Oscars 2011 Recap

I can’t express enough how much I adore the Academy Awards. I don’t make much time for any other award show but this. Even if I haven’t seen half the movies, even if the hosts are lame, even if the people I want to win lose…I love them. I wish there were some reason I’d be able to attend them one day. Perhaps it’s because it seems to be a classy, drama-free and respectful night for the arts. There are puns but hardly any low blows. Everyone is dressed nicely. Everyone claps and supports one another. In an otherwise gossip-filled Hollywood, the Oscars seem to be a positive night for actors. It’s about the work (Okay, and the outfits) for once. But okay, let’s focus on the dresses (there seems to be a running theme of purples and creams).


Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

Should I have saved the best for last? Ehh, whatever. I think it’s safe to say that Mila stole the top spot for Best Dressed on many a list. The moment I saw her, I knew right away. It was a pretty perfect Mila Kunis Oscars dress. It was unlike the rest, sexy, pretty, gorgeous, classy, and show-stealing. She showed a lot of skin/body, but it was still elegant. Loved it.


Cate Blanchett in Givenchy

There’s something about Cate Blanchett. She is very different, from her facial features to her short hairdo…she can’t just settle for a simple, pretty gown. This has structure and style. It’s classic and gorgeous and formal, but there’s something funky about the shoulders and beading. I don’t know who else would be able to pull this off, but she did, wonderfully.


Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa

This is the perfect Oscars dress for a 14 year old. I didn’t get to see True Grit yet, but I cannot wait to see Hailee’s performance. The way she handled herself last night was perfect. I hope (and believe) that she will continue to be a classy young lady. This is an adorable tutu-esque dress (that she helped design!) that screams youth and class all at once.


Michelle Williams in Chanel

Michelle Williams, how desperately you make me want to chop all my hair off again. Unfortunately I don’t think I will look as fantastic and ethereal and delicate as you. This dress was quite simple in its shape, but it complimented her entire look so well. I was jealous of her the whole night.

Natalie Portman in Rodarte

My girl won last night! Okay, we all saw it coming. She was probably getting sick of making so many acceptance speeches. But good for her! Black Swan was honestly the greatest film she’s ever done, and Nina was by far her best role. I’m glad she is winning for it…it was a once in a lifetime performance. As a huge fan, I’m proud of her. Her dress may not be the flashiest but it’s elegant and it seemed perfect for her ever-growing shape. When she first arrived, she seemed so uncomfortable and her man had to help her on stage, simply because her bump is growing. I’m so glad she had such a perfect maternity dress. A lot of people gave her crap for the Golden Globes Viktor and Rolf gown, and now they can zip their lips.



Now I just need to see a ton of movies. The show was yet another reminder of how pathetically behind I let myself get.


Random Rambling Post


I don’t usually blog on the weekends, but I’m making an exception today. The weekend didn’t pan out exactly how I wanted it to, specifically because I’ve had some annoying anxiety over many different issues. I usually spend weekends with Brad, but I only had today to relax (I worked yesterday) and I definitely needed downtime to lounge in jammies, so I opted for staying home (definitely excited to return to regularly scheduled programming next week!). So, anyways, here’s a little random list of things that have no real flow or meaning. It’s just so I don’t go crazy.

  • Finished my last disc of Community Season 1 today. It took the first disc to get into it, but I definitely adore it now. I hate that I’m behind on this season, and that it’ll be quite a while until I get to watch those episodes.
  • I’m contemplating getting a Twitter. I had one for about a week back in college, but I got bored because no one else in my group was hopping on the bandwagon. Brad started one this past week, and I read a ton of celeb and blog faves Tweets so I dunno…we shall see.
  • I’ve come to accept the fact that I have a terrible diet and I need to drastically change my eating habits. It’s going to be hard, but worth it (and I am not making any promises, this will take forever, and I will always slip up).
  • I’m a huge slacker when it comes to laundry. I always have about 3 separate loads when I finally getting around to doing it. I’ll do two, and the last one will just sit there (because I usually don’t have time to do it the night I get started) for who knows how long. This last pile has been sitting for about a week and a half. And the clean clothes are all huddled in my hamper, waiting to be folded and put away.
  • I wish I was a craft-y person. I see people sewing clothes, knitting scarves, making jewelry, painting pictures…whatever. And I’m so jealous, because I’ve never been that person and I probably never will be.
  • I did my taxes today! I was bored and figured, why not? I’m pretty proud of myself, and it’ll be nice to have a little extra money.

