Dinner Last Night: Summertime Sandwich


When it’s super hot and you’re super broke, the easiest dinner I can think of is sandwiches!
Okay, so maybe it’s not ideal, but there’s no cooking involved and it’s fair game for everyone. I simply cut up some veggies, set out some mustard and mayo, and cut up an already-made rotisserie chicken.


To top it off, I went the easy route with the fries and went Ore-Ida. I’m lazy sometimes.

I’m working tomorrow, but I still have some fun things lined up. A trip to the movies with some friends, a cookout with some family, and general hanging out. Sounds good to me. Happy weekend everyone!


Nails and Ales

Another month’s worth of Nails and Ales! Get ready for a bunch of summer-worthy brews!

005 (2)

When I purchased this six-pack, I was debating between two watermelon beers. This one won because a) it’s a wheat beer and b) it has great packaging and a neat name. 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon is what would happen if you decided to suck on a watermelon-flavored Jolly Rancher while sipping a beer. This is THE FIRST TIME I’ve ever had a wheat beer in a can. 21st Amendment only uses cans, for very simple reasons (easy to recycle, etc.). I’d say try it if you’re curious, but I don’t see myself buying it again.
Nails: OPI Sparrow Me the Drama (Pirates of the Caribbean collection) and Super Bass Shatter (Nicki Minaj collection). Quick and simple.


Hefeweizens are super-smooth, easy-to-drink, wheat beers. I was really excited to Magic Hat’s Circus Boy because I had heard good things and I’m just starting to expand my Magic Hat knowledge. Unfortunately, it didn’t really stand out for me. It wasn’t bad by any means, but I guess it just didn’t blow me away. In fact, I’m a little bummed I didn’t take a picture of the second beer
I had that night (UFO’s Raspberry Hefeweizen) but there’s always next time!
Nails: This is definitely some of my favorite nail art in a while. I was inspired by Pshiiit, but I did my own little spin. It looks a lot more complicated than it was, but it still took seven different nail polishes. Instead of using little striper brushes, I did thin lines with the regular polish brushes, and made the clouds using the same method Nailside uses.
Colors: OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress, China Glaze Riveting (Capitol Colours collection), Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, OPI Jade is the New Black and No Room for the Blues. Clouds – Sally Hansen White On. Glitter Top Coat – Prisma Luminous Color #6468


When I bought Hell or High Watermelon, this was close in the line-up. Unlike Shock-Top’s Summer Shandy, Samuel Adams Porch Rocker uses lager instead of wheat brew and tops it off with a yummy lemon flavor. I enjoyed this as much as I do a shandy, maybe even more so. It’s got such a clean, crisp taste and I can’t think of any better activity to do while drinking this than sit on a porch swing or rocking chair and enjoy a summer evening. I need to make sure I grab a case before it goes out of season!
Nails: I used OPI Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It (a cute pink glitter with heart confetti from the Minnie Mouse collection) over Pamplona Purple.
My only complaint about the glitter polish is that the hearts are hard to put on and hard to remove. Cute, though!


Maria’s boyfriend Josh went to make a six-pack at the local convenient store and asked if I wanted anything special. I jokingly asked him to bring me back something cute, but he actually did! Sweaty Betty is a smooth, light Bavarian-style blonde wheat beer. I drank this while sitting on the back porch, surrounded by white Christmas lights and tiki torches, and I couldn’t imagine a better beverage to be sipping on. I love a nice, clean, simple beer to drink, especially during the heat wave we endured last week.
Nails: It is very rare that I paint my nails one color without any glitter or layers. I had a couple of different designs in mind, but OPI Call Me Gwen-ever (from the Spider-Man Collection) is so lovely, it didn’t need anything but a super shiny top coat. This polish was hard to find (it’s one of the nicest colors in the collection, and a super-popular color in general) but my sister’s friend (my friend) Lindsay was able to snag the last bottle at a specialist shop. Half-price, too! Yay!

That’s all for this month! Can’t wait to share more with you next month.


Celeste and Jesse Forever

I’d heard of Celeste and Jesse Forever a couple of months ago, but the trailer wasn’t released until last week.

Rashida Jones.
Andy Samberg.
A story about love and heartbreak and friendship after a breakup.

I’m pretty sure this is already my favorite movie.


