Somethin’ wrong with that.

I don’t know if it’s my inability to sleep or my worry and stress, but I don’t feel or look much like myself these days. Makeup seems to fade quickly. My eyes have perma-circles. It’s disappointing. But I’m so uncomfortable at home. I miss my school bedroom. My comfy, slightly bigger bed (yes, my bed at school was bigger than my bed at home…not cool). My mind is so idle. I need to start doing more.

I guess I really need to work on myself physically. I’m trying to exercise more and take a multivitamin each day. But I definitely need to drink more water, eat more meals (and healthier ones too), and get out of the house as much as possible. I have a few fun things planned for my days off, on top of finishing up organizing my room and eventually making it a cozy place to be.

Just gotta be more care-free…



Just stoppin’ in…

I don’t have much of interest to say.

As we speak, I’m contemplating ordering the camera. It’s my graduation present to myself. I really want to take good photos of my friends, ones that are strange and beautiful and different then just a bunch of people huddled and smiling at the camera. I just want to make it look the way I feel.

Also, I have a four day streak of days off next week. Time to go to the Hometown auction and peruse the knock-off purses and eat delicious fries and drink iced tea out of the carton. Time to get the heck outta the house and do some shit.

On another note…here’s a photo I took yesterday during the storm. I tinkered around with it…I’m thinking about photography too much.



From Me to Me

I can’t wait to start making some real dinero. The internet may ultimately be a waste of time, but through it I’m starting to realize what kind of life I want. What kind of goals I’d like to achieve. For one, it helped rekindle my love for writing. Blogging isn’t even close to a novel, but once I set up a decent desk space in my soon-to-be-clean room, I’m hoping it will be the perfect situation. And I’ll do it again when I move.

Another thing is, I’ve realized I don’t take enough pictures. Most of the blogs I love are reliant on the use of many pictures, whether it be because of the clothing they wear or the stories they tell. There are so many times in my life, when I take a deep breath and feel good and the world looks good and I wish wish wish that I had a camera on me to capture that moment. A cotton candy sky or the vast view of the valley from the other side.

Though I have a digital camera and it works just fine, I would love something with better quality. And unfortunately, I just don’t have money to spend on things other than food, gas, and necessities. But even more so, I am very much getting into the idea of a Holga camera (thanks to Rockstar Diaries, one of my favorite blogs). The price on Amazon seems pretty good, but I decided to look through Fred Flare and found this gem. Though it’s a bit more money, it’s also a bit more, well, me. Plus I still have some money on a gift certificate…so…we’ll see.


Perhaps someday soon, I’ll get one. I can’t wait to have pictures like that in frames around my own place.

Image from Fred Flare


insomniaI don’t know what it is about being home, but I just can’t stick to a solid sleeping pattern. I barely slept last night and I worked my entire morning and afternoon away. I was out and about ‘til around 11 PM. I am still not tired though. It’s getting annoying. I watched 5 episodes of season 4 Weeds. I made oatmeal. I was in bed for the past 2 hours. I even had the lights off for a bit. Nothing is working.

So frustrating. Luckily I have the whole day off but I would rather not sleep it away.

I wish I had someone to share this with…maybe it’d be easier to sleep if I wasn’t alone.

Illustration by Jeff Plotkin


Little Wish

ad_tvIt may seem like a simple dream, but man, I cannot wait to have a family someday. And for the little things, mostly. Obviously, to take care of and love my children. But also to invite their friends over for play dates. To cook dinner for my kids and the hubby. To lounge on the couch with everyone for movie nights.

I was inspired because I love when I visit a friend and their mom is so happy to see everyone. When they ask about your life and offer you drinks and snacks, no matter how old you are. And, this may seem strange, but I love how they almost constantly have the phone attached to their ear, sharing stories about their kids or their lives with their mothers or sisters or friends.

I really hope I am lucky enough to have that one day.



A Garden State of Mind…


I loved the movie Garden State before it even came out in the movie theaters. At first it was because Natalie Portman is in it and I need to see everything she is in.  In a close second was the fact that Zach Braff (or Dr. John Dorian, as I know and love him from my favorite TV show) wrote, directed, and starred in it. Then I saw the teaser trailer and knew it was going to be a favorite.

For me, it’s one of those movies that brings me into the experience. It’s got humor and drama and I like movies that can cross those genre boundaries in a realistic way. I could watch it often and still find something new about it to love.