That’s all for now. Oscars tonight! So excited. Expect a little recap tomorrow!


Another one bites the dust…

The week is over, though not necessarily for me. I have to work every third Saturday. It’s only 4 hours, so I shouldn’t complain (and I’ll proceed to have the next two off), but it cuts into sleeping-in-cuddling-watching-random-TV-diner-breakfast-relaxation-time (some of which I didn’t get enough of last weekend, even though I had a full 3 days). Regardless, the fact that it’s Friday puts a little skip in my step. The weekend, while short, should prove to be pretty sweet. Maria’s boyfriend (who is practically my brother) had his birthday this week, so we will be celebrating at the Bounce Funplex, which I’m both plenty excited and nervous about. And Sunday is my personal favorite award show…really the only one I watch and the only one I believe counts…The Oscars! I’ll be watching from my house, in the comfiest of comfy clothes, with my family, Riunite Lambrusco and plenty of cheese and dip and other tasty treats.

Holga 003

I’m currently running on empty. I’m exhausted and frazzled and body is pretty much reflecting my inner emotional and mental turmoil. Hopefully, though it’s only a day and a half, this weekend will recharge me.

Hope you have an excellent one!!!


In the Bag

I’ve always wanted to do a “Look inside my purse” post, but it was my friend’s new blog (check it out!) that gave me the final push. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not super exciting…but it’s a little glimpse to my life.


The bag itself is nothing super special or expensive. I have a tendency to use the same purse over and over until it’s ripped and shredded and completely unusable. I bought this bag about a month or so ago at Ross, because my previous purse had holes inside (I was constantly losing keys) and was chipping on the outside. I fell in love with the soft texture and the multiple pockets and pouches. I immediately imagined throwing in my cameras and film comfortably, along with the regular purse products, and that’s what sealed the deal. So now, a look inside.


These are belongings currently in the front pouches of the purse…

  1. My Zune. Maybe you’ll find this odd, but I have never owned an iPod in my life (I do not count the iPhone, because I don’t use it as such). This was given to me for free by my friend’s ex (though he wasn’t her ex at the time). I’m really lucky to have a working MP3 player I didn’t have to pay a cent for.
  2. These are the two camera phone lenses I got for Christmas from Photojojo! One is a fisheye, the other is a 2 in 1 wide angle/macro lens. I love them both, but I haven’t used them as much as I’d like. It’s a pain because I have to take my phone case off every time I want to use one.
  3. This is a mini composition book I use to write all sorts of things in. Mostly grocery store lists, or things I want to do, or even little blog ideas I have when I’m not by the computer and am afraid I’ll forget.
  4. This cloth cleans my eyeglasses. Super boring, but I wear my glasses to work every single day and I’d be lost (or blurry-visioned) without it.


This is the inside of the bag.