Life is…

undeniably, sweetly, deliciously good.
That is something I tweeted on Saturday night, when I was in a very happy (tipsy) mood. But it still rings true.
This past weekend, I spent two nights sitting on the back porch of my friend Catie’s (and Lauren’s, though she wasn’t there) house, surrounded by cigar smoke, drinking tasty summer beers, laughing, enjoying new company, and playing with adorable animals late into the night.


All photos taken on the iPhone and edited using the PictureShow app,
which I’ve had since I first got the phone and only just started to get into again.


The Weekend


This doesn’t make any sense to me at all. When I work on a Saturday, the weekend obviously goes by a lot quicker than I’d like. But when I have a Saturday off, it moves just as fast. I’m pretty sure it was just Friday night. So why am I already back at work? Time flies. When you’re having fun. Which is excellent. But also sad.

I am so desperate for my  vacation! Two weeks and I’ll be relaxing, sleeping in, the whole day ahead of me to do whatever, whenever.
Until then, I’ll enjoy all the time I have. This weekend was another one for the books. More on that later…

Here’s to a good week!!!


YA Love

Though Brad teases me for reading Young Adult novels (and that I’m often excitable and moody like a 14 year old),I refuse to stop being the way I am. I’m not saying that I restrict my reading to the 13-19 section, but there are a lot of gems in YA that shouldn’t be ignored! I’ve just gone on a bit of a stint with a few teenage-centric novels and I thought I’d share my favorites/opinions with you.


This was my second John Green book (the first being The Fault in Our Stars, the most recent critically-adored novel by the Printz award winning author). I kept looking through his works and trying to decide if I wanted to read another one. I am so glad I did. Though I’ve read three of his books so far, this one is my favorite. It might actually be one of my favorite books ever. The story is about a teenage boy (Miles a.k.a. Pudge) obsessed with famous last words who decides to attend a boarding school in an attempt to make friends and change his rather boring life. Friends come quickly for him, including the beautiful, confused, funny Alaska Young. What happens next is best left unknown to the reader. But it’s written so well. Brutally honest, raw, with all the confusion of hormones and heartbreak, and a heavy dose of existential and philosophical questions.  I can’t even describe it because I knew nothing of it while I was doing, and I’m so glad I didn’t.
This is a beautiful book I would recommend to anyone.


I literally finished this book yesterday. It was a quick read, but I enjoyed every part of it. The story is told in the form of a long letter, written by Min to her now-ex Ed. The entirety of their relationship is covered in this letter, which is basically Min’s “Eff you!” to Ed. The book is lightly illustrated with pictures of items that defined the special moments in their relationship, which all end up in a box that gets tossed on Ed’s front porch with the letter. Going in, you know the relationship is over. But that didn’t keep it from breaking my heart. I loved it’s honesty, it’s run-on form of writing like a real girl would do in her moment of anger and sadness.
Anyone who has gone through a break-up (whether its first love or not) will relate to this story.


You’re probably thinking “Been there, done that” but I honestly didn’t read this book until a couple of weeks ago. And I probably wouldn’t have read it if I hadn’t seen the trailer for the movie, reminding me of it’s existence and piquing my interest. I tried to read this back in college. I think I made it through two pages and got bored. I didn’t let that keep me away from trying again. I wasn’t a big recreational reader in college anyway. So I went for it. It was another easy read, and hit a lot of aspects of life (suicide, homosexuality, drug use, sexual abuse)that might not have been talked about so openly when it was released back in 1999 (or when the book actually takes place, in 1991-1992). I honestly am not sure how the movie will turn out, but I’m definitely going to see it. I know this book has some avid fans. However, I appreciated Looking for Alaska so much more (John Green NEEDS to have one of his books adapted into a movie already). Since this book was written in letter (kinda diary-esque) format in the language of a 15 year old boy, it reminded me a lot of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which was narrated by a 9 year old boy. And that kind of bothered me because he seemed so much younger than I would’ve thought. Then again, maybe teens are too witty for their own good these days? I don’t know.

So those are some of the books I’ve been reading lately. I’m up for any recommendations you might have!




