Artie’s Close Up


As much as you try to plan or plot a photo, I ultimately believe the best pictures come down to serendipity. The right subject at the right place at the right time. As someone with as many cameras as I have, with a strong love for photography (especially admiring the work of extremely talented photographers and picture-takers), I’ve been slacking in the snapshot department. iPhone makes it too easy to leave my beloved Rebel at home, meaning a lot of potentially fantastic moments have to stay in the brain instead of on the page.
Luckily, on Monday, I had a lot of time on my hands. While I waited for Maria to prep for her outfit shoot, a golden glow poured through the deck doors of our house and little Artichoke (how young is he in those photos?!) decided to stretch out and enjoy the sunshine. I couldn’t help but get down as close as possible and take as many pictures as I could of this lovely little moment.



  1. He is Artie, the strongest dog...in the world!

  2. I use my cell phone like 80% of the time - it is far to convenient!