Recent Reads: Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar (Book #16 of 2013)


For the first time ever, I read two books at once. As I read Where We Belong, I read Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar by Kelly Oxford.
My copy of Everything is Perfect.. is on my Kindle, so I wasn’t able to bring it to work. Usually, I’m okay with just reading my Kindle books at night and making it through the work day somehow (magazines or…I dunno, work? My job is unpredictable, but most often slow).
I knew that wouldn’t be possible, which is why I started reading Emily Giffin. But I decided to continue with Kelly Oxford when at home.
It was fairly easy.

I don’t read more than one book at a time because I like to fully engulf myself in the story and the characters. If I were to read two fictional stories, I would get them all confused. Thankfully, I didn’t have that problem. Kelly Oxford’s book is a collection of short, funny stories about her life. A memoir. I typically enjoy books like this. Kelly Oxford’s book wasn’t bad by any means, but of all the humorous memoirs I’ve read, it wasn’t a particular favorite. I laughed out loud a few times, but I felt like some of the stories went on too long. I would’ve loved to hear more about her adventures in motherhood. Perhaps there will be another book? I’m sure I’ll check it out if there is.

Reading these two books within the week actually helped catch me up on my challenge. I was a couple of books behind, but now I’m right on schedule. Unfortunately, I decided to pick up a book that’s more than 400 pages for my next read…so we will see how that turns out.

For now, it’s nice to be back on top for a while.


A Great Weekend for a Wedding

This past weekend was gorgeous. Sunny, warm…the perfect springtime weather.
Which also meant it was the perfect weekend for a beautiful weekend. My friends Mark and Amanda got married at the lovely
Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope and the place is so pretty and dreamy and quiet and quaint.
The ceremony was outdoors and I didn’t need tights or a jacket! Amazing.
Here are some photos from the wedding.


I have a ridiculous amount of photos.
On our way home on Sunday, Lauren, Brad, and I stopped by Peddler’s Village. We were very tired and pretty hungover (come on, it was a wedding after all! Open bar!), but it was the perfect weather so we had to stop by. I am so glad we got to check it out.
And I have tons of photos from that….but I’ll save that for later.

Currently, I’m resting. We took a vacation day and I am so glad. I knew I’d need the recuperation!
Have a happy Monday!



I am so glad the weekend has arrived! We have a fun one ahead of us. A friend of mine is getting married so we are off to New Hope for the ceremony and reception. Catching up with college friends, seeing a bond of love sealed in marriage, and partying? I am so in! Brad and I took the day off on Monday, so I also get to enjoy a day of recovery from all the fun. I can’t wait to share photos and stories!

For now, here are some photos from the past week.


A beautiful Spring evening.
Drumsticks are an excellent end-of-the-night treat.
I had to clean out the Buick this week. It was sad. And gross.
Artie has been the sweetest cuddle bug all week.
Breakfast of champions at work. I really need to make it a bigger priority to make breakfast before work.
Did a completely Essie mani. In The Cab-ana and Mint Candy Apple are two of the best nail polishes ever. They’re my sister’s. Jelly.
Instead of making dinner last night, I ordered two pizzas from Domino’s. And they were heavenly.

Have a great weekend, whatever you do!!


Recent Reads: Where We Belong (Book #15 of 2013)


Where We Belong is Emily Giffin’s 6th novel, and it just further cements how much I love her as an author.

I have gone through her books chronologically and enjoyed every single one…it took me about a year after this one’s release to finally purchase it (okay, Brad was sweet and bought it for me..I wanted the paperback and it finally came out a couple of weeks ago). I think part of me was putting it off because waiting for books to read by an author you really enjoy is a pain in the butt. I liked knowing there was a sure-to-please book waiting for me. Where We Belong was no exception to Emily Giffin’s ever-growing and satisfying collection of books. I started reading them back in 2011, with Something Borrowed. Forget the (forgotten) movie with Kate Hudson. That book is soooo good.
What might, at first, seem like a really chick lit-y beach read will surprise you. Something Borrowed started off Giffin’s repertoire for exploring the nitty gritty details of all kinds of romantic and personal relationships and I love that.

Where We Belong is no different. Marian Caldwell is a successful TV producer at the age of 36. She has the dream life…a beautiful apartment in Manhattan, a well-received show (though not extremely successful with all audiences), and a handsome boyfriend who also happens to be the CEO of her network (read: successful and rich). But the fact is, nothing will ever be perfect. Because, for the last 18 years, she has been hiding a big secret from everyone but her mother. And we discover that very early on, when Kirby Rose (age 18) shows up at her apartment door.

