From the Hips

We're at our best when it's from our hips.
From our hips, we don't give a shit.
It just feels good, and that's no sin.
It's the only way to feel alive.
The closest thing to being born again.
And when baby comes, it's ‘Job well done’
Roll in the hay, or roll around the sun.”

Cursive is a fantastic band. They sing my favorite song of all time, along with many other good ones. I don’t listen to them as much as I used to/should, but how can I focus on one band when there are so many to listen to and only so much time in the day to do so?

Reasons to Love Saturday…

  • Knowing I get to sleep in tomorrow
  • Lunch with my sister at Panera Bread (pretty much the only place we go and I love it)
  • Yellow tights from the Gap for 4 dollars
  • A denim shirt and a striped man’s shirt for $2.50 altogether, especially since I’ve been searching for the perfect ones (Salvation Army, I love you so much)
  • Singing Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and 3OH!3’s “Starstrukk” (i.e. guilty pleasure songs) repeatedly along the way
  • Cherry Cranberry Limeades from Sonic

lunch sistasista 
What a good day. I’ve been having a rough week (in my mind, as always), and it’s always nice to unwind by treating yourself to some new clothes and tasty food. Now, I think I’ll rent a movie and put on the new house dress I purchased from Target.


State of Emergency

So, my hometown is in a state of emergency due to the inclement weather. I had to take a personal day because my family forbade me to drive the 20 minute commute to work. And also because I am scared to death of this weather (and rightfully so, because I don’t think places forbid people from driving unless it’s an emergency just because they feel like it). Any guilty feelings I had about it have been pushed aside because I am literally trapped in the house. It won’t stop snowing, which I am completely surprised by. When I got out of work early yesterday, there was some slush, nothing to worry about. I was able to get to Blockbuster and the Wine & Spirits store. Now I wouldn’t even risk leaving the house. I am hoping this stops so I can return to my regularly scheduled life tomorrow. Safely.

Anywho, I am the only person in my house who isn’t napping. Needless to say, I am super bored.
nerdIs it wrong that I love fake glasses? These are from my friend Ed, who got a real pair of his own and decided to pass these down to me, at least for a little while. I’m sure people out there hate them and think their all hipster-trendy-fake-bullshit. But hey! To each their own. Some people like huge earrings and necklaces. Some wear bracelets and rings. I’ll wear these on occasion. It’s just another accessory. And they also make my quiet life inside the snow globe a little less boring…for now…




Got out of work early today. Apparently, the weather is only going to get worse, but every news channel has something different to say. We’ll never know until it happens.

The only thing I can control is how I spend my night. And this one will be spent with the sis, drinking wine, watching The September Issue and Whip It!, and relaxing. And that sounds perfect to me.


Lady Crayons

Over the weekend, I finally purchased the Sephora Colorbox I had been eyeing on the website for a while (Thus the title above, which I know is goofy, but think about it! A makeup kit like this is basically a woman’s box of crayons. And our faces are the coloring books?). I don’t even remember the last time I wore eyeshadow, and I’ll be honest…I’m kinda nervous to start again (I also got Too Faced Shadow Insurance…I’m hoping this helps. A large part in why I stopped wearing eyeshadow was the fact that it would always wear off or crease.)

colorboxAnyway, this is the way to go for me. One stop shopping. Pretty much every color I’d wear in eyeshadow, blush, and lip color (if I even try it) and all just shy of $25! I don’t think I’m going to start wearing makeup everyday again, but this is a start for those days when I feel extra sparkly.

I hope to report back with wonderful reviews!

EDIT: It’s Wednesday and today, I used the Shadow Insurance and, though I only wore a light eyeshadow, my eyeliner hasn’t budged. By noon, it probably would’ve started smearing towards my brows. I cannot believe I am actually saying this, but this product really works! It got great reviews on the site, but I didn’t believe that it would work for me, with the oiliest skin ever. If you are curious about this product at all, I am already in love and would recommend it. I need to try some darker, heavier stuff to really give it a good run, but the fact that my smudgy black liner is still hanging out in the same spot from 7:30 this morning…I’d say it’s promising.


More Holgas

I have remembered why I love my Holga camera and all things LOMO, thanks to photos finally developed from back in September.

IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0003 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012Dropped off another roll when I picked these up. Hopefully it won’t take another 2 weeks (which, by the way, is because they admittedly “neglected to call.” I’m getting sick of their business) so  I can admire their beauty! If you’re considering getting anything LOMO, I’d recommend it. It wasn’t until I realized I wanted the Holga that I realized how much I love photography and how important pictures are in our lives. I like capturing moments and memories. I’m by no means a photographer and I don’t think I could ever be. But I love taking pictures of things and waiting for the results and being pleasantly surprised.



buickLately, I’ve been catching a lot of flack for my vehicle. Ok, so she’s 17 years old. She’s a dull and lackluster gray color. She’s the size of a sail boat. She has bench seats equipped with a middle seat belt for the front. She only has a tape player and the speakers always make a high pitched whirring noise that’s even worse in between songs. And, up until Thursday when the muffler decided to finally just fall off, she was extremely loud.

