This Wednesday, in Photos

Yesterday was beautiful. The afternoon was extremely hot and sunny, but towards the end of the workday it looked like it might rain.
Luckily, it didn’t. Initially, I had plans to do some shopping/errand-running and wait patiently for Brad to get done with some late work.
I did get my shopping done, but Brad was finished with work much earlier than expected and we got to
enjoy a little dinner outside on a lovely, early summer evening.


A cold Dos Equis lager to wash down my tasty burrito and taco from La Tolteca.


Turquoise and Caicos toenails and one of my favorite pairs of sandals, getting their first wear of 2012.


His and Hers toothbrushes.


One of many highlighted parts in my current read, Looking for Alaska by John Green.


Nails and Ales

Time for another round of Nails and Ales!!!


Dogfish Head’s Aprihop is a seasonal beer only available in March/April. I was excited to try it. Mostly because of the apricot flavor. I enjoyed my first bottle, but I’m not the biggest fan of IPAs (which are huge in Dogfish Land) so I could only handle the one. It was extremely hoppy but the apricot flavor helped it go down smooth. I’m glad I got to try it, but it’s not a favorite.
Nails: I have been dying to try newspaper print nails for a long time. I used China Glaze’s Pelican Gray as a base coat and followed Cute Polish’s instructions on her YouTube video! Easy and awesome nail art in seconds!


I decided to venture outside of the Woodchuck box for a moment here and try Angry Orchard’s Hard Cider. There are three different flavors: Traditional Dry, Crisp Apple, and Apple Ginger. I decided to go with the ginge on this one. I’m glad I did. It had a spicy kick to it that made it interesting and stand out from the average cider. I’m still a Woodchuck girl through and through, but this cider will not be ignored. I’d definitely recommend it, especially this flavor combo. Yum!
Nails: Using OPI’s Coney Island Cotton Candy as a base, I decided to do a variety of diagonals and stripes with China Glaze’s Fast Track (from the Capitol Colours-Hunger Games) collection. I didn’t Fast Track to be so subtle, but it was different to do some funky art with neutral colors.
I liked the result.


Magic Hat is one of those breweries that has a beer for every taste. I was excited to try Elder Betty, their summer brew. It’s a weiss (wheat) beer, and it’s rare that I don’t enjoy a good wheat beer (think Blue Moon/Shock Top/Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat). This one just happens to be brewed with elderberry flavor, which is nice and tart. It’s an easily drinkable beer that I super-duper enjoyed.
Nails: It was pure coincidence that my nails happened to match the bottle so well. Both polishes are from Urban Outfitters. I fell in love with the purple, called Bandeau, looked like it could glow under black lights. I used the uber-chunky glitter polish (Chilly) in complementary purples and blues as accent on my pointer and middle fingers. It’s simple with a kick.


I kicked off Memorial Day weekend right with a Shock Top Lemon Shandy. Shandies are awesome. You can actually make your own, mixing a beer of your choice (probably something light or wheat) with lemonade! They are the perfect beers for summer. Leinenkugel also has a tasty shandy that is so easy to sip and the perfect end (or beginning) to any summer day!
Nails: It’s been a while since I used the trusty Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, but I was in a lazy mood. In fact, my nails were bare before I applied these (THE HORROR!). The name of these strips are "Not a Peep!” and they are from the now discontinued Spring 2012 collection. I picked them up at Target for 4 bucks. Cute little birdies kissing for less than half the price? I couldn’t say no.

And that’s the round up for this past month! Can’t wait to share more with you next month!


(Memorial Day) Weekend


I needed this Monday off. I needed a weekend. Last week was so stressful, and I didn’t blog on Friday because Thursday night was exhausting (Maria’s graduation, right after work that lasted almost 3 hours), and Friday was a bad day (woke up super late/made a stupid error that couldn’t be fixed which really sucks). I needed the downtime to relax. Even though I worked on Saturday, I still had a normal weekend.

Dog sitting with Brad on Saturday night. A couple of dips in the pool. Sunday Funday with awesome people. Cookouts and cold brews with the same awesome people. I love when I’m reminded that I’m only 25 and that life is seriously amazing.

Here’s to a better week!




So, basically the two most important people of my life have given me reasons to be mega-proud this week.

First, my sister is graduating Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA) from LCCC this evening! Her portfolio is enough to be proud of, her work is amazing, and she is working a full-time job in her field. But add the 4.0 GPA to all of this and I can’t help but be super-dee-duper proud.
My sister is so beyond talented and deserves every accolade she receives and every amazing opportunity that comes her way.