Can you guess why Kirby shows at her doorstep?


Spoiler: Marian is Kirby’s birth mother! Marian gave her up for adoption. (It’s not that much of a spoiler, I think it’s on the back of the book.)

Kirby was allowed to find out the info on her birth mother on her 18th birthday, and since she has been having a hard time finding her place in her family, her school, and her life, she decides to seek her out.

The book is told from both Marian and Kirby’s perspectives, alternating chapters. I like this type of approach. I do feel that Giffin’s attempt to write as an 18 year old was a little rough at times, but I still loved it. It’s risky, but it works.

She did this in one of her previous books, Heart of the Matter, and it had an excellent impact in that as well.

If you haven’t been reading Emily Giffin’s books…wow, do it.
Each book breaks my heart a little, imparts some great wisdom, and entertains all the same. 
Hands down, one of my favorite authors.


My Must-Have Apps: Social Networking


As you all may know…I’m a little bit SUPER OBSESSED with the iPhone. That fateful August day in 2010 was the end of my complete attention to anything aside from that tiny electronic beast. We could go on about the dangers and distractions that come with such a tiny piece of technology, but let’s be honest here…we love it. Why run away? Embrace it.

I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite apps…but there are so many, I’m going to sub-categorize them. Let’s start with the obvious: SOCIAL NETWORKING APPS.

The obvious would be Facebook. And Twitter, of course. I probably wouldn’t have Twitter if it weren’t for the iPhone making it so easy.
So here are some less obvious (but super awesome) must-have social media apps!


Okay, Instagram is just as obvious as Facebook and Twitter at this point, but it has only been around for a little more than 2 years. A free app that allows you to share the little photo moments of your life like Facebook status and tweets? No wonder it has taken over the world!!!
If you don’t have this, even to look at the photos of your friends and favorite celebrities…I don’t know why you are avoiding this?


Vine is this super-awesome, fairly new video app along the lines of Instagram…but it’s short videos instead of photos! The videos are super easy to make…you tap the screen and hold for however long you want. There are some really awesome videos on there, posted by celebrities, bloggers, and lots of talented people.. Lots of smart, funny videos. A fun new way to document your life in less than 10 seconds!

Here are some of my latest Vines: 1 / 2 / 3


Untappd is the perfect app for all you beer lovers out there. It’s like FourSquare for your brewskis. You check-in to whatever beer you’re drinking, collect badges (Like Johnny Appleseed for drinking a certain amount of hard ciders or I Believe in IPA! for, duh, IPAs!), and toast or comment on your friend’s drinks. It’s also a great way to discover new beers you might like and entices you to try something different.


Soundtracking is an awesome way to share the tunes you’re listening to, and you can share them on Twitter and Facebook too.
It’s also a great way to find out the song that’s playing on the radio/in the store/at da club. 


Goodreads is an excellent website, but their app is simply perfection. I have it on my iPhone and my Kindle, which is perfect. I’ve posted my profile on my various Recent Reads posts (it’s how I’m keeping track of my 52/52 challenge). You can scan the ISBN number on any book and save it to a list of books to read. I use it to automatically log any books I read about/hear about so I don’t forget. And I get to see what my friends are reading or what the general consensus is for a book I want to read (at least 3.5 is safe, I’d say)!

Those are my top Social Networking apps! Any I should add to my list?


Recent Reads: Ready Player One (Book #14 of 2013)

ReadyPlayerOne RD 1 finals 2

After two consecutive chick-lit-y and predictable (if not slightly disappointing) books, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was a breath of fresh air. A believable glance at the future, a sci-fi adventure, a study on human behavior, a love letter to 1980’s pop culture…there’s something for every kind of reader in this book. I found myself wanting to tell a lot of my friends about it, especially some that I know have played video games like WORLD OF WARCRAFT and EVERQUEST. I think this particularly calls out to people who dabble in that.

