A Walk Through the Cemetery

Yesterday, on my way home from Brad’s (I spend a few days at home with my family every week and still consider that my home), I was enjoying a quiet drive through the foliage and sipping on a pumpkin coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. It was a bright and crisp Autumn day, the first in quite a while (and especially this month so far) that was actually cool enough for a flannel and jeans. As I got closer to my house, I passed a big, beautiful cemetery that is one of those landmarks I always ignore because I’ve passed it a billion times day in and day out. Today, though, I thought, “I should go there someday with my camera. Maybe tomorrow?”
Actual Michal Lynn translation: I should go there (I would like to, but I won’t) someday (never, that would require me to move and do something and why would I do that?). Maybe tomorrow (or never, because I am a procrastinator and there’s probably something on Netflix I should be streaming)?
I had that entire train of thought as I passed the cemetery, and realized quickly that I could, and should, do it RIGHT NOW. After all, my camera was in the trunk, since I was transporting my usual goods (that one in particular goes unused too frequently)
So I turned around at the next light and headed into the graveyard, at first nervous and confused about parking, then excited to break out my Rebel and the 50 mm lens that’s been collecting dust in my camera bag.


I liked seeing the way people decorate and commemorate the headstones of their loved ones.
I found so many interesting things, like that beautiful fall bouquet or the fallen mums.


Since so many of the leaves have fallen, I kept stumbling (almost literally) upon what looked like very shallow pits of leaves. But, after brushing the leaves away, I found flat headstones. I was thrilled when the first one I really had to brush off revealed the name SPOCK.

It was so nice to actually follow through, get fresh air, and explore a little. I have a lot more photos, and I hope to share them later!

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