A Long Weekend in Boston


Hello! We are back from Boston and back to the grind. It was a three-day weekend, a mini vacation, where the days seemed never-ending but also went by way too fast. As I sit here typing this, I can’t believe we are back already, that the weekend and the trip are both over.

I really enjoy Boston! This time, I saw some different sights. Harvard campus, Fenway Park, and a lot of Somerville (which is where Brad’s brother and sister-in-law live). Carrying my big camera seemed like such a burden with all the walking we did, so a lot of my pictures are from my iPhone. I didn’t really have time to edit them, as I forgot my phone charger and we were all fighting over them (thank God we all have iPhones!) and our phones kept dying. But their great anyway. I did get some photos (mostly of Fenway) with the Rebel. I’ll post them soon.
For now, here are some of my favorites from the iPhone.


One of my favorite parts of traveling is trying great restaurants. We went to The Friendly Toast, which is this super cute and kitschy breakfast/lunch/brunch place. They specialize in…hello..TOAST. I had a massive turkey club that hit the spot. We also went to
Highland Kitchen, another cute place with good food and good drinks. Finally, our last meal was at Neighborhood Restaurant. The menu may not look like the menu of a special place, it’s teensy, and it’s nothing fancy, but there’s actually a wait to get in. Because it’s that delicious.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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