These Things Made Me Happy This Week

As I write this, I’m trying to get myself out of a self-induced funk. I’ve decided to do what everyone should do when they are sad…remember the good things in your life! Here are some of my favorite moments from this past week.

I watched the Golden Globes with my sister.

I love the Oscars…they are my favorite award show. I’ve only just started watching the Golden Globes last year. The best part about watching award shows is watching them with my sister. Wine, snacks, and celebrities!
I’m especially glad I watched the Golden Globes this year because HOLY CRAP what a sh*tshow it was!
I guess that’s what happens when everyone can drink cocktails and champagne while struggling to walk to the stage ton accept their GGs. It was so awful and so good.

I got crafty…twice!

On Tuesday, I worked on several pages of my very first Smash book/scrapbook project ever! You can read about it here.
Yesterday, my friend Paulina and I got together to work on some crafts! Hopefully, it’s the beginning of a new crafty chapter! It seems like it will be. Paulina brought over pony beads that we baked in the oven to make cool sun catchers.
It feels so good to sit down and work on something…the issues seem to disappear.

I sent my first little bunch of snail mail.

A week or so ago, I asked for some of my friends to give me their addresses so that I could start sending snail mail. I know there are things like Facebook (where I asked for the addresses), Twitter, IG, and text messaging…but getting mail is so much fun. Not long after I quit my job, my friend Jenna sent me a congratulatory card. I wasn’t expecting it at all and it made my day. So I’m excited to get the ball rolling on some happy mail that will hopefully brighten up the piles of junk and bills that we all seem to get instead of cards and letters.

Other notable moments:
Double date at La Tolteca with Ed and Jenna, getting a hair cut, and using my DSLR more than I have in weeks!

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