Another short and simple (but lovely) weekend. I’d say for the most part it was pretty quiet. Also, food-centric. Chinese buffet, homemade omelets, bruschetta and a big burger at Bar Louie, yummy Tiramisu-esque ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s, steak and cheese sandwiches with Brad’s family, hot dogs and brats with mine. And I wonder why I’ve gained so much weight…

It’s become a tradition for me to pick up a new six-pack every weekend to enjoy over the couple of days I get. How else would I be able to share my Nails and Ales with you? I enjoyed some tasty seasonal brews with my friend Lauren, watching Pretty Little Liars and laughing like we always do. It was nice to have some girlfriend time, which I’ve been getting a lot of recently.
I love my boyfriend, but I just need to have some time with my ladies sometimes.

I worked Saturday, so that also could be why this weekend went fast. But the days have been easy lately. Work is work, but it hasn’t been dragging. I’m reading a lot to pass the time. Summer is officially just days away. My week vacation is only a few weeks away! And this coming weekend is an open book, for the most part.

Here’s to a great week, everyone!


Summer 2012: A List of Goals


(Photo taken at Macky’s on my vacation last year…memories…sigh…)

Summer hasn’t officially (seasonally, calender-wise whatever) started, but I’m pretty sure it’s all anyone can think about. Vacations, the beach, swimming and sun bathing, cookouts, getaways…the options really expand this time of year. I decided to make a list of things I’d like to accomplish/do/achieve/whatever over the next few months, and they range from smart behavior to maximizing fun.
I figured I’d share it on the blog.

1. This one should be a given, but sunscreen is a MUST. I’ve never cared about getting a tan anyways, and I certainly don’t think it’s worth all the risks. Being cautious for myself, Brad, everyone in the sun is something I really want to be smart about. I also need to religiously use Cutter spray. I’ve already had quite a few bug bites, and each one is a doozy. I don’t want that happening anymore!
2. I want to keep a healthy diet, focusing on lots of yummy summer fruits and vegetables. I’m going to pig out on occasion, that’s just my style, but on those hot and sweaty days, usually you just want to munch on a yummy fruit salad.
3. Exercising is something I want to start up again. I’ve missed the gym, but warm weather means getting exercise in other ways too! Swimming, hiking, running around like crazy, maybe even purchasing and riding a bike around town…
4. I want to focus on and enjoy everyday. I am (and always will be) waiting for the weekend, but I still have evenings for happy hours, swimming on super-hot days, dinners on the deck. I want to make the best of what I have instead of constantly wishing my days away.
5. I want to complete at least one roll of Holga film, as well as Diana Mini, Action Sampler, and the Fisheye. I’d also like to use my Fuji Instax cameras a lot more. It’s been so long since I picked up those cameras, but those pictures usually make the best memories. I want to stop relying on my iPhone. It’s spectacularly easy, but I miss my camera babies.
6. I’d like to find and perfect the defining 2012 summer cocktail. I’m leaning towards a Pimm’s Cup, but I’m also down to make a mean sangria.
7. I want a lot of porch and deck days/evenings/nights with my family and friends.
8. I’ve always wanted to have a picnic in the park.
9. It is necessary that I make some trips to see out-of-town friends.
10. I’d love to look into some new towns or cities I haven’t been to and take a random daytrip to explore the area.

And of course, I think it goes without saying, I look forward to lots of great summer music and a ton of reading material.

Here’s hoping summer 2012 is great no matter what!!!


On Deck


It’s very rare to have a summery 80+ degree day that actually has a nice breeze. I took full advantage of the back porch/deck after work, reading a little, watching Cali explore, and snacking on olives and hummus. Not a bad way to wind down on a Monday evening.



The Weekend


I could’ve sworn it was just Friday night. How are we back to another Monday? This weekend ended up being chockfull of fun and friends. I spent a lot of time with my friends Lauren and Catie at their adorable and comfy new place. We stayed up late drinking a variety of beers, ordering pizza at 2 am, and laughing and dancing. We continued the fun on Saturday in a different way, enjoying lunch at Canteen 900 (I seriously love that place so much) and picking up Catie’s new dog, Abby…er, Ellie! She is the sweetest Chihuahua/Rottweiler mix in the world!

Other noteable parts of the weekend: Drinking cheap beer in a beautiful backyard, getting caught in the rain walking to a new-to-us bar, finally spending time with my sister with a bit of shopping and Panera lunch, taking a nice leisurely dip in the pool on a scorching hot day, and satisfying a massive craving for olives and hummus to top off my Sunday night.

It was a great weekend, and I’m so sad to see it go. But I know there are more in store.