The year is 2044 and the world basically sucks. Crime, oil prices, unemployment…you name it, it’s happening in the worst possible way. Our protagonist is 18-year-old Wade Watts, who lives in the stacks (literally a field filled with trailers that are stacked on each other…not an ideal home) with his aunt. His parents are both dead and his aunt barely acknowledges him, using him for the food stamps.
Wade could complain about his crappy life, but he chooses to stay as far away from it as he can by spending all of his free time in the OASIS, a virtual reality that has consumed the majority of the world. You create an avatar that gets experience points, interacts with people all over the globe, goes on adventures, watches movies, plays video games…anything you would do in the real world, but in the safety of your home.
Wade is a self-proclaimed “Gunter” who is searching for James Halliday’s (the deceased creator of the OASIS) Easter egg within the depths of the various planets and worlds Halliday has created. When Halliday passed, he left a message in his will, leaving his billions to whoever could locate the 3 keys (and 3 gates) and find his hidden Easter egg (a nod to game creators who used to code their names or other hidden goodies inside of their games for hard-core gamers to find). Wade spends his time studying the life of James Halliday, who grew up in the 80s, and all of his passions. The band Rush. The movie WarGames. Various Atari games.
As luck would have it, Wade (known as Parzival in the OASIS) is the first to find the copper key, and it starts a whirlwind of adventure that leads him to making some interesting friends and enemies on his quest to make it to the third and final gate.

This book was filled with humor and action and suspense. At times, it was hard for me to keep up. Imagine this: We are learning about Wade’s life and his quest through the OASIS and he’s going on so many missions and making friends…but none of it is actually…well…real. Sure, he is talking to other people, but he doesn’t know who they really are or where they live. Sure, he is traveling to new places, but he’s really just sitting in a chair,connected to a computer. It really made me think, once again (like Feed did a while back, but this wasn’t as depressing), about how technologically engaged we are in this society. I might not play WOW, but there are so many people who get obsessed with social media websites (um, me?) and games like Farmville (not me) or Candy Crush Saga (okay, that’s me) and spend money on ways to beat games and become immersed in the escape of reality that a computer, iPhone, movie, or video game can provide.

So I loved this fictional novel, but I could feel a factuality to it.
It’s a highly plausible future, of us fully and finally escaping reality in the hopes of a happier way to spend your days.

I recommend this, especially to those who love video games and 80’s pop culture. You’ll love it.


And how was your weekend?

I had a very fast but highly satisfying weekend.
Time is always flying, so it’s good to make the most of all of those moments.

It started off right with dinner at my favorite Mexican place, La Tolteca. A bunch of us got together before Jenna went back to California, to have one final meal and a ton of laughs before the next time she rolls back into town. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Friday night. Amazing food, amazing people, and a BEER-RITA. Which is kind of amazing but, trust me, you will get drunk.
They literally make a jumbo frozen margarita (which, for those who don’t know, is a tequila-based drink) and insert an upside-down bottle of Corona (my choice) or Dos Equis in it. So, it’s tequila and beer…but it’s so tasty, I didn’t even care that it hit me immediately. It was the only drink I needed to have fun, enjoy my meal, and laugh my butt off. Very necessary.


I worked Saturday morning, and I was super-nervous about the shift because I was holding down the fort for the most part…but I made it through without a hitch! That put me in a good mood. Even though I actually got some decent sleep Friday – Saturday, I always love to take a post-work nap. That set the tone for the rest of the evening. After a nice nap and a quick shower, Brad and I headed to the casino for dinner and some light gambling. It’s been so long since we’ve a) gone to dinner just the two of us  b) gone to the casino  c) played the slots , and it was  the perfect impromptu date night. Loved every moment of it.


In other news, I started a new book, had coffee in bed (my favorite way to kick off Sunday morning), had an impromptu pizza dinner with Brad’s parents, and enjoyed a lot of sunshine.


The next couple weekends are going to be a bit busy…a wedding next Saturday, a concert the following after that…both out of town.
So it was nice to hang around here for a while and enjoy the local life. I think I’m in for a treat for the next month or so, though.
Things are looking up!


A Review: Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box

About a week after making my Julep Maven video, I received an email from Julep advertising their Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box!
The mystery box is something they run on a regular basis…I believe they had one in February and March as well.
The deal: For one price (24.99), you get a package with anywhere from $70-200 worth of products from Julep.
How could I pass it up?

I ordered it on Thursday night and got it on Wednesday…this is the longest it’s taken for anything from Julep, but I think it’s fair because it was still less than a week and it was bigger than the typical package I get from them.

Here is my box and a review on the mystery box itself.


As always, the Julep box is decorated with bright tissue paper and fun confetti-like packaging.
It’s like unwrapping a present you bought for yourself! Super fun.


First in the box were these toe separators and an emery board. Will I use them? Sure. I feel like pretty much everyone is going to get this in their box. It’s simple accessories that will always have a place in your supply stash.


