easier (and makes you feel a lot less guilty) than putting off a phone call.
    • Chocolate-covered pretzels. They are the perfect snack…a little sweet and a little salty.
    • The cassette tape that let’s me play any MP3 player in my car
    • My Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. I know, I’m 22, why do I still sleep with it? Um…cuz I want to.
    • Red Rose tea, hot or iced

    I could think of so much more, but this is pretty long for now.

    Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy yourself, whatever it is you do.


    Bad Time to be a Lunatic

    I don’t like this week.

    It was the first time I screwed up at work. My skin is freaking out. My hormones (and, because of that, my emotions) are insane. And I’m extremely exhausted but I can’t/don’t want to stop moving.

    Nothing much to report so far.

    Saw Paper Heart yesterday. It was good. Nothing I want to proclaim to the world about. Well, except for one thing. It proved to me that I’ve become a huge skeptic. And I shouldn’t say it but…I don’t really believe in love these days. I believe you can love someone. I do. But I feel like it’s all just a bunch of bullshit made up for the movies. The good bits, I mean. Because…that isn’t life at all. In real life, people let you down and screw you up. And you just sit around waiting for all of it to go away or the feelings to disappear. It doesn’t though. They don’t. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, well…it just won’t end.


    In other news, I cannot wait for the weekend. A much needed trip away from home to be with my sister and her friends and some long-lost friends! Damn, can I have my Canon yet?

    P.S. I don’t mean for this to sound negative or depressing. I hope this is just a phase. For now, it’s not such a bad place to be. Sometimes, you have to be selfish and focus on what you want and what you need so that you can be open to something like love if it should ever come your way…