Outfit Post: Movie Night


After working on Saturday, it was important that the rest of the day was laid-back and casual. Brad and I got deli sandwiches, went to the movies with some friends, and spent the rest of the night laughing over beers. Since it wasn’t super warm, these H&M trousers did the trick. I bought these at the beginning of the year, and have worn them as often as possible. They are more comfortable than all of my pairs of jeans and can be dressed up or down. I prefer to roll them a couple of times, but they can be worn at full length as well!


Cardigan- Target/T-Shirt – PacSun/Trousers, belt included – H&M/Sandals – Target

P.S. Apologies for the wrinkly pants! I had already been wearing them for most of the day when we took these shots.
P.P.S. Lucky you! Two outfit posts in ONE week!


Dinner Last Night: Turkey Chili


I still live at home (I know), so it’s hard for me to feel motivated to do my own grocery shopping. Yes, some of it has to do with the fact that there is always food in the house. But truthfully, it’s hard to fit all my goodies in the fridge and cupboard with everything else that’s already in there. Despite that, I want to make it work. Soon enough, I will be on my own. I want to have some handy recipes to rely on. And I also want to know that I CAN cook for myself. I lived off a meal plan at school and home-cooked meals once I graduated…I’m rusty.

Chili is definitely one of my favorite foods. Filling, tasty, simple. However, I’ve never made it with ground turkey, so I was excited to try. I’ll be honest, I just use the seasoning packet you get at grocery stores. But I like to improvise as well. Add some chopped peppers, add an extra can of beans (the standard is kidney or pinto beans, but I love black beans), add a bit more spice. The best part of the whole process is eating it! I topped mine with a pinch of shredded cheese and a scoop of plain Greek yogurt. Positively delish.


And no meal would be complete without a bit of dessert. I cut up a couple of strawberries and pineapple rings and tossed in some grapes for good measure. The best part of summer is the FRUIT. I cut my fingers on the pineapple container twice while picking at pieces to snack on.
It was worth it.



Outfit Post: Black and White and Red


I wore this outfit  last Friday, when I went to the Chinese buffet with Brad. I look forward to Friday nights for obvious reasons, but getting dressed up (or whatever) is one of my tops. I spend all week in a uniform, and that ain’t me. Then, by the time I get out of work, I just want to put on some sweats/comfy clothes and lounge around. So Friday rolls around and I can do my hair, put a little extra makeup on, and come up with a fun outfit like I used to do every day. (Sad, I know, that I don’t do it for myself anymore.) And it doesn’t matter if I’m just going for cheap all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. This kind of outfit is comfortable for me.

This outfit is a mess of mostly older things. I knew I wanted to wear the polka dot top that I thrifted a few months ago. I paired it with a high-waisted skirt I bought at PacSun for less than 5 bucks when I was still in college. Instead of doing the usual tuck, I wanted to emphasize the shirt. Belting it helped create a silhouette, considering the shirt is rather big. I topped it off with a pair for Payless wedges I recently got (and stupidly wore half of my day in Philly. I’m always in flats so, needless to say, my feet were destroyed. However, they are actually comfy!) and the apple necklace I used to wear religiously in college. In fact, I was wearing it the first night I ever met Brad…


Top – Thrifted, Salvation Army/Skirt – PacSun (old)/Wedges – Payless Shoe Source/Necklace – Hot Topic (old)
(Toe) Nail Polish – OPI “Planks a Lot”

Random Sidebar: This outfit probably cost me less than 25 dollars altogether.




Just some photos from the weekend. I don’t know what it is about June, but every weekend has been jam packed. I feel like I haven’t rested or just done nothing in quite some time. Suppose that’s what vacation is for. Which, by the way, is now less than 2 weeks away. (And as of today, I have 8 and a half more days of work to survive ‘til I can bid the job adieu for a week…oh, if only I could go longer…).  I still had an excellent weekend, despite the shift. Chinese food, Goldstein’s Deli sandwiches, and Eddie’s Diner omelets served as sustenance for the weekend. So, basically, a ton of my favorite foods. Brad and I saw Bad Teacher (Eh, I laughed, and I love Jason Segel, but that’s about it) with my gal pals. Spent all Saturday night watching Brad’s old movies he used to make in his high school/college days. He is so talented it’s insane. I didn’t even know him then, but I’m proud of his little films. So funny, so creative…SO GOOD. But anyway… Sunday morning was reserved for the Garden Drive-In flea market…very interesting. We had fun wandering the stands. Now I can’t wait for next weekend already. 4th of July! I can’t believe a new month starts in just a few days. No Sunday Night Blues next week…that’s always nice.