And perhaps I like it a lot because it reminds me of good times in my life, of starting senior year of high school. Of my first summer driving and listening to “Caring is Creepy” by The Shins over and over. Of the beginning of my first love.

Though I love movies and watch as many as possible, very few get me this excited. What are your spirit-lifting movies?


Since I saw the classic film starring Miss Britney Spears herself, I’ve wanted to go on a road trip. Unfortunately, I don’t have the proper financial situation to plan on, and I highly doubt I’ll find a karaoke bar that pays the best performer of the night.

I am reminded of my need for an amazing, life-changing road trip because a good friend of mine is currently doing a Southern Tour with his band Pegasus Jetpack. And it just seems like so much fun. Maybe not a crazy, life-affirming experience. But good fun with good friends.

And he got to meet Piglet…lucky.



Memorial Day Weekend

524418457_9390c2d669 A lot of people I know are off doing fun things in other states or other areas of the state. I am not. I can’t lie and say that doesn’t bum me out.

However, the weather is pretty gorgeous, so I’m sitting on the back porch soakin’ up some rays. My father is also making the first big grilled feast of the summer, and I couldn’t be more pumped.

On another note, I exercised today and I feel like Wonder Woman. I’ve been allowing myself to get in a funk this past week (HOLY MOLY! It’s been a week…) and those endorphins were so necessary. I need to make it a regular routine. Once you exercise, no matter how much it aches, you just feel good.

I have every other day off this week, and hopefully the sun will stay out. I plan on creating more activities for my friends to get involved in. Let’s just see if they’re willing…

Image from Flickr


Double Damn.

A while ago, I posted some photos from the Rolling Stone issue featuring the ladies of Gossip Girl on the cover. I still love those pictures. But I recently stumbled onto a few more photos totally post-worthy from the shoot.

gossip-girl-rolling-stone-02 gossip-girl-rolling-stone-04gossip-girl-rolling-stone-05I’ve only watched the first season, but I loved every ooey gooey cheesy moment it had to offer. I was a fan of the books, so some of it upsets me (in order to make it a watchable show, a lot had to be changed). But I will be watching the second season, whenever they release it on DVD! 

And how can you not, with a cast this hot (specifically Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick)?!

A year later…

Around this time last year, I was getting ready to ship off to London for two months. I was incredibly nervous, had just turned 21 (before a lot of my friends), and was recovering from tonsillitis on top of it all. I had about two weeks in between the semester ending and my summer getting sucked away in rainy weather and some of the best people I ever met.

My mom and I, since I was spending a lot of time sick in bed, fell in love with the video below. It was a premiere on MTV Hits at the time and we caught it at the beginning of each hour. A year later, I still love the song and Rihanna is the best. What a badass chick.

Do of the Week – 5/18

On my birthday, as we were sitting at a cramped bar and playing 90s dance hits on the jukebox, a bunch of us decided that going to the roller rink would be an amazing idea. Tonight, we did it. I brought out my dusty ole rollerblades and dressed in some 80s gear (legwarmers included) to skate around in a circle all night to cheesy music.

Despite the fact that a sign on the door warned us the night’s festivities were best suited for those 15 and under, we still made the best of it…and I didn’t fall once.

So this is my Do for the week. It doesn’t have to necessarily be roller skating. But I haven’t been since I was in elementary school. It was so fun to do something different for once and, even better, revert back to my childhood.

I just had this conversation with my boss. You never really grow up. And you never should. Stay in touch with that inner child. I’m still young, and it probably seems crazy to say this. But I never want to lose it. I always want to get excited over little things, and to find fun in something as basic as roller skating in a circle below a couple of disco balls.

Here are some photos…





Reasons to Smile


Despite the amount of stress and worry I’ve been dealing with, I’ve steal been able to keep my chin up. I don’t know if I could’ve done it without the following things that have made me so happy…

  • The new Sync flavor of Vitaminwater, and the code for a free MP3 that’s printed on the cap.
  • “Like Knives” and “Solo Impala” by The Fashion (The songs are wonderful and the videos are pretty cool)
  • Gorgeous, sunny weather that’s just warm enough
  • Knowing that I can sleep in on my days off
  • That gift card waiting to be used
  • Chinese food…I just can’t get sick of it.

Tomorrow (Today, Friday, whatevahhh) a bunch of us have a fun activity planned. I don’t want to spoil it because I have a feeling it’s going to be my DO of the week. Regardless, it’s a day off from work and I have tons of DVDs to watch and things to keep myself busy.

I hope y’all have fun no matter what you do!