I don’t really care about any of these things. Because she is mine. She works. There have been a few problems with the heat fan and muffler (see above haha), but they’ve been fixed and she runs smoothly.

As a 22 year old still dealing with the fact that I’m no longer in college, facing college loan payments and other real world type things, I’m lucky to have something to get around in. It might not be cute and little or pretty or new, but I support it regardless.

So lay off already!

Action Samplin’

This was my first/test roll so I didn’t take a variety of different pictures so I could finish it quickly and see how they look. Here are my favorites…

IMG_0003IMG_0005IMG_0009 IMG_0011 IMG_0018IMG_0012 IMG_0021 IMG_0022


I’m froze by desire…

thexxthexx2 There’s nothing better than listening to music and falling deep in love, whether it be with a new artist, a new album, or someone you’ve already loved but have rediscovered. This time, it’s a new band for me. The xx are young Brits my dad showed me a month or so ago. I liked it, but brushed it off. Then, I got my hands on the album and, after a full listen, I was in. There music is dreamy and sad but hopeful and light all at once. I adore the fact that a boy and girl take turns singing the same words. It’s so unique right now. I just want to put on the darkest clothes I own and lay on my bed, listening to them for hours with my headphones on.

Bassist/singer Oliver Sim’s voice is so heavenly. Of course, I have a crush on him. Because I have a crush on every boy. Especially ones with sexy voices and excellent talents.

In related and sad news, when I was Googling the images above, I stumbled upon an article about the band, stating that they had cancelled the last 6 shows of their European tour because singer/guitarist Romy Croft’s father passed away just yesterday. R.I.P.



Today is…off. I think it’s because, after 3 glorious days of sleeping in, I am sleep-deprived (already). When I feel like this, it’s always best to think about the good things in life, and stay away from the things that make it worse. So now…a list of things I like thinking about at the moment:

  • Red hair. From Hayley Williams and Liz Lee to Ashlee Simpson and Christina Hendricks, I adore this hair color. Some people just look fantastic with it. I wish I could be one of them…
  • Anything involving the show Lost. But specifically Terry O’Quinn. There is not one ounce of Locke in those eyes. I’m amazed.
  • Men’s shirts. I am currently searching for a long denim button down and a blue striped shirt. Ultimately, I’d like a few unisex or men’s pieces that I’d like to consider “Mansard Roof.”
  • Oxford shoes. There are so many cute styles, from casual to dressy, and I am really lusting after a pair…

    {Shoe link} 
  • Makeup. I don’t wear much these days, but I want to start branching out with fun eye shadows (like I used to) and lip stain.
  • The music video below. I’ve actually been into The XX lately, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna shake my groove thang.


Camera Lust

Lomography MrPink Diana

lomo-colorsplashchocobigLike I need anymore cameras. I have three right now. But I always say, my dream is to have a big bag full of tricks, different cameras that take all different photos. I doubt I’ll ever get them…but it’s nice to dream.

From the top:
Diana F+ (Mr. Pink edition)
Colorsplash Camera
Fuji Instax 7S

All of these cameras (and so much more!) can be found on the Lomography site.


Today was the last day of my three-day weekend. I’ve only been waiting for about a month, and now it’s basically over. Why must time move so quickly when you don’t want it to? Since I spent Friday night and most of Saturday and Sunday out of the house, stayin’ in and doing nothing was just what the doctor ordered.


  • did a 20 minute workout from my hip-hop dance exercise DVD. It was exhausting but fun, so I’d definitely recommend it.
  • did a bit of laundry.
  • ate a Southwest salad from McDonald’s. So yummy.
  • made two separate Blockbuster runs. I might even make one more before the night is over.
  • purchased a couple of things from Urban Outfitters online.
  • ate three different types of fried cheese products and drank one delicious Strawberry Banana smoothie, all from Sheetz.
  • took a nap.
  • read the usual blogs and searched for some new ones.
  • used self-control to not purchase some Threadless tees (they are having a $10 sale…go here to check out all the cute styles!)

sheetz I’m sad that I have to go back to work tomorrow. But it’s a 4 day week, so maybe it’ll go by quickly. And then I have another work-free weekend to enjoy. Tossing around a couple different fun ideas, and hopefully I’ll have one settled soon.

If you had the day off like me, I hope you made the most of it!