And secondly, Brad celebrated 1 year smoke-free yesterday! Last year, when asked what I wanted for my birthday, I simply answered that I wanted Brad to quit smoking. He quit cold turkey and, though it wasn’t easy at first, he made it this far which is SO AWESOME! After smoking for 10 years, I guess he was finally ready to give it up and I’m so glad he stuck with it.

So proud, excited, happy for my sister and my boyfriend (who are also my best friends) in their amazing successes!
I’m so glad I have them in my life.


At the Moment…


..some things I love.

The show GIRLS on HBO. I can’t stop watching at any opportunity I can. It’s just so painfully funny and brutally honest. Can I please hang out and work with Lena Dunham?
Dunkin Donuts has this Black Cocoa Creme Iced Coffee to celebrate the new Men in Black movie. It is tasty!!!! I’ll miss it (just like I miss the Caramel Almond iced coffee they took away from me too).
My Kindle Fire. Don’t get me wrong, I still love books, but I love the instant gratification (and constant suggestions for new books) I get from this tablet wonder. I don’t regret that purchase for a second.
Summer weather, aka swimming weather. I had my first dip in the pool on Sunday and it was so lovely.
Cheese! I’m into trying all different kinds. My dinner on Monday consisted of some leftover chicken fingers from the party and a plate of various cheese Brad got from his parents’ house. Mmmm…best snack ever.
My lovely little succulent/cacti plant that my friend Catie got me for my birthday. It’s the first plant I’ve ever cared about.
The show Misfits, which you can watch on Hulu for free. It is hysterical and exciting and dramatic. A great mixture.


The Roaring 20s


On Saturday, we held a Prohibition-Era themed party for my 25th birthday. It was one of the best nights of my life. Pretty much everyone I love in one place, dressed to the nines in some adorable ‘20s style fashions. We “broke the rules” and drank hooch, with an emphasis on some cocktails that originated during the 1920s (French 75s are my personal favorite, though it’s probably because I’m partial to gin). Beer was sipped from bottles without labels. Oldies blasted from the gramophone (which had an iPhone in it, streaming Pandora, ingenious).
Charlie Chaplin’s silent movies played on the TV. There was always a fake cigarette in someone’s hand.

There wasn’t a single ounce of drama. Just an amazing night with friends, on a little journey back in time.


Also, though I certainly didn’t stay in that state, there is something so fabulous about getting ready to the sounds of a jazzy 1920s singer, with wave clips in your hair, filling in your eyebrows and smacking on some dark lipstick. I highly recommend.



P.S. There were way more people at the party than these pics show.
Unfortunately, they aren’t the most flattering photos and it was also hard to take pictures when you’re having fun!


The (Extremely Amazing) Weekend













I have to apologize for disappearing from the blogosphere since Wednesday. It has been crazy these past several days, though, and I couldn’t break away! The big thing was my birthday on Saturday! I am now 25. Woop! Anyways, I didn’t really make a huge deal about it on the blog, but Brad and I have been planning a 1920s Prohibition-Era Speakeasy themed birthday party for a while now. Hard to believe that my little random thought turned into an actual event. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening. Mason jar cocktails, all my favorite people in flapper dresses and dapper shirts and suspenders, and the realization that my life is even better than I could ever hope or ask for.

Unfortunately, with the good comes the sad. My friend Jenna (here’s one of a few posts featuring her) moved to California to live with her boyfriend (and my friend, seen here), and we had to say our “Bye for now”s. An Olive Garden date and some tearful hugs were a nice way to close that chapter. The book isn’t over, though. Just moving to the next one.

This weekend reminded me, though, that life is SO GOOD. I had off on Friday as well, and I just had the best three days of beautiful weather, birthday surprises (Canteen 900 seeing my tweet and bringing me over a surprise cupcake! Brad’s brother and sister-in-law coming in from Boston to attend the party! So many adorable presents!), and the best friends a girl could ask for.

To everyone who came to my party, wished me a happy birthday, and are simply in my life…I love you and can’t thank you enough!


The Great Outdoors


Everything is green and lovely again! I can sit under the trees and listen to the leaves rustle for hours.
It was painful sitting at work all day today. I desperately wanted to be reading or writing outside on a big comfy blanket under a gigantic tree, sipping iced coffee without a single care in the world.