Next, Pomegranate body scrub and body crème. I don’t have anything like these, and I think they will be perfect for a DIY spa day, especially for getting my legs and feet ready for shorts and sandals. The scent is really lovely and, once again, perfect for summer.


Finally, these are my polishes. Each box is guaranteed to have one of their new Sea Salt Texture polishes. There were 3 possibilities.
I got Sadie (middle), which is black packed with silver glitter.
I also got Ally (right) and Melissa (left).

And here is a final photo of all of the contents together:

Considering the boxes contents range in price, there are obviously going to be bigger boxes. I’m pretty sure I got one of the smaller, if not the smallest, boxes. That’s the luck of the draw, so it doesn’t discourage me. It’s part of the mystery, after all! I will say, I was bummed that I got the black Sea Salt color…there was a beautiful beige and a beautiful pink as the other possible options and I would’ve loved one of those.
Again, not a big deal…that’s what you’re bargaining.

Complaint: I got Ally in my box. I know it’s a mystery and that they don’t personalize the boxes based on what your Maven profile is or what you might have purchased in the past. However, I already own Ally because it came in my April box. I don’t think they should’ve included polishes from the latest collection in the mystery box because of the large possibility of overlap.
I guess that could happen with anyone, though, whether it’s a newer polish or one from their constant collection.
Luckily, it’s a beautiful color, so I don’t mind having an extra.

Praise: No matter what, the mystery box is an excellent deal. The total price of everything in the box hovered around $80 dollars. Even if you’re a Maven and get the discount on pricing, you’re still saving at least $40, and that’s just with a small box like mine. You can imagine the savings if you were to get a bigger box! What’s even better is that this is open to everyone, Maven or not. I believe Mavens get a day notice before the general public, but anyone can buy one. There’s no subscription necessary and it’s an excellent way to treat yourself.
I can complain about getting dupes, but there’s the chance I might not like a product at all, which is a risk you’re taking. And in that case, you can save those products (unused, I would hope!) as presents or hand-me-downs to friends who would put them to good use!

Overall, I’m pleased. It’s a fun way to treat yourself, and this will not be my last mystery box!

The Sea Salt Mystery Box is still available on the website, and you can purchase it here.
If you’re interested in becoming a Maven, you can visit the site here, or you can click the Bombshell link at the top left of the page.

And don’t forget to check out my video if you’re curious about what being a Maven is like!


In Tribute: The Buick


Yesterday, I was informed that my ‘93 Buick Century is…(to put it delicately for myself) retiring.
It didn’t pass inspection, for a variety of really obvious reasons. It’s 20 years old after all.
So, allow me a moment to pay tribute and respect to this heap of junk and all that it’s done for me.

I was 20 years old when the car was bestowed upon me (it was my grandparents’ car…I remember them getting it when I was in kindergarten. I also remember running away from it multiple times when I would ride my bicycle in the driveway of my childhood home).
It was 2007, between my sophomore and junior years of college.
It was one of the roughest summers of my life. I was going through my first real heartbreak, working full-time…the car was one of the high points of an otherwise crappy time. Finally, I didn’t have to ask permission to borrow the car…I had my own baby to take care of.

Finally, I could drive myself wherever I wanted. I could bring myself to and from college. I could get a job off-campus during the school year. (And I did, Blockbuster, which was the best part-time job ever). Since that summer, nearly 6 years ago, the Buick (named Bu’, pronounced “byoo”) has basically been my partner in crime. I’ve gotten some crap for it, but I was always proud!

I have to thank it for making it this far. For driving me to and from King’s College when I was still in school. For having a bench seat so that I could pile as many friends as possible inside to make the trip to Jim Thorpe, to Hickory Run, or to the Hometown Auction. For at least having a tape deck so I could plug in my Zune and blast all of my favorite tunes. For making it to and from various concert trips to Philadelphia. For making it to and from New Jersey for a day trip to the beach. For making it to and from Long Island to visit a long distance friend.
For getting me to and from work, which is 20 minutes away. For getting me to and from Brad’s house, because who knows if the relationship would’ve even started if I couldn’t get to him (and away from my hometown) without it.

I have laughed, cried, freaked out, and talked to myself in this car. It has seen a lot of weird things.
And I’ve seen it do weird things. I’ve watched a cop pull my muffler off because it was dragging on the road behind me.
I’ve been followed by a police car because my car stalled and I didn’t know whether or not I would make it home.
I was pulled over twice. Once for going through two stop signs (I didn’t even notice, that was bad), which I got a ticket for. The second time was for “not using my turn signal” on some crappy merging roads in NJ…I only got a warning for that one because it was BS.