Photo from Flickr


Fine Arts Fiesta

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania may seem like it doesn’t have a lot to offer, but I adore the place. It’s a city, but it’s small enough that you don’t feel claustrophobic. And there’s the perfect blend of homeless crazies and classy business workers abound in the square.

Last weekend, the annual Fine Arts Fiesta came to town and settled in on the tiny square. It was filled with tents carrying everything from watercolor paintings to blown glass wind chimes, photography to tie-dye. I fell in love with a piece from every booth. In fact, I ended up buying a cute ceramic dog tag with an Elephant on it (they are my favorite animals) .I wish I had more pictures from the event, showcasing the Corona bottle wind chime I couldn’t stop admiring or the massive amount of fried food stands. I will take a picture of my found treasure soon.

Here are a few fun pictures anyways…

finearts art

shaved snointerview 

Oh yeah…I failed to mention I got halted by local news station WBRE to discuss the topic of “butt dialing”. I can tell you, I didn’t see if I made it on air, but if I did…it was a gem.

Decisions, Decisions



Let me preface this article by saying I had to find a picture to post above that was at least somewhat appropriate.

Sophomore year, I did a group project for a graphics class in which we had to create a small ad campaign of sorts. My group decided to, for some strange reason (perhaps because we are strange), do an ad for tube socks.

Whilst looking for pictures of tube socks, I stumbled upon these bad boys and immediately fell in love. It wasn’t long until I started looking at the website everyday, admiring all of the funky and sexy basic pieces American Apparel had to offer. Now, I am a bargain shopper, so spending over 20 dollars for a flimsy V-Neck doesn’t seem like a bright idea. However, I have accumulated pieces over the last year or so and I only hope to continue it’s growth, but with pieces I don’t feel I can find anywhere else or that I can’t live without.

Now, the point of this post is…
A 50$ gift card for AA has recently come into my hands. And I’m having a hard time choosing something. Because it comes down to either picking one or two items I really love. And, I’m pretty sure it’s just going to be one. Again, as a bargain shopper, spending a 50$ gift card on one item is tough. And it’s mostly because I like so many things they have on the site that it sucks I can only choose one.

I am debating heavily…but I’ve wanted this since I went to the store in Philadelphia in March. It’s unique and strange and I tried it on and loved the casual yet sexy feel to it. But I’m wondering if I should go for a pair of these and a v-neck tee, so that I’m not using all the money on one item. Then, there’s always a large selection of these to choose from…Oi yoyoy!

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my choice.


Don’t of the Week –5/18


I wonder if I will always be starting with a don’t…

My don’t this week seems fairly simple but it’s easier said then done:

I am a huge worrywart and stresser-outter and I must say, it is not a good way to be. I mean, I am about to embark on the rest of my life, and it’s very exciting. However, I find myself stuck in more drama in the last two days than I have been in the last two months at school. Perhaps I am blowing things out of proportion considering I’m in this strange emotional/mental state. But…no matter what, I’m encouraging all of you to take a breather!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to carry the woes of others on my shoulder. I got it from my mom. We care about and love our friends and we don’t want anyone to be upset. But we tend to act like therapists when we aren’t strong enough ourselves and start carrying everyone else’s problems around on top of our own.

If you do this, or if you do anything that hinders you from having a wonderful time no matter what you are doing, then I am urging you to take a break. We will always find something to worry or stress about, and we will do so. It’s only natural. But if you can do anything for a little bit such as:

  • Lay outside and soak in the sunshine with your headphones
  • Cook or eat one of your favorite meals
  • Hug your mom, dad, sister, boyfriend, puppy, stuffed animal, pillow…
  • Watch a TV show on Hulu
  • Take a nap
  • Take a ride to a playground and sit on the swings for a bit
  • Cry, Scream, Laugh

then please…do it! It is my birthday and I am overloaded with things to think about. But I’m going to get some Chinese, maybe a fruity drink or two, and relax with some great friends.

Remember to be a little selfish sometimes. Your good friends will still be there when you’re done. Your family will always be there. And there will be more worries another day that you’ll avoid as well.

Take it easy, folks :)

And in the words of Hot Chip: “Don't want all this cold cold shit,
throw off your shirt and let's get hot hot hot.”

Image from Flickr

It’s my birthday…

Well, I am 22 years old. I am a college graduate, done with school and about to face life. In fact, this birthday probably came at the best time. A new chapter, a new age…all those good things.