Here are some pictures from my Lomo Fisheye NO. 2 from a couple of springs ago…


Sad Fact: I haven’t taken a picture with my Fisheye or developed any film from the Fisheye since 2010. Must be fixed. SOON.


Cali Girl

Puppies are some of the best creatures you could ever photograph…if you can get them to slow down a bit. I’m still working through my latest photography book, and I decided to play around with manual settings while taking pictures of Cali, Brad’s housemate’s puppy (she recently turned 1!). It certainly wasn’t easy…she always wants to move around. But I still captured some little shots anyway.



The Weekend


We were blessed with such beautiful weather this weekend! It went by so fast but every moment was perfect. My cousin is having a baby (look at her totally adorable baby bump…I love baby bumps!) so we went to NJ for her shower. It was at her in-laws, who live right on a lake in a perfect house that I really wish I could live in and read and write for the rest of my life.

Also: Went to La Tolteca with my friends for one of Jenna’s last hangouts before she departs for California. We ended up staying up ‘til 3 am talking about nothing and trying to do yoga (Brad and Jenna, not me). I am really gonna miss her when she leaves.
We also celebrated Mother’s Day at my house and had a yummy dinner with my family! Happiness.

I definitely had a case of the Sunday Night Blues last night, but Thursday is my Friday this week so I get to enjoy a short week and a three-day weekend! Not to mention it’s gonna be my birthday and I’m preparing for a little party this Saturday!
Good things ahead.


Dinner Last Night: Breakfast


Okay, so it’s not the first time I made breakfast for dinner, but there can’t be a damn complaint about it. If you don’t appreciate breakfast foods and their ability to be enjoyed at any time of the day, then I might dislike you (or at least need a little time to warm up to you).
Instead of pancakes, I went for French toast. So delicious!

I’m so thankful and relieved for the weekend. May has been a busy month on my free days, and torturously long on the weekdays.
This weekend is no different. Dinner for Jenna, a baby shower for my cousin, and Mother’s Day! Once again, I’m a busy bee.

At least I have a 3 day weekend next week…my birthday is next Saturday! WOOP!

Have a great one, guys!


I’d Rather Dye…

I am and always have been obsessed with unnatural hair colors. I only dabbled in it once, but hair dye sort of scares me in general. It requires a lot of upkeep and TLC and I’m kinda lazy. Regardless, I’d love to dye my hair something uncommonly pretty. Unfortunately, my job doesn’t really allow it. So I’ll stick to admiring pictures on Pinterest and living vicariously through my friend’s fun hair color changes…for now.






All pictures from my Hair Dos on Pinterest.

(Props to Brad for coming up with the title!)


In Their Defense…

Is it just me, or does everyone get a little defensive when something they enjoy gets criticized? My sister makes fun of me and calls me the
PR person of whatever I love at the moment that people seem to dislike. But that’s the case with everything. You like something or you don’t. Simple as that. It’s just funny, though, that some recent things I enjoy have had strong opinions in both directions.

I thought I’d share my feelings about these things I adore, and why I think they deserve a little love.

Lana Del Rey


I fell in love with Lana Del Rey’s two blog-hyped songs (Video Games and Blue Jeans) at the beginning of the year, thanks to my sister. I loved the beautiful music and the interesting, funky lyrics. The songs were intoxicating, and they quickly got stuck in my head. I couldn’t wait for her full length album to come out. But then, she appeared on Saturday Night Live and, much to the dismay of this fan, basically got dumped on for her weak performance and awkward stage presence. Add her previous failed attempt at becoming a recording artist (look up Lizzie Grant) and her fast breakthrough into mainstream, and people were hating her all over the place.

I love her voice and I adore the album. I can sing all the lyrics to the songs because I’ve listened to them so much.
And I admit it, they aren’t the best, smartest, or most original lyrics. A lot of the music is the same thing over and over.
But she has a style and she goes with it. It’s a little cheesy and tacky at times, but she owns it.
And whatever happened before doesn’t matter to me. There are very many celebrities who do not use their real name, who have had failed record label attempts and came back with a new style that worked for that time(coughKATY PERRYcough, who went from Christian music to whipped cream bras). There’s music for all ears. But perhaps the drama is what makes her that much more appealing?
I stand by her.



