And how was your weekend?

I had a very fast but highly satisfying weekend.
Time is always flying, so it’s good to make the most of all of those moments.

It started off right with dinner at my favorite Mexican place, La Tolteca. A bunch of us got together before Jenna went back to California, to have one final meal and a ton of laughs before the next time she rolls back into town. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Friday night. Amazing food, amazing people, and a BEER-RITA. Which is kind of amazing but, trust me, you will get drunk.
They literally make a jumbo frozen margarita (which, for those who don’t know, is a tequila-based drink) and insert an upside-down bottle of Corona (my choice) or Dos Equis in it. So, it’s tequila and beer…but it’s so tasty, I didn’t even care that it hit me immediately. It was the only drink I needed to have fun, enjoy my meal, and laugh my butt off. Very necessary.


I worked Saturday morning, and I was super-nervous about the shift because I was holding down the fort for the most part…but I made it through without a hitch! That put me in a good mood. Even though I actually got some decent sleep Friday – Saturday, I always love to take a post-work nap. That set the tone for the rest of the evening. After a nice nap and a quick shower, Brad and I headed to the casino for dinner and some light gambling. It’s been so long since we’ve a) gone to dinner just the two of us  b) gone to the casino  c) played the slots , and it was  the perfect impromptu date night. Loved every moment of it.


In other news, I started a new book, had coffee in bed (my favorite way to kick off Sunday morning), had an impromptu pizza dinner with Brad’s parents, and enjoyed a lot of sunshine.


The next couple weekends are going to be a bit busy…a wedding next Saturday, a concert the following after that…both out of town.
So it was nice to hang around here for a while and enjoy the local life. I think I’m in for a treat for the next month or so, though.
Things are looking up!

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