Photo an Hour: 12/27/13

The first Photo an Hour post I’ve ever done (inspired by the likes of The Dainty Squid and Bleubird) was back in July.
It also happens to be the only photo an hour I’ve ever done. Since that day, I’ve wanted to try it again, but every time I’d think it would be a good idea, I’d lose track of the time or forget to bring my camera.
Last Friday, I woke up earlier than I had intended, full of inspiration and good vibes for the day. With that feeling, I decided to take a photo an hour. I am quite pleased with both the day and the pictures.
I did, however, use my iPhone to document the day.
All of the photos were edited using the VSCO app.

7 am:

I had Friday off, but Brad didn’t. He woke me up while getting ready, but I didn’t actually mind. Instead, I got up and got showered and ready for the day. I had plans anyway, so this meant I had more time to relax and get ready before hand. This is what my hair looks like post-blow dryer and pre-straightener.

8 am:

As it’s plain to see, I’ve finally started to get back into blogging. I’ve been staying up at night thinking of so many things I want to share and so many things I want to write about, for the blog and otherwise. This scene is ridiculous, but I’m still working with my crappy computer (in the back) because it has tons of old photos I haven’t gotten around to moving over to the “new” refurbished computer I got as a hand-me-down from Brad’s dad. Of course, I’m skimming my usual blog roll as I wait for things to get started on the old hunk of junk.

9 am:

My nails were naked for about 24 hours, which is completely unheard of for me. I decided to do a quick one-polish mani before meeting my friends for breakfast. It was a little sloppy, but Fake It ‘til You Make It by Deborah Lippmann is such a stunner that it barely even mattered. It was a Christmas present!

10 am:

11 am:

I had breakfast with these beautiful ladies at Cracker Barrel. We had a blast chatting and laughing and eating food and drinking coffee. It’s something so simple that needs to be done more often. Catie, all the way on the left, came in from Arizona for the holidays. Her hometown is in New Jersey, so we only got limited time with her, but it was so great to see her face and hug her. It had been too long. Can’t wait for next time!


After our meal, Maria and I headed out to brave the crowds at the Lehigh Valley Mall, about an hour away from us. They have a lot more stores than we do in NEPA, and I haven’t been there in forever, so it was a nice change. I always love a good shopping trip, especially when I have a little extra pocket cash!

1 pm:

We finally arrived at our destination and one of the first places we stopped was Barnes & Noble.
Maria was searching for something she didn’t find until later, and I never wanted to leave this spot.
I love books. I want to live in a bookstore. I want to read all of the books.
And yes, I love YA.

3 pm:

Skipped an hour because I was busy shopping. Didn’t get too much…an awesome jacket on sale, The Art of Fielding for a steal, and a cute top for 1/2 the clearance price from The Gap. I also didn’t have to wait long in the lines.
Not too shabby.


Back on the road. I always love taking photos in this tunnel.


Horrible zoomed photo of the crazy sunset. I took this in the parking lot of the casino, where I was meeting Brad for food and happy hour drinks after the long day of shopping and such!


My cute date and one of the best cocktails ever…an Effen Good. Anything with cucumber gets me hook, line, and sinker.


I had work at 8 am on Saturday, so I had to take it easy on Friday night. After a drink and some great food at Bar Louie, Brad and I headed home to enjoy some GameCube action. As always, he kicked my butt.

This was a great day and I am glad I captured some photos of it.
I hope that, with this new year, I can incorporate Photo an Hour into my blog schedule more often.

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