Here’s to a great week, everyone!


Dinner Last Night: Fried Rice


I’ve slacked off recently and neglected my duties of making dinner for the family. It’s been three weeks, but mostly it was because Maria’s graduation/my 10 days at Brad’s/my lack of finances that made me skip it. I’m always on the look out for tasty recipes and new things to entertain and feed my family, but I stuck with a classic stir-fry. The new twist was making fried rice. It’s super easy to do, but I had to prepare the rice right before I “fried” it, and it wasn’t as sticky as I would’ve liked. I will be trying it again though.


I also got extra veggies for this round of stir-fry. And last time I made it with beef. The Korean Teriyaki sauce I bought was sweet and spicy and savory all at once. All in all, it was the perfect meal. And my dad couldn’t stay away! I am a darn good cook when I want to be.


This Thursday felt normal, unlike the last couple. Now that my shows (Parks and Rec/30 Rock/Community etc.) are over, there’s nothing to watch on TV. And I got super slacker on my nails, which I hated because doing nail art was something I really enjoyed and that really made me smile for the week until I tried something new. So I put on some headphones, rewatched this past week’s episode of Girls, pulled out 7 different polishes, and went to town on my rendition of this look that I’ll share with you soon enough.

I’m so thankful for the weekend! Brad is super busy, but I finally have a weekend off (I worked the last two Saturdays, boo) and I intend to relax and spend time with my friends and finally see my sister because I miss her so damn much. I’m excited to say TGIF!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Etsy Lust List

Just some things I’ve been falling for on Etsy


I love these Geo Rings from A Merry Mishap. They are sold separately, but how could you choose just one color? There are so many pretty pastels. Plus, they look super cute in a cluster like in this picture. I’ve always liked the multi-ring look.


How adorable are these Woodland Creatures necklaces from Spotlight Jewlery? I wouldn’t know which animal to pick.


I’d never thought to look for beauty items on Etsy, but one of my favorite nail art blogs, Little Nails, mentioned her purchase of a few nail polishes from Lush Lacquer. They are super glittery. I especially love this color, Chubby Checker.


It’s super hard to pick just one lady tie from Flapper Girl. There are so many adorable designs and colors to choose from! I settled on showcasing the Galaxy print, but there are quite a few different ones in my Favorites.


I had to share these lovely succulents from San Pedro Cactus. I first saw them on Etsy’s Pinterest, and on the shop they are all described as sets for wedding or bridal shower favors. I absolutely love that idea. That’s something I don’t have to worry about for a while, but what a great idea. I know I’m in love with my little succulent garden (I’ve named her Susan, by the way), and I’d love to share that joy!


Me Lately


Just some facts and statements and thoughts and happenings currently…

Waking up and getting ready for works is getting harder and harder. I’m pretty sure I’m in my mid-year, it’s-supposed-to-be-summer-vacation slump. Thankfully, I have my week vacation (staycation for us) in about a month. Very necessary.
My eating habits have gotten out of control. It’s not even that I’m  a snacker, constantly eating. It’s just that when I DO eat, it’s the worst stuff and a lot of it. I don’t know how to just stop when I’m comfortably satiated. I really need to work on this.
I also need to work on going to the gym again. I actually love exercising, but it’s one of those things where you get stuck in a trap of not going/doing and it’s hard to make that first step. I just need to make that first step!!!
Last night was the first in 10 days that I slept at my house. I have been spending my days at Brad’s. I don’t actually live there, though we’ve talked about it. I feel at home both there and with my parents, but neither of them feel like MY HOME. I’m 25. I need to move out.
Speaking of being 25, I feel most “my age” when I’m spending time with my boyfriend and my best friends friends. Sitting on porches, sharing bottles of wine, laughing and getting bitten by bugs…those are my happiest moments.
I miss my sister like crazy. And I don’t miss her just because I’ve been staying at Brad’s. I work a normal 9-5ish schedule, and she works 3-11(or later), so our free time conflicts and the only time we can see each other is on the weekend. I need some sis time.
Money has been a big stress in my life lately. I am beyond grateful to have A job, even if it isn’t THE job, simply because I have a handle on student loans/cell phone and med bills/gas, but that’s about all I can handle. I’m not asking for tons extra, but it would be nice to be able to afford a new car, an apartment, and maybe some new clothes and books on my Kindle.
Speaking of my Kindle, I feel sad and lost if I don’t have it on me. It’s funny, because before I got it, I was buying so many used books for great prices off of Amazon. And now I just buy a book at a time at (almost) full price. So maybe it actually was a better choice, since the publishers are actually making money off of my purchases? I don’t know, I don’t think I should have to justify my e-book. I know that physical paper books are better (and I still love them and buy them), but the Kindle has made reading instantly accessible and a lot more fun.
And speaking of books, I see absolutely nothing wrong with reading YA novels, even though I’m 25. I’m pretty much 14 at heart anyways. And there are a lot of good YA novels out there. And a good book is a good book (BRAD).
Ever since I got my little dish garden, I’ve become obsessed with letting it grow and flourish. I really wanna be a good plant mama.
Twitter and Instagram and Blogger > Facebook