Hair Models

Gossip Girl is such a terribly wonderful cheesy fun show. I haven’t been watching the latest season (aside from Lost, I pretty much wait until DVD for shows), but I got the first two on DVD for Christmas and have been watching them mindlessly before I go to bed. The fashion is to die for, but lately, I’m obsessing about the hair.

blake blair It’s probably going to take forever to get my hair this long (and it will never look as beautiful, I’m sure), but I can’t wait to try it out. My hair just brushes my shoulders but I already feel girly and flirty. There’s so much I can do with it! Lately, I’m obsessed with the curling iron.


Happy Valentine’s Day

This day never really meant much to me and now, especially being single, it means even less. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment it’s trying to give. I am guilty of taping childish valentines on all of my roommate’s doors last year. But that’s where I draw the line. In fact, the last time I celebrated it was in 2007, when I had a boyfriend, and we didn’t even buy each other gifts or go out anywhere.

It’s nice to see hearts and flowers and the message of love spread around. But I guess…well, I think that if you have love, you should cherish and celebrate it all year round. And you don’t have to do it with flowers and a box of chocolate all of the time. But those things are always nicer on a random Tuesday in June than on the day you expect it the most.

{My sister’s room. Her and her boyfriend love all holidays}

So if you’re lucky enough to have a Valentine, enjoy your time with them…today and for as long as you can. But if you don’t, treat yourself to something you love. Because I don’t think this day should just be about romantic relationships…it can be about whatever kind of love you have in your life.


Let’s face it. Our world is obsessed with all things digital. We want whatever we want fast. Digital cameras are such a fantastic invention. When you take a picture, you can check it right away (and retake the photo if one or all objects are off until you get it right) and immediately upload it so that it can be dispersed as quickly as possible. That’s why it’s so rough to be in love with quite a few film cameras…especially my newbie. I have to wait until I’m done with the whole roll to get it developed and wait for that to be finished so I can finally see the picture. But it’s the element of surprise that always makes it that much better I suppose. I’m getting myself psyched by checking out photos albums on the LOMO site. Here are a few of my favorites…

water swirlcc2bfd644dcbd58e27fe5c20144dd615853cbe


Life’s Great Questions…

It’s an age-old dilemma. And it usually takes a very long time to solve it. “What should I wear?” I’m serious. What do I wear for the day when I have so many things that I love and that often don’t get enough play? I have so many options. Do I want to be laid-back or flirty? Comfy or sassy? Jeans, leggings, or tights? T-shirt, sweater, or dress? I have two dressers and one closet filled with clothes (speaking of which, I should get rid of the pieces I grew out of/won’t wear), not to mention a pile to put away sitting on my bed. Since I don’t get to wear most of my clothes for work, the weekend is the one time I get to express myself completely (don’t worry, I still manage to look like me on the job). How frustrating to decide…

Also at the top of the dilemma list is what to listen to, especially when there are so many amazing artists with so many great albums and songs and how can you choose just one?


Life Improvement

IMG_1595Last week was very rough. I was having a lot of anxiety over life and mortality and faith and other things that will just make me sound like a stoner. It was not fun. But this week, I’ve been doing so much better. I’m getting over things a lot quicker. I’m working on it though. Still have my fearful moments. But you learn from those. And in this case, I feel so blessed and thankful that I have been chosen for some reason to be on this earth and live this life and breathe this air and taste delicious foods and wear pretty clothes and hug people and kiss and fall in love and share moments and smell yummy scents and learn and teach and grow and change and experience LIFE.

A while back, I read this and I’ve been wanting to gather a list of things I need/want to do to make this life an even better experience for me. I guess my fear gave me the final kick in the ass that I needed to do it. So…here goes…

  • Stop cursing, at least as much as I do
  • Take a vitamin everyday
  • Drink more milk, even if it’s just a couple glasses a week
  • Exercise more, even if it’s just once a week
  • Take responsibility for/be responsible in all of my actions
  • Stop eating fast food as frequently, or, when I do, order one or two things only (Yeah, I usually get at least 3 things)
  • Listen to music everytime I drive (it’s sometimes the only time I get to at home)
  • Start planning little day trips or weekend getaways.
  • See more of the states and, eventually, the world
  • Focus on the people and things I love as opposed to the people and things I hate/make me angry
  • Start going to bed earlier, even if it’s just by a half hour
  • Take more “me time” that involves less of the computer and more reading/writing
  • Utilize all of my creativity through fashion, photography, and writing, all things that I feel passionate about but don’t give as much attention physically as I do mentally
  • Keep in touch with friends I don’t get to see at least once a week
  • Expel the bad people from my life once and for all
  • Put my guard up a little more. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I usually get used/manipulated for this.
  • Stand up for myself.
  • Contribute to people who sincerely need it, whether it be by donations or through volunteering
  • Stop and smile as often as possible
  • Cry when I feel like crying, laugh when I feel like laughing
  • Never let anyone change me but me
  • Try something new as often as possible (food, music, makeup, activities, etc.)
  • Enjoy every moment as much as possible and cherish everything I have because I am so very very lucky
  • Cherish being young and being able to be a little selfish

I could probably go on forever. But this is good for now.


