Memories and Motivation


In an attempt to motivate myself and invigorate my passions, I did some rooting around my photo folders. It’s always fun to look at moments and memories that may have been forgotten…even if it wasn’t all that long ago. I found a bunch of cute photos of my boyfriend, Brad, from last November and I felt compelled to share them. I know, he’s smoking in the last one. And yeah, smoking is gross. But the picture is kind of cool. And I’m happy to tell you that he has been SMOKE FREE for 1 month so far! We’re all so proud of him. This is a big deal, guys.

As for the motivation, I’ve realized I definitely need to start doing more shoots with friends and family. I’ve only done a few with the Rebel so far, and I’m pretty proud of them. Now that the sun is out longer, there is no excuse not to gussy my sister or any number of friends up and pose them all over town. The process of shooting and editing and eventually posting is truly one of my happiest hobbies.

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