I knew I was going to love HBO’s show Girls before I even saw the first episode. I follow creator/writer/director/actress Lena Dunham on Twitter and I think she is one of the funniest, most relatable women (girls?) on the planet. I saw her movie Tiny Furniture and fell even more in love.We are only 4 episodes into the show, but I’m in for the long haul. It’s just what the doctor ordered for someone like me.
Unfortunately, the show is catching a lot of flack for it’s lack of racial diversity and for the fact that every actress on the show has a parent who is famous for something in the artsy/TV/movie world. I refuse to get mad about the “nepotism” that everyone is freaking out about. That is how the world works. In any business, it’s about the people you know, whether you want to act and direct or be a lawyer or doctor. If you wanted to get into show business, and you had an in, wouldn’t you use it?

Regardless, the show is so funny and honest and well-written. It is what it is.
When I’m watching it, I’m not thinking about the parents of the actresses.
I’m engaging in the story, laughing at the embarrassing things these ladies (and, in actuality, we) do.
As for racial diversity, this will always be an issue and people will always be unsatisfied. It’s an unfortunate truth.

Fifty Shades of Grey


It’s the issue of Entertainment Weekly you see above that led me to read the entire Fifty Shades trilogy. I suppose if I didn’t like it, I could’ve stopped after the first book or even the first few chapters. But I didn’t. I got sucked in. I ignored the not-so-great, repetitive writing style that sometimes made me cringe for the racy scenes that made reading all of the books so damn worth it.

This was my first “erotic” book, and it will probably be my last. It was silly at times, but titillating all the same.
But of course, we have the lovers and the haters.

It doesn’t help that the book spurred off from Twilight fan fiction (yes, I like Twilight), which already faces tons of criticism. But add in the lacking writing style and the sadomasochistic sex and you have yourself a nice little controversy in your hand.
People have issues that it is a NY Times Bestseller. Guess what? Just like a crappy movie makes it to the top of the box office, so will a book.
And here’s the scoop: There aren’t many women who are going to go ahead and order porn and toys and stuff. For the ladies, sexuality is as much mental and emotional as it is physical. This book does a good job of stirring the senses. So, it might not be worthy of the Pulitzer, but it’s a fun, easy, fluffy, sexy read perfect for bedtime or beach time.



On Sunday, I joined lady friends Catie, Lauren, and Jenna on a little road trip to Hoboken for their Arts and Music Festival. We ended up with a gorgeous day, and Hoboken is such a cute place filled with all different boutiques and restaurants. Jenna’s sister came along and brought her Dachshund, Lily. That meant we got to meet lots of other cute puppies along the way. It was a very successful (though maybe a bit tiring) day.


The long day was totally worth it when we saw the gorgeous full moon over the glittering skyline.
Those are the moments I live for.



The Weekend


My sister’s portfolio presentation and Tommy’s wings and pizza to celebrate. Corona bucket specials and laughing ‘til it hurts. Driving with the windows down and wearing a skirt without tights. Homemade guacamole and margaritas in mason jars. Playing with adorable puppies.
A road trip out of state with beautiful friends on a gorgeous spring day. My 1st falafel pita and my 1st Pinkberry frozen yogurt.
An amazing, orange full moon over the Hudson river.

It was a very very very good weekend.


Dinner Last Night: Penne with Spicy Vodka Sauce and Sausage


This is not the first time I’ve had this meal, and it won’t be my last. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of my favorite foods of all time. Over a year ago, I wanted to try vodka sauce and Brad insisted we make our own instead settling for jarred sauce. We found an excellent recipe on AllRecipes, and I don’t think I’ll ever try another one again.

Due to a tight budget and, I’ll admit it, laziness, I decided to purchase a jar of vodka sauce. I still spiced things up with crushed red pepper, garlic powder, and parsley flakes. It is so tasty and I love the spice that stays in your mouth. It makes a typical pasta dish special.
I decided to carbo-load and get a nice loaf of fresh Italian bread on the side. Quick and painless meal, and I kept going back for more.


It’s Friday! This week was a blur. This month has been a blur. THIS YEAR. Where does the time go? How are we in month 5 of 2012?
My mind is pretty blown.

I love May. It’s my favorite month. It still reminds me of the winding down of school, and there’s the beginning of consistent springy warm weather and my birthday of course! But this one is jam packed with activities each weekend. I finally have a few Saturdays off after working a couple in a row, but there are things to do every free day I have. From getting an updated license to spending as much time as possible with my friend before she moves across the country, there’s a lot on my plate.

This weekend promises to be a good one. The right balance of rest and fun! I couldn’t be more thankful.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend, readers! Have a great one!