Nose in a Book Pt. 2


Back in November, I wrote a post about my need to always have a book on hand. My obsession with books leads to scoping out Kindle daily deals, checking out which to-reads are at the library, and scoping out the best prices on used books. This has allowed me to accumulate quite a few books to add to my library…and the best part is…I STILL HAVEN’T READ ANY OF THEM. I looked at the picture of the books in the last post, and I read 0 of those books.
They are still waiting for me, with the addition of the above.

I pride myself in the fact that I often score my books for great prices. The above books were purchased used (both online and at flea markets), on clearance, or at a discount store. While one book (specifically hardcover) can run you close to thirty bucks, I got all of these for around that same price.

And, of course, the Kindle.
After Christmas, I got a couple of Amazon gift cards and went a little crazy buying books at 2-4 dollars a piece.
That changes the number of unread books from 9 to 19.

Last night, I tweeted that there are three things that I’ll never feel guilty about buying.
1. Nail polish
2. Mugs
3. Books

My growing collection of all of these things is proof.


  1. Seriously, the art of fielding is freaking amazing. I bought it as a kindle sale book, and it was phenom. I adored it.

  2. I'm the same way about books! and I've tried to stop buying mugs ...for now. but we all know if I find a really good one I'm buying it hahaha.