The Bu’ has been a massive part of my growing up process. It’s heartbreaking to see it go…but it made it a lot farther than any of us could have ever imagined and I’m thankful that I got to have this crazy, rusty gray boat to call my own for so long.

Thanks for the memories, Bu’. I’ll miss ya.


Hopes for Humanity


The explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday were yet another instance of violence in this country that has broken my heart.
When I first heard about it, I was upset and disgusted. Then I was scared, because I know people (basically my family) who live there (they are okay, thank God, thank God). And then I got sad, because I know people who do runs for charity and for fun and this could happen to anyone.

I heard some beautiful stories of people helping the cause, of running towards those who needed help, who donated blood. Those are the stories we need to hear in times like these. But I think we also need to realize that, violence or not, we all need to promote positivity and respect for those around us. We need to keep behavior like that alive in our everyday life, even if in the littlest of ways.

A lot of people have reminded us that this type of violence, which is a rarity in our nation, occurs daily in other countries. This is something we should never forget. We need to appreciate what we have. And I know this, because I especially need to do this.

I complain a lot about the silliest things. I don’t like my job, I wish I could lose a few pounds, I want a new car, etc., etc.
I have a job, so I have some money and insurance and benefits. I have food to eat. I have a car, rusty as it may be, that helps me get around.
A house over my head (and Brad’s, where I can always go no matter what). Health. A beautiful family. Friends. Love. Technology. Freedom.

I think moments like this need to remind us that our lives are fragile. It’s a scary thought, but it’s true.
Our lives are a gift and we should treat them, and the lives of others, as such.
We need to be strong, be appreciative, be kind.
We have to stay informed of what goes on around us, but we also have to approach the good things in life, the things that get hidden in the muck. My deepest prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who was affected, hurt, lost someone in this and every tragedy.


Video Post: Julep Maven Review

A couple of weekends ago, Brad and I worked on this little video project. I’ve been wanting to do a video post for quite some time. I’m lucky enough that I have a super-talented videographer boyfriend who filmed and edited the entire thing. It was a lot of fun to make and even more fun to watch him in his element.

For my first video post (I hope to do more very soon!), I decided to cover my experience as a brand new Julep Maven.
I’d tell you more about it, but that would be silly…the video does it all!

I hope you enjoy!

And don’t forget to check out Julep.com for more info.
I have also posted my referral link to the left of the page!


Gone So Soon

I absolutely did not miss working on Saturdays. It really sucks a lot of time out of my weekend.It’s so silly.
No one should have to work more than 5 days (or 40 hrs) a week. It just ain’t right!!

Regardless, we squeezed a lot of fun into what little weekend we had.
Brad got in from a business trip in California early Saturday morning, and I got to see him after work. My friend Jenna (who actually lives in California) has been in the past couple of weeks and we finally got to hang out. Friends were over, laughs were had…it was a success!


Yummy fried foods at a bar.
Cali’s “sexy” pose.
It’s not a hang-out at the house if there isn’t a cheese platter.
The usual Sunday morning coffee in one of my favorite mugs.
Out to brunch…that’s a 16 oz. mimosa. Classy, eh?

I hate going into a week with a bad feeling. I have another Saturday shift ahead and work has been so stressful lately.
Very frustrating. Just going to have to keep looking for the positive side!


Recent Reads: The Opposite of Me (Book #13 of 2013)


Book 13 of 52 is completed! I believe this one was another Amazon recommendation, and a bargain book to boot. Why would I deny it?

The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen is a book about trying to find your place in the world and in your family.
It’s one thing to get confused about who you are in this world, but when you have a sibling (or multiple siblings) you are often fighting a stigma that’s been placed on you by the family (or maybe even by yourself).

In this case, our protagonist is Lindsey Rose, a successful advertising agent who is up for VIP of the company. Work is her life; she spends most of her nights in the office and knows nothing of socializing outside of the office or romantic relationships. A series of events gets Lindsey, the smart and successful sister, fired. She knows she can’t afford her New York apartment much longer and that no one will be willing to hire her once word gets out of her misdemeanors, so she moves back home to Maryland. That means she will be facing her fraternal twin sister, Alex. Alex is the “beautiful” sister, modeling and hosting TV shows as her work. She doesn’t need to woo anyone…they are instantly attracted to her. So, Lindsey has always felt cast in the shadows. Now that she has goofed up her success, she feels completely lost. She lies about why she moves back home to save face.