To celebrate and commemorate, my dad posted a somewhat embarrassing but most emotional photo album on Facebook showing my growth and change throughout the years.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the album…  dadandbabybabyme  


To anyone else celebrating a birthday…CHEERS!


Home Sweet Home

I love my family, and I’m happy to be around them once again. However, I will miss, very much so, living in my campus apartment. The fact that I’m at home until further notice kind of drives me insane. I will be revamping my room over the next week or so, when I’m not working and such, so that I actually enjoy being home.

However, I was in the shower today after some cleaning and I started to think about the things I will definitely miss and maybe already sort of do…

  • The shower and its amazing water pressure
  • A bigger bed than the one I have now…I bet that sounds extra small!
  • Being a short walk, and sometimes just a few feet, away from someone to hang out with
  • The 10 minute walk to Barnes and Noble or Movies 14 (and the discount tickets I always used to have for the theater)
  • Target being a 5 minute drive away…its kind of one of my happy places
  • A guaranteed three meals a day
  • Senunas’, the bar right across from campus, because it has cheap drinks and you never need a designated driver

I know I will be back to visit. And besides, I work 5 minutes from campus and I’ll be up there a few times a week. But it’s sad to think I won’t be packing up my things and heading back in a few months. I will still be here…perhaps throughout the next 4 seasons. And I might see my friends from home leave me before I actually do. I’m getting very nervous but…well….I guess it’s all very exciting as well.




I love blogs. It’s the reason I wanted to make one myself; I find reading them to be incredibly relaxing, informative, and always entertaining. I use the Stumble Upon toolbar in Mozilla Firefox (check it out, it’s great to have when you’re in the mood to find new things) and I almost always have it set to stumble through the Blogger channel. I’ve found a lot of really great recipe blogs and a few photo and art blogs as well. The photo above is from a really great site, Idiot Box Artwork, that showcases works from all different artists. The art is all pop culture-based, mostly focusing on TV shows, cartoons, and movies from before the new millennium.

I am a huge fan of Freaks and Geeks so when I saw the photo above, I fell in love. The series only lasted about 18 episodes, and I’ve mentioned it in earlier posts, but its a great throwback to the 80s and is a just a good show.

I can’t wait until I have money to get my own place, and eventually, my own favorite works of art and photography to place around the living space. I’m pretty sure this painting won’t be around when that time comes. But it’s nice to hope…

My parents surprised me with this gem.
A new laptop.
Smaller, sleeker.
More space (which is good considering I love music, pictures, and the occasional video game).
Webcam so that I can finally chat it up with my sister when she's in Philly, or any of my webcam-having friends.
Light, easy to use, and a new baby to love and make my own.
I'll be honest...I'm gonna miss my old beast.
To boot, I have to get an external hard drive from Best Buy or something and move all of my stuff over here. And I'm new to Vista.
But it seems pretty perfect. To start a new chapter with a new technological sidekick to carry me through.

Photo Credit


Graduation Day

Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications...graduating magna cum laude.

Everything is done and it happened sooo fast.
I am exhausted. I stayed out kind of late and drank way more than I should've last night, so I had a hungover commencement.
I had a great time though, and it was the last of my college career...so no regrets here.
I did a lot this past week, so I would love to post some pictures when I finally obtain some!

Photo Credit


Goodbye room...

I have two more nights in my cozy college apartment bedroom.
I'm lucky to have a bedroom to myself.
I did, of course, spend two years with the same roomie in a tiny dorm. And it was fine. But I couldn't wait to get to Flood and decorate and live in my own bedroom.
I love the freedom I have had here.
I have my own room at home, but its just not the same.
It brings to mind a favorite quote from the movie Mister Lonely...

"Goodbye, room. You've been really nice to me. You served me well. The chair was nice to sit upon. The bed was good comfort at nights. And the windows, the windows allowed me to see the world. You've been a wonderful room to me. But I gotta go. I gotta leave you. Remember, I'll always remember you forever and I'm sure you'll always remember me."

I'll Never Grow Up

I have a penchant for anything that looks like a toy.
I never grew up.
I love little girl barrettes and chunky, colorful jewelry that looks like it came out of a dress up box.
This probably explains why I love Fred Flare.
I don't know what brought me to this wonderful site, but I have been a fan and customer for the last few years. It's expanded a lot too, from crazy fun jewelry and craft books to clothing and shoes.
Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry and my absolute favorite pair of sunglasses were purchased from this site.
I've loved it for a while because the prices are pretty good, the sales are even better, and if you get on the e-mailing list, they give out special codes to take a percentage off or, my personal fave, get free shipping!
Here's a little taste of what you can find over there...


