Take Me Out


On Saturday evening, I went with my father and sister to a baseball game at the field in Moosic/Montage, PA. The local farm team, the RailRiders were playing. I only know enough about each sport where I can get by, but I still enjoy going to live games, especially when it’s free! We were super lucky and enjoyed suite seats, so we got some free food and beer and a beautiful night to be outside in the stands.


Maria actually ended up buying that foam finger. I made my dad put that silly hat on.


The baseball field just had a makeover and it’s really beautiful. You can walk around the entire length of the park, and there are vendors everywhere. There are even lawn “seats” for people who just want to grab a blanket and enjoy a game that way.


The suite just means that, in between watching the game, we could sit in an air-conditioned kitchen room and eat and grab beers from the mini-fridge. It almost felt wrong enjoying free beer, so I kept grabbing the Landshark. No one seemed to want it. Fins Up, you guys!


I almost didn’t go to the game. Most sports don’t interest me and I had to rush to Brad’s to change quickly after a baby shower, but it was so worth it to laugh and enjoy a few beers with my family. I am so glad I changed my mind!

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  1. I feel the same way about these sporting events! I went to an Iron Pigs game with my mom and it was really fun even though I'm so not the sporty type!