At first, it’s hard to get in groove with Lindsey. I’m getting used to unlikeable narrators, but I was downright frustrated with her. I saw no redeeming qualities. Perhaps it’s because I’m so close to my own sister, but I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t feel able to discuss anything with your sibling. Of course, I do understand where she’s coming from and why one would be jealous. I could feel her jealousy closing her off and predict certain outcomes that Lindsey apparently couldn’t see herself.
However, towards the end, I really enjoyed the story. It took a sharp turn in a strange direction, but I liked the unexpected quality of it.
I will complain again, though…this book would’ve been absolutely fine without a romantic subplot, especially one that gets thrown it at the very last minute. Do we always need a happy love ending in order to feel like a book is complete? I disagree. I’d really like, for once, to just see the main storyline (like the sibling rivalry in this case, or Katie’s experience post-rehab in Spin) be the only storyline. They are strong enough to stand on their own.

Ultimately, I enjoyed the book. It was the perfect mindless beach-type of read. The equivalent of watching a romantic comedy.
If you need some light entertainment, I’d recommend it.
This is Sarah Pekkanen’s debut novel…I’m curious to see if her writing has gotten stronger.
I’ll surely check out another of her books in the future.


We Want More: Real-Life Young Adult


A couple of months ago, I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It had been less than a year since I read the iconic book. I don’t know what took me so long to read it, but I was especially fearful of how the movie would turn out. But knowing that it was in the hands of the author Stephen Chbosky, from writing to directing, I had a lot more faith.

Whether or not I had read the book, I really enjoyed the movie. It struck a cord with me and I bought it less than a week after seeing it. I’ve been wanting to watch it again so bad. I was trying to think about what I liked about the movie so much so instantly. I mean, I love plenty of movies and books for plenty of reasons. The acting was good, the story was obviously good…but there was something else.

And then it hit me. For the first time in what feels like forever, there was no supernatural romance. There was no dystopian future. There was no Facebook, cell phones, or even CDs. There was living life, going to school, dealing with complicated feelings (from closeted homosexuality to first love to drugs to suicide). There was humor and sadness in the most relatable of ways. And I feel like that’s something that has been sorely missing from the Young Adult genre for quite some time.

Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love me some Hunger Games, some Twilight, etc.
But there’s something about exploring the feelings of being a teenager without the hunky love triangle, impending threat of violence and death, or the possibility of an immortal life that is necessary right now. It reminds us of what life really is ACTUALLY LIKE. I so admire the book and the movie for doing that. And it reminded me of why I love the author John Green so dang much.

He, too, is an author who explores love and loss and growing up in the most human way possible. There are some extraordinary things that happen within his novels, but they are of the ordinary variety. The extraordinary beauty of falling in love for the first time, the extraordinary devastation of losing someone important in your life…he has covered it all. And with no threat of vampire armies, war, or even cellular distractions. It’s not like his books don’t take place in the here and now (Chbosky’s shouldn’t technically count since the book and movie take place in the early 90s and Facebook and iPhones weren’t even a thought yet), or that he avoids technology.
But they don’t dominate the characters in the books.

I’ve missed watching movies and reading books about growing up that didn’t involve meeting an immortal soul mate or panned out like a predictable romantic comedy. There’s a time and a place for these things, and I love them for their mindless entertainment, but they don’t stick with me the way Stephen Chbosky and John Green have. It’s so wonderful to have these books and movies to remind us…but we most definitely need more. If you have suggestions on something I’m missing out on, let me know!


Some Little Things From My Life Lately…

I hope I’m not alone in lacking inspiration at the moment. Now that the weather is finally warming up, I think things are going to turn around. But after the lingering cold weather and the defeating flu from last week, I’m feeling kind of…boring. Still, there are some nice little things that keep life interesting, and some things to look forward to as well. Here are some photos of the good stuff.


A new mug to add to my ever growing collection…Bloomingdales love!



Most recent nail purchases: Julep’s Georgia and Daisy, Topshop’s Mermaid, China Glaze’s Fade Into Hue, and Sally Hansen’s Mermaid’s Tale.


Tried both new Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee flavors…Mint Chocolate Chip and Butter Pecan (BP wins!).


I never win anything, but I won this awesome Incoco Instagram contest. I get the GIRLS DVD (Okay, so I already have that) and nail strips that are based on each character from the show. SO EXCITED. Can’t wait to try them…especially the cute bows on Shoshanna!


Snagged this book I was lusting after for 5 dollars at Target. Now to use it…


Crocuses in bloom. So excited to see colors again.