Early Dismissal

It was like being in school all over again. I was a total grump driving to work today in terribly snowy conditions, especially since we were told to call the main branch line and hear for a delay. But luckily, we got out for 11 a.m. I had a total of two members come in with transactions. It was completely dead.

But anyways, I’m home now. Went outside to take some pictures, but there was only so much of the white and cold I could take…



In other news, I received a  package from Fred Flare today. Once upon a time, I craved a LOMO Clear Action Sampler. Well, now I have one. The thing about Lomography cameras are that they are so simple and so light and so…plastic, they almost seem completely complicated in comparison to big and fancy digital cameras. I have my first roll of film and took some test shots. The first roll is always an experiment. But the best part is, I can drop this film off at Wal-Mart and have it ready in a day, as opposed to my 120 Holga film, which gets dropped off a half hour away from home and usually takes up to two weeks for who knows what reason. Speaking of, expect to see some in the next week or so.  Finally dropped off a roll from September….don’t really remember what the pictures are of, but that’s the fun part!

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy the fact that I’d still be working for another 3+ hours. Gonna watch some movies, lounge around, maybe play some Wii, eat junk food, listen to music, drink wine. Man, I miss being in college. We could’ve had so much fun with this. I need to stop being nostalgic. And also, I need to stop rambling. Enjoy your day, snowed in or not!


Hot Chip

I’ve liked Hot Chip for about 2 years now. I got a late start, with Made in the Dark being the first album I’d heard of theirs (thanks to WRKC, my college’s radio station, which I miss so much because I got cool music all the time for free). Afterwards, I got the rest of their albums and fell even harder.

I love my fair share of mellow, melancholy, folksy music, but for some reason, I got into this electropop kick back in my junior year of college and that was it. It’s a major staple in my music tastes. But this is about Hot Chip…

I honestly believe they have something for everyone, especially in Made in the Dark, which carries some fantastic simple sad songs. But really, put them on if you wanna have a blast and dance all night in neon tights with a lightening bolt painted over your eye.


I think what intrigues me even more about them is…well, look! They are just a bunch of British men, pretty average looking, but they make these incredibly fresh beats. Which brings me to their latest album, One Life Stand. When I got my hands on it, I was so excited and consequently let down. There was something missing. But on a second listen, and the viewing of the video below, I might be changing my mind. I’ll still love them regardless. And Joe Goddard’s voice is heavenly, even when it’s being manipulated so.

Oh, and if this electro-craziness isn’t your style, check out this song. I love how beautiful and sad it is.


Eye Candy.

Ezra_Koenigsweatyezra vampire-weekend-pemberton-3vampireweekend I just adore Vampire Weekend. And Ezra Koenig has the voice of an angel.  And these boys have style. Like, their own personal style. Which is really important to me.

Clothes are basically the main way I choose to express myself. I feel like, when you look at me, what you see is what you get. And I like to see a guy who can do that too, because I usually feel like most people think that’s only for girls to do. Buy your own clothes, boys. Don’t look like your mom dressed you (I don’t think your mom knows what she’s doing).

Be yourself, whoever that is.


I went shopping by myself today (which is one of my favorite things to do and also something I do super-frequently). I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I just wanted to get out of the house while the sun was shining. So I drove the half hour to Wilkes-Barre and looked around at all the different stores.

I had always been tempted to get fake hair clips, especially since I had dyed my hair once before and, because I work a boring ass job with prude people, I can’t do it again. Whip It! was also a huge inspiration. So, I noticed a few weird ones on sale at Hot Topic and thought, why not?

fake These clips are purple with pink hearts on them. I also got pink animal print and teal. I don’t know why. I just did. I’m excited to have some fun with them.


My Heroine

Since junior high, I have been a follower of Natalie Portman. I saw her do an interview on Oprah with Susan Sarandon for the film Anywhere But Here and I thought she was so pretty and cool. My adoration has had it’s peaks and has since dropped a little (I can’t lie, most of her movies aren’t that great, though I do love Closer and Garden State), but I still think she is insanely gorgeous.

blender2 sexynat yellownat longhairnat Want my hair to get this long!!!

Can you believe she even seriously went bald for her role in V for Vendetta? And she looked amazing. Crappy movies or not, she is truly a style icon for me.

{All images from here}