An update on some things I love at the moment…

I’ve had a large amount of Panera in the last couple of months, thanks to my hour lunches at work. It’s so close to Old Navy and the atmosphere is perfect to enjoy some soup, some coffee, and my current book. I love the Broccoli Cheddar soup and Iced Green Tea. Turkey sandwiches are also a usual pick.
Coffee, coffee and more coffee. I wish I could add something original here, but it’s freezing out and it wakes me up and keeps me warm. Dunkin’ has a new flavor, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, that is quite delightful.
Though I’ve read plenty of articles along the way, I’ve started checking Buzzfeed on a regular basis. It’s just too fun.
I can (do) get lost on the site taking personality quizzes and reading fun lists. It’s the perfect waste of time.
Aside from completely rewatching How I Met Your Mother (in the final stretch of season 6), the holiday season (with movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and The Shop Around the Corner) helped get me curious about watching old movies. For a long time, I’ve had an irrational fear of old movies. I have some theories as to why. Though I’ve exposed myself to some classics, I find myself ready to bring some real classics in. James Stewart in anything, the Katherine Hepburn movie collection my sister got, the romcoms on Netflix…I’m ready to open my mind!
I finally got Lorde’s Pure Heroine and it’s the best thing my ears have heard in a while. I play that and The Love Club EP on shuffle and blast it as loud as possible. I haven’t been this excited about music since Lana!
Brad got me Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago on vinyl for Christmas. It sounds amazing. I’m looking forward to adding more contemporary music to his huge collection (though I love listening to Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, and Bossa Nova). Lana Del Rey’s Paradise is on it’s way to my house today and I have a long list of favorites, like
Florence + the Machine, Grizzly Bear, and Vampire Weekend, that I’d love to add.

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