Do of the Week 5/11

Since my dont' of the week involved watching something, my do will reflect that.
I'll admit it...I'm a Lost nerd.

But once you get started on the show, well, how can you stop?
It's highly recommended to watch on DVD. When each episode is available whenever you can or want to watch it, its a lot easier to follow and stick with.
And there's no way to explain it.
But if you're curious about it...I highly recommend it!
It's kind of the perfect show to get lost (haha) in this summer.
And you have plenty of time before Destiny is found during the last season in 2010!
If you like adventure, thrills, mystery, intrigue, drama, and romance (oh and hot, hairy men with their shirts open a lot), Lost might be the show for you!!!

College Prom

Commencement Ball occurred this Tuesday for us King's College seniors.
It's basically at college prom.
I wore a dress I already had, and I'm kinda bummed I didn't search for something crazy or different at the Salvation Army. But I still felt comfortable and I had an amazing time eating and drinking at the open bar. Dancing all night too was just what the doctor ordered...then again, I'm always game for dancing all night.
Here are a few pictures...

Getting ready was fun, but my hair is still stressing me out! It made me miss the homecoming dance, which was way easier to get ready for...

And the debate continues...


May Flowers

The great hair debate still remains.
The only thing I know for sure is that, when I have the money, I want my hair back to its full-brown glory. Right now, I am choosing between my haircut last year, which was short in the back with two long layers in the front, and the full-blown pixie.

Either way it ends up, I couldn't help looking at Forever 21 and admiring all of their pretty floral summer dresses. A part of me thinks they would go great with a short 'do. And hair always grows...


Beach Body

Picking out a bathing suit is often:
A) Annoying
B) Embarassing
C) Completely discouraging

We all have different body types, so there's a large factor in finding one that doesn't bag out on your bum, squeeze your back fat, or show off your boobs too much...whether you're well-endowed or not.
I haven't purchased a bathing suit to lovein a while. The only reason I bought one last year was because it was on sale and the one I had been using and loved since I graduated high school was starting to look little girl-ish and was torn from a previous beach trip.
I really want something that will feel comfortable and cover everything up without looking like an old lady one piece. Speaking of...I really think a one-piece would be a nice basic bathing suit to have. But again, its hard to buy one that doesn't look like your grandmother's or one that might as well be a bikini and will give you weird tan lines.
For a one-piece, I'm feeling these:

Victoria's Secret

American Apparel

But I think I'll stick with a cute bikini while I still can. This one from Victoria's Secret is adorable and seems to cover all the right areas without any extra business hanging out.

But if I had the guts, I'd wear this but I just don't know how I feel about the awkward tan lines.

Now if I could just get back on track.

Don't of the Week - 5/11

I've decided to add some little features on my blog that I'll do weekly or so. Dos and Don'ts seem pretty basic, and I've already experience my Don't of the week so I thought you should be advised.

I'll preface by saying that I love movies. And yes, I work at Blockbuster so I know a bit too much about them because of my job. But I also have been looking into movies and trying to watch everything that seemed interesting to me since I was old enough to comprehend stories. So, well, that's why my first Don't is a film.

Have you seen the movie Donnie Darko?
Even if you haven't, I'm sure you've heard of it, as it became an insta-hipster cult classic back in 2002. I personally loved the movie when I first saw it. It was different, and that's hard to find. And sure, the plot is completely obscure and unsatisfying for those who crave the Conflict/Resolution approach to filmmaking. But there were great actors, including Jake Gyllenhaal, and a weird story that scared you but also sucked you in.

Well, they decided to milk that by creating S. Darko, the "sequel" or...as they call it "A Donnie Darko Tale" which I hope doesn't mean they will be making more of these tales. They took a good thing that many people love and ruined with a story that doesn't even rival the original. If the story has been this choppy in DDor the characters so unrelatable, it definitely wouldn't have made it as far as it did. I urge people not to see this, specifically if they loved Donnie Darko. It will not answer any questions, it will not shock you or entrance you. It will probably bore you. The only thing I did like was the pretty camera shots they took of Daveigh Chase, who reprised her role and grew up quite nicely.

So there you have it folks. It's just my opinion, but I'm definitely going to stand by it.

Pictures from unrealitymag and iconsoffright

Little thought

London. You drove me nuts.
But I miss you...daily hour long commute and all.