That Time I Made a Choice


For the last little while, I’ve been juggling with the same dilemma. I wrote about it back in November, and it’s been a consistent question in my mind. Ultimately, it was the tax return season that helped me make the choice. And a couple of answered questions and opinions and weigh-ins from the people who know me best. That’s right folks…


…I got a Kindle Fire! I seriously thought about this over and over, weighing all my options. There are several different versions of the Kindle, so I had some choices. Ultimately, I settled on the Fire. It’s an E-Reader and Android Tablet all in one! I haven’t had it for more than a week, but I simply adore it. I can watch videos, look at color graphic novels and magazines, surf the web, and stream music.
And, of course, I can download books in seconds and read right away.


It will definitely take some getting used to reading on the Kindle. I am finishing a book at the moment, so I have yet to actually start one of the books I purchased in my first few days owning le Kindle bebe. I’m excited to start!


I know E-Readers are kind of a sensitive subject. Though the people I know who have Kindles/Nooks really like them, there are just as many people I know who think it’s practically offensive to own one if you truly love books. I get it. I really do. I will always love books. And I still plan on buying books. There are some authors I truly love, some books I truly love, that need to have a place on my future bookshelf to be shared and seen. But for now, I’m happy to embrace this bit of technology. I think it’ll be a great purchase in the long run.

Special credit to my boyfriend for taking/editing these photos that look a whole lot like legitimate Kindle ads haha.

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