Today, I’m Thankful For…

…getting out of work earlier than scheduled because everything got done ahead of time.

…the free Caramel Latte I got using my Panera Bread card. It was delicious and much needed.


…the fact that I always have to have my cell phone on me because I locked my keys and purse in the running car while brushing off the snow which also means…

…my father, who helped me get into the locked car by having the pin on hand (and having a car that uses a pin). Apparently, last night he found the pin and knew he should have it on hand just in case. That “just in case” happened today, and my cell phone was in my pocket. Disaster averted.


…my new bathing suit from ASOS, which I bought on discount, fits like a glove, and reminds me that my trip to Mexico is less than a month away!


…the internet, for allowing me to catch up on all the shows I don’t always get to watch on air.

…cheap wine because…duh.


…gas money when I desperately needed it, taking a huge load off my back.

…my sister’s homemade halushki…yum!

…New Girl and Mindy Project on tonight! It’s Mindy’s “Winter Finale” and the show is in danger of possibly getting cancelled. If you can, watch it (you won’t regret it, it’s getting better each week!) or sign this petition!

1 comment:

  1. Omg that sucks that you locked yourself out but is so awesome that your dad happened to know the pin! I love when things like that fall into place. And that caramel latte looks so gooood right now.