A Great Weekend for a Wedding

This past weekend was gorgeous. Sunny, warm…the perfect springtime weather.
Which also meant it was the perfect weekend for a beautiful weekend. My friends Mark and Amanda got married at the lovely
Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope and the place is so pretty and dreamy and quiet and quaint.
The ceremony was outdoors and I didn’t need tights or a jacket! Amazing.
Here are some photos from the wedding.


I have a ridiculous amount of photos.
On our way home on Sunday, Lauren, Brad, and I stopped by Peddler’s Village. We were very tired and pretty hungover (come on, it was a wedding after all! Open bar!), but it was the perfect weather so we had to stop by. I am so glad we got to check it out.
And I have tons of photos from that….but I’ll save that for later.

Currently, I’m resting. We took a vacation day and I am so glad. I knew I’d need the recuperation!
Have a happy Monday!

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