Here’s to a great week. A long weekend is right ahead! We can do this!



What a strange, kinda fast week it’s been. I can’t believe it’s already Friday. TGIF, fo sho. Unfortunately, I work the next two Saturday shifts. It has been a CRAZY June, with some sort of plans set for every weekend. This time next week, the month will be over. I’m not ready for the summer to fly by. It still barely feels like summer. But, the most exciting news…Vacation begins in two weeks! Very excited, but at the same time I’m okay with it taking it slow to get here. I won’t have anything like it to look forward to after. And, despite working tomorrow, I still get to spend the whole weekend with Brad. He’s been in Chicago for the past few days…I miss him!

Here’s a crazy, dance-y tune to start off your weekend. Have a great one!!


Memories and Motivation


In an attempt to motivate myself and invigorate my passions, I did some rooting around my photo folders. It’s always fun to look at moments and memories that may have been forgotten…even if it wasn’t all that long ago. I found a bunch of cute photos of my boyfriend, Brad, from last November and I felt compelled to share them. I know, he’s smoking in the last one. And yeah, smoking is gross. But the picture is kind of cool. And I’m happy to tell you that he has been SMOKE FREE for 1 month so far! We’re all so proud of him. This is a big deal, guys.

As for the motivation, I’ve realized I definitely need to start doing more shoots with friends and family. I’ve only done a few with the Rebel so far, and I’m pretty proud of them. Now that the sun is out longer, there is no excuse not to gussy my sister or any number of friends up and pose them all over town. The process of shooting and editing and eventually posting is truly one of my happiest hobbies.


To the Max(i)

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older. Sure, 24 is still VERY young in the grand scheme of things, but I am undoubtedly turning into an adult (with a terrible case of Peter Pan syndrome, I’m afraid). It’s not that I was ever a mini skirt fiend, but I was never one to shy away from showing my legs. In fact, they were always my favorite part of me, still are, and I do still like to show them off here and there. But as time goes on, I find that I am covering up all body parts a lot more than I used to. And it also doesn’t hurt that more classic, slightly modest but still body-con clothing are becoming more and more available. I fear I’d be a little shy wearing one of the gorgeous maxi skirts popping up everywhere at first, probably nervous if I’m pulling it off. But they are pretty much perfect, whether dressed up with a blouse and tons of necklaces or dressed down with a loose casual tee. Here are some of my favorites I’ve found online…


Bardot Maxi Skirt – Spotted Moth


Library Afternoons Maxi Skirt – Ruche


Ginger Peach Blossom Chiffon Maxi Skirt – Ruche


Floral Prairie Skirt with Belt – Forever 21


Pleat Maxi Skirt – ASOS

Click the photos for a direct link to the item on it’s website!


The Continental


Since it was my sister Maria’s special day on Friday, she got to choose the restaurant we’d be eating dinner at post-ceremony. I couldn’t be more thrilled that she chose The Continental. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was the neatest place. The interior is done up like a retro upscale diner (and there are a couple more floors just as cool, but we didn’t really get too much of a look). We had to sit at the bar to wait for a table, as dinner hadn’t begun just yet, but I tried my very first Pimm’s Cup (mine was different than the link here, with sparkling wine as an added ingredient). Let me tell you, it won’t be my last. I’m already plotting to make my own for the next pool party.
So very tasty and refreshing.


Once we got seated at one of the cool, car seat-esque booths, we got to look at the menu. It was a bit overwhelming. That probably sounds silly, because the prices weren’t astronomical and the food wasn’t even that strange. But unfortunately, NEPA is severely lacking in originality (and tapas isn’t really a big thing here). It’s all chain restaurants, pizzerias, and Chinese food. It was really hard to decide what to get…so many different, tasty options. And when the waitress told us everything was in slightly smaller portions, for sharing, we were thrown off. But we all figured it out, and were very pleased with our meal, both in flavor and portion size.

