Another weekend…

So thankful for a Monday off. It was nice avoiding the Sunday night blues. And even though I have work tomorrow, I don’t actually feel all that sad about it. Perhaps it’s the knowledge of a 4 day week (and a completely full and more than likely great weekend that much closer). I worked on Saturday, but thankfully it’s only for about 4 hours. So I still had most of the day to enjoy. A list of things I did this weekend…

  • Basement party on Friday night with the usual gang
  • A tiny shoot/snowy exploration of the local park with my friend, Jared
  • Burritos Deluxe and a killer frozen margarita at La Tolteca
  • Dancing and drinks and seeing friendly faces at Bar Louie
  • Afternoon double date of bowling and Johnny Rockets with Tracy and Steve
  • Late night Style Channel shows with my mom
  • Sleeping in
  • Shopping




A whole mess of photos I took, with the new Fuji Instax 210 I got, my iPhone (Hipstamatic), and the Rebel XSi of course.

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