Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Nail Polish Strips

Okay, y’all, I sure hope you’re ready for me to geek out! I’m a pretty avid fashion magazine subscriber/buyer/reader.
And nowadays, it’s hard to go through a magazine without stopping on ads this.

At first, I ignored it like all the other advertisements. But then I started to see Sally Hansen Salon Effects pop up in articles, beauty Q&As, and blogs. I never paint my fingernails. I think the last time I had them painted was in 2005. The main reason I never paint them? I suck at it! I can’t paint in the lines, they smudge, and I just gave up. I also felt like my hands looked strange, and couldn’t stop stressing about the little imperfections. I decided I would stick with toenails…I can’t see them so close to analyze them and it’s a quick process. The more I started to hear about the supposedly easy and fun nail polish strips, the more curious I became. Not only could I get easy, nice looking nails, but I could do fun designs! So I finally picked up a little box, Misbehaved.


Girrrrrrrllllll, I’m in LOVE! I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. The whole process took about 20 minutes (the length of an episode of 30 Rock, which I listened to as I concentrated) but it was easy! Once you smooth the correct size strip on the nail, you file the remains off and you’re left with nails that look professionally done! They cost about 10 bucks, which is cheaper than most manicures. I still can’t believe I’m the one that put them on because they look great! I am dying to try other designs! First, I want to see how long these last. It’s been two full days and they are still goin’ strong. According to the box, they should last up to 10 days. But seriously…if I can do it, anyone can!


Just a couple extra random pics from my iPhone showcasing the nails…

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