My meal was bruschetta and hanger steak with red wine sauce and blue cheese (on top of delicious mashed potatoes). To die for.
The bruschetta had arugula and goat cheese on top and I will forever be craving the goat cheese. The dish was so light and tasty and satisifying, and the addition of super creamy, tangy goat cheese made it absolutely divine.


Maria’s Teriyaki Filet Mignon with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes


Josh’s Jumbo Lump Crab Pad Thai


Dad’s Lobster Mac n’ Cheese

Unfortunately, I don’t eat shellfish. I had an allergic reaction as a kid and never tried again (though I want to, as my tastes change and grow). I didn’t get to try the last two meals showcased, but the pictures are enough to make me hungry. The menu is chock full of so many interesting taste fusions, I am excited to go back and try some Korean Pork Tacos, French Onion Dumplings, and maybe even the Cheesesteak Eggroll. I had a really great experience at this place. Maybe it’s because there’s not much like it where I am (and maybe that makes me sound like a total n00b), but whatever. Great drinks, cool atmosphere, fun and delicious food. Excellent experience.




Friday was a great, but long, day. Philadelphia always puts me in a good mood. My feet get sore (I never learn to wear appropriate shoes) and I get dirty and sweaty nearly every time, but it’s always worth it. My sister is officially a college graduate, and they had a really nice ceremony. It started right on time at 2 PM, and lasted a little less than 2 hours. If you ask me, that’s a good graduation ceremony (mine was painfully long and I don’t even remember the speeches). Though it has been a couple of years since I was in that same position, it still choked me up. I’m wishing her all the best. I hope she finds a good job doing something she loves right off the bat. If I took anything away from the graduation ceremony, it’s that I still have my future ahead of me, and I deserve to be doing something I love for my life’s work.

After the ceremony, we wandered the streets for a bit until The Continental opened up. Maria has been wanting to go there the whole time she was in Philly but never got a chance. I am so glad we did…but I’ll save conversation on that for a later date. After that, I met up with my dear friend Rafter so we could head to the Yeasayer show. We lucked out on some great seats in the balcony at the Trocadero (I’d never been there before), I got buzzed on Woodchuck, and it was a great show. Yeasayer had an opening act, Hush Hush. Completely unexpected, NSFW, and sorta stole the show. The man came out with a full beard, cut off jean shorts, a blazer with a shirt and tie underneath, and his iPod as the primary music source. Then he proceeded to sing dirty songs and dance on stage, making jokes the whole time. Yes, we loved him. (And yes, Yeasayer was amazing, but that was to be expected…I love when bands are good live. Sounds silly to say, but they can let ya down sometimes)

As for the rest of the weekend, it was spent in lovely fashion. Chinese food for lunch with some dear girlfriends (one that I don’t get to see nearly enough). Dinner with family because my cousin Danny was in town. Wine on Brad’s back porch with his parents (Can I just say how nice it is to feel welcome and totally comfortable hanging out with my boyfriend’s parents sans boyfriend for more than an hour as I waited for him to finish up filming a wedding? I can’t be thankful enough that his warm personality runs in the family.). A night at the casino. The perfect pool temperature on a gorgeous clear day. Shish Kabobs. Dinner on the porch with my family.

Yes, my weekend may have been three days. But wow, if it didn’t feel like the shortest one ever. Perhaps it’s because Friday was still a day of work and things to do, just not in the usual office setting. I’m so excited to have one of my usual, casual weekends with nothing much to do. But it looks like it’ll be a while, since I work the next two Saturdays, and then I’ll be at the beach! Hey, I’m not complaining. If I were to complain about anything, it’s that the year is flying. How is it the middle of June already?



