Dinner Last Night: Traditions

My friend Dana is an amazing cook. Like, for real. And it’s not just that she’s good at it…she loves to do it.
We get spoiled yearly with an amazing “family dinner” stuffed with gnocchi and roast chicken, fresh tossed salad and orange slices drizzled with oil, salt and pepper. This was the second time, but I’m ready to go into my 60s continuing this tradition.


It was just so nice to listen to Christmas music, drink some wine, eat tasty food, and share some laughs.
I have sweet friends.

On a side note, I am obsessed with B&W photos lately. Not sure what sparked it in me. But there it is.

It’s already Friday. The holidays are so wonderful, but they goof up “real life” and I am totally confused by the days.
It’s going to happen again next week, with New Year’s!
I work tomorrow, but tonight I have an ugly sweater party (like last year) and some family is coming in. Especially excited to see my
lil cousin Danny and my cousin’s baby Niall.
Should be exciting to see the ever-growing children in the family.
Once again…time flies.

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