Photo an Hour: 7/2/13

I’ve been wanting to do one of these “photo an hour” posts for a long time now, but workdays are hard (it would be a lot of the same stuff) and I often forget on the weekends. But being on vacation meant I had some free time and free will to do whatever I wanted. I figured that would make for a better set of photos. I definitely want to do this again, but I think it was pretty good for a first shot.


Vacation week = late wakeup calls. We woke up around 10 am everyday, but spent so much time in bed checking our social media that by the time we got down for coffee and breakfast, it was closer to lunchtime. Of course, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this.


Okay, so I guess I cheated by posting two photos here but I had to. The top photo is of a Bloody Mary that I made Brad. I personally don’t drink/like Bloody Marys (give me a mimosa any day), but it’s actually a lot of fun to make them. You can put in so much or so little and make so many different kinds. I made Brad two different ones that morning and it was fun watching him guess what I put in them.
The second picture is of our incredibly delicious breakfast/brunch/lunch. French toast made with challah bread (funny story, Brad had to get a new loaf that morning because we came home Monday night to find that Cali the poodle decided to make a nice meal of the entire loaf the night before. Bad girl, very bad. I wish I could’ve seen how that went down, though). And delicious baked bacon, of course!


Surfing the net and reading the blogs before we pack up for some swimming. I really just wanted to show off this fun manicure I did (I used this tutorial to help make the rectangle frames). And yes, I have a crappy Dell computer. Embarrassed.


Quick pit stop at Walgreens’ for sugary sweet drinks before heading the the pool.


We made it! Checking the temp before I change and head on it.


It might not have been a sunny, cloudless day, but it was still a great day for a swim (it is still summer after all, humid and hot!). I spent a good half hour floating and reading, and eventually had to get under the water to cool off.


These silly sunglasses (that I bought super cheap from the flea market a couple of years ago) are just about the only pair I have that haven’t broke on me. I love this picture, just fun colors all around. I was still floating and swimming in the pool. Brad and I had an awesome conversation about dreams and goals the whole time. It was very refreshing and exciting!


Time to get out of the pool. Since we were at Brad’s parents house, we planned to go for dinner that night with them. We sat in the kitchen playing with phones and reading while we waiting for his father to get home. The it was off to find a restaurant!


It took us about a half hour to find a place to eat and drink. The first place we tried was closed for the holiday week, the second was packed to the gills with a long wait, the third was closed for the holidays…4th time was the charm! We went to a place with great bar food and enjoyed a toast of various beers. This picture obviously isn’t perfect (the place was rather dark and I haven’t used my DSLR in some time), but I like it.


Even though we enjoyed some delicious wings and cheesesteak bites (insanely delicious), of course you can’t go without enjoying a main meal. I had The Hunsburger, which is just cheese, bacon, and blue cheese but oh so good.


What can I say? This girl has a big appetite. After all of that savory food digested, I needed something sweet.
Cue a Dairy Queen waffle bowl sundae…I love these suckers.


Needless to say, after all the swimming and food, I was completely wiped. I showered the chlorine out of my hair and put some fresh lounge clothes on. I could’ve fallen asleep right then and there, but I actually stayed up a while longer to read and watch Brad play video games.

And that’s the end of my Photo an Hour!
I hope to do more of these soon!!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! BTW Love the manicure!!! :)