Happy Friday, y’all! I am in Philadelphia today, celebrating Maria’s graduation! It’s nice to have a day off (especially since Fridays are an hour longer than the rest), especially for such a momentous occasion. As a gift to Maria, I bought us Yeasayer tickets months ago. The show is tonight, and I’m really excited. I haven’t been to a show in what feels like forever, and I really love Yeasayer’s music. It will be the perfect post-graduation celebration: DANCING! After my graduation, I had dinner with my family and sat at home, wondering what would come next in my life (I’m still wondering…). I sure wish I had a fun concert (or party or anything more fun than sitting at home) to go to after mine.

Here’s one of my favorite Yeasayer tunes to kick off your weekend!


Little Sister is Graduating!


As you know, my sister is regularly mentioned here on the blog. Still, I feel like I haven’t talked about her enough! Maria attended the Art Institute in Philadelphia for the last four years, and is graduating this Friday! Since the ceremony is in Philly, I asked for the day off months ago. I can’t believe it’s finally here! I am so excited to have her back home with me, even though I would honestly rather be in Philly myself. But it’s going to be so nice to have her around for a while. The picture above is from Monday night, when we decided to make fajitas (another reason I love having Maria around…the cooking!). Most of all, I’m just so proud of her. She is such a talented girl, with so much to offer, and I know she is going to go places. I hope one day I can be lucky enough to be doing what I love (whatever that is) full time, and to have Maria by my side to do that. (I’d be happy enough to be her partner as she did her dream.)

I’m blessed to have an awesome, hysterical sister who is also my best friend. So proud of you, Maria!


Friendly Fires–Pala


I fell in love with Friendly Fires a couple of years ago, when my sister introduced me to this song. It took me almost a year to finally get my hands on the whole self-titled debut, but it’s excellent. So when I heard they were coming out with a second album, I got both excited and nervous. When a new band comes around and you truly love their only album, there’s a lot of expectations to meet. Lucky for me, Friendly Fires did it again with their second album, Pala. Their fun, dance-y, love-happy vibes are still there, but they branched out a little more with their musical stylings. It is, as evidenced from the album cover, the perfect summer album. You WILL want to blast this at your next pool party (tropical libations will pair perfectly).  I dare you to listen to this album without dancing.

Just a couple of favorites….it’s hard to choose.


Beach Reads

Since Brad and I will be relaxing on the beach in about 25 days (but who’s counting?), I’ve been putting a lot of thought into all the things I want to pack. The main thing that has been sticking out in my mind has been BOOKS. There’s not much better than enjoying a good book with your toes in the sand, the sound of waves crashing and seagulls chirping soundtracking the story. It has been quite a while since I had an ocean getaway, so I’m a little overexcited. We will only be in Ocean City for 3 days, but it’s the perfect amount of time when you only have a weeklong vacation all year. A few days away, and the rest to be leisurely and enjoy at home.

I’ve been compiling a little list of necessary reading materials for the trip. I know I won’t go through 4 books…heck, I might not even make it through half of 1! But I bought them, because I’d like to. In fact, I’d like to use my iPhone for photographic purposes ONLY (and communicating with my family), with the 3Bs (Brad, the beach, and books) being my primary forms of entertainment.





I’ve been meaning to read so much more lately…something about the summer does that to me. But honestly, it’s something I need to do year round. It is so good for the brain, for so many reasons. I just read a couple of books that I’m dying to tell you about (soon enough). I’m hoping to stumble upon some more books at used book sales and such, just to add to an ever growing stack of books to be read to avoid boredom and anxiety. But for now, this is the vacation lineup!

Click each book for more information!


The Weekend

Yet another short and sweet weekend to add to the books. I worked Saturday, and then we just kept running around from then. Brad’s family had two graduation parties going this weekend. One Saturday on his mom’s side, one Sunday on his dad’s. I am so glad that I love all of his family. It can definitely be overwhelming at times for a shy gal like me, but it’s always an excellent time. The highlight, most definitely, was babysitting his cousin’s daughter for a while on Sunday night, and taking her for a dip in the pool. She HATED it in the beginning, but once we got her splashing, you couldn’t get her out! So adorable.


We had so much fun playing with Maddy…I sure hope it’s not a long time before we see her again! Other highlights from the weekend include spending time with Brad’s brother and his wife from Boston (only my second time seeing them!), Brad’s new Keurig, and a sunny Sunday morning spent having conversation over bagels on the deck. That’s the life.