That’s all for now.




8 episodes in and I’m just madly in love with GIRLS. There is so much to love about it.
I don’t care what the haters say.
I find a lot of this show painfully honest and relatable and even if I haven’t done it (or had it done to me), I know someone who has.


Just what the doctor ordered.


The Weekend


Another short but sweet weekend. I’ll tell ya, I’m gonna be so glad when Friday rolls around and I have both Saturday and Sunday to just chill out and relax and have fun. Still, I was able to cram a lot into my 1 1/2 days. A good nap, a quick shopping trip by myself (I got the sweetest sundress for the summer!), ordering Domino’s with Brad and eating it in bed, Mexican food, Misfits, and wine with my lady Lauren. My friend’s bridal shower (I remember when we were in 10th grade and their relationship was just starting!).

It’s back to the grind, but it’ll prepare me for more lovely days and an excellent weekend.

Have a great Monday!


May Photo a Day Challenge Completed!


I have finished Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge for May. I love doing it. I’m trying to get more creative with it, but it’s hard sometimes. Hence, the challenge.
By the way, the completion of the Photo a Day challenge means the conclusion of the month of May.
It doesn’t seem like a whole month has passed since I shared with you guys my April photos from the challenge.

May is my favorite month, and now it’s over. Thankfully, it was wonderful! The best birthday party I’ll ever have in my life (I’m sure), beautiful weather, and amazing times with good people. I’m ready for June. For more good.


1. My sister throwing up a peace sign in celebration of her job!
2. The skyline above Price Chopper, a place I’m at nearly everyday.
3. I wore shorts on the 3rd because it was one of the first hot days.
4. I had fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo early!
5. A couple of birds outside of Brad’s.
6. Me before a day out to Hoboken.
7. My Summa Cum Laude graduate/full-time job rocker sister is someone who inspires me.
8. I adore the smell of coffee. So intoxicating.
9. Tinted moisturizer, mascara, and blush is a ritual I do everyday.
10. I fell in love with the word indefatigable thanks to Scott Pilgrim.
11. Kitchen.
12. Something that makes me happy is being outside on water on a beautiful day.
13. My cousin is a mom to be!
14. Green grass, red shoes, yellow dandelion.
15. Silly love with Brad.
16. I was reading Girls in White Dresses at the time.
17. Brad stuffed tomatoes with goat cheese, herbs, and mushrooms as a snack.
18. My Black Swan costume crown was something I made.
19. Canteen 900 is a favorite place, especially since they surprised me with a birthday cupcake!
20. I couldn’t live without Brad, who helped organize the best birthday party of my life and, of course, loves me!
21. All my bags at Brad’s from where I stand.
22. Two pictures to show off all the pink in my day!
23. Some of my favorite technology.
24. My little succulent plant dish is something new to me, a great gift from Catie.
25. An unusual picture of Artie that Maria’s boyfriend sent me.
26. 12 o’ clock AM and still awake.
27. Brad surprising me with a tasty Strawberry Banana smoothie is sweet in two ways!
28. Clear skies and warm weather.
29. 19 happens to be a number I love (birthday?).
30. My personality varies from sleepy to goofy to imaginative and excited!
31. Nature is always a thing of true beauty.

Can’t wait to try another month. Hopefully I’ll learn some things along the way.

I’m glad it’s Friday! I have a busy weekend, though. It will surely fly by. Work on Saturday and the bridal shower of my first friend who is getting married on Sunday! Everyone around me is getting engaged and planning weddings.
Man…we are growing up.

Happy weekend, all!