Always changing.

Yes, its the second time I'm blogging in the same day but...I have nothing else to do.
No one else is in the apartment and I am totally alone (or, as I like to say it "totawy awone", like Toulouse-Lautrec from Moulin Rouge! ). I guess that's okay.
Anyway, I decided to look through pictures.
I'm always ragging on myself in the worst of ways.
But the funny thing is, I'll look at pictures of myself, and whether the picture is from years ago or months ago, I always end up wondering why I hated myself so much.
I decided I will take you down a journey through memory lane.
It's only through the last 3 or so years of my life, when I got my digital camera during freshman year of college. But man, I feel like I've changed so much.
I have to laugh at this because it was when I first realized you can change the contrast and brightness of a photo, and I must have really liked it. I never do this now. I hardly ever take photos now either.
I was so excited to get glasses. But I still never wear them. Only at night.
Strange bangs. Didn't last long.
My fuchsia flash streaks. Believe or not, I was pretty depressed here. I don't think you could tell.
Did the headband thing for a while.
Also tried the sexy thing.
Totally emo haha.
I tried different hairstyles.
Lobbed all my hair off.
And eventually dyed it black.

Nowadays, as you can tell from my first blog post my hair is getting slightly longer and its still black. The color won't fade. I miss my brown locks. But looking back always reminds me that no matter how much I change, I'm still me. Sorry if this was boring. But if anything, maybe it will inspire you to go back and look at the pictures of yourself through time...its certainly interesting!

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