  1. I threw this camera guide in my purse as soon as I got done putting my baby together. I like having it nearby, even if I don’t always refer to it.
  2. A cheap pair of sunglasses from Target. It’s important to always have sunglasses…I hate squinting.
  3. This is my iPhone. I don’t always have it inside the purse…it’s kind of always in my hand. The case is from Uncommon. It’s my second case in about half a year…but at least it was the case that broke and not my phone :) .
  4. This is a little, simple, dollar store pouch I got years ago. I use it to store all my girly belongings that I don’t want floating around in my purse. The two items inside I use most are on top. I am lost without Clean and Clear Oil Blotters. And, though I still stand by my Rosebud Salve, I recently fell in love with EOS lip balms (So much so that Brad’s V-Day treat for me was an egg carton filled with a variety of them). Cute, small, perfectly contoured, and very soothing. Most lip balms are sticky or waxy…not so with this sucker. Plus, the circular shape is a conversation starter and the scents are fantastic.
  5. Diana Mini. The random camera in my purse changes depending on what I currently have loaded with film. And I am also in love with her and can’t wait to get more film developed!
  6. Nasal Spray. Sexy, right? Ever since my surgery in October, it’s been a staple. And in the cold, dry, winter weather months, it’s a godsend.
  7. Pocketo wallet from Target. As soon as I saw this, I had to have it. Love the colors and the designs. It’s also got tons of slots and pockets so I can fit my cards and check register and money and movie tickets and things I like to keep.
  8. Random mustache from a coin machine. I have yet to open it, but I can’t get myself to take it out of the purse, even though it’s been in there since before Christmas. You never know when you’ll need a fake ‘stache.
  9. Burt’s Bees Beeswax and Banana hand cream. This is heavy duty. I got it because regular lotion doesn’t work on my hands this time of year. It leaves the skin greasy for a tiny bit, but the yummy smell and softness afterwards are totally worth it, plus it still lasts after a good hand wash or two.
  10. A little crank flashlight I got from work. You never know when you’ll need it, so you have to be prepared!!!


Winter Funk.

I’m starting to debate whether or not my winter blues is just the winter blues. I’m in an absolute and terrible funk. It’s tough to think about and get out of now, but I’ve been here before…I know I can do it.


Currently missing…
Light jackets. Sunshine. Driving with the windows down. Bare legs. The first warm days of Spring. Cherry blossoms. Dinner on the deck. Grilled food. Wandering around with my camera. Days at the lake. Floating in the pool. Sun kissed shoulders. Corona and lime. Late nights. Vacation. Sleepy post-swim body. Sunglasses. Green grass. Corn on the cob. Painted toes. Skirts and dresses without freezing. Strappy sandals. Tan lines. Fresh air. Cutting my jeans into shorts.


Lotus Flower

Before rolling out of bed on Friday morning, I decided to skim through Facebook on my phone. So glad I did, because I got to see this video first thing. I’ve been a fan of Radiohead for over a decade now, and it never ceases to amaze me how fantastic they continue to be. They changed music for me when I first heard Kid A, and I will always hold them near and dear to my heart.

Also, forget new Britney Spears and Lady Gaga videos (I mean, yes, I’ll watch them…). Thom Yorke dancing in a simple jeans and button down and bowler hat in black and white for 5 minutes enthralls me repeatedly. I’ve watched this video so much this past weekend and have no intent to stop.


The Weekend

Wow. Despite the fact that I had a long, 3 day weekend this round, it felt shorter than some of the weekends I’ve had to work! Perhaps that’s because it was so unexpected and impromptu and busy and crazy. A list…

  • Friday buffet and quick drink with friends from home before heading to Brad’s
  • Drinks with Brad and his dad, blasting music from The Temptations and the like
  • Trip to IKEA (My first time)
  • Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries lunch at IKEA (Delish)
  • Stop at home to catch up with Maria and Josh
  • Food and drinks at Bottlenecks’ with Maria, Josh, and some home friends (catching up with Mike, who is moving back home and who I’ve missed dearly)
  • Charity bowling with coworkers (catching up with Nicole, whom I haven’t seen in months…it was so nice to see her!)
  • Quick outfit change and off to a cute Italian restaurant in a cute town for Brad’s grandfather’s birthday (location over an hour away)
  • A surprise call from Lauren, who was in town for the long weekend, to possibly hang out
  • Casino, plenty of Woodchuck, gambling (no winning), and late night talks with Lauren at Brad’s house
  • Waking up to over half a foot of snow (ready for Spring already!)
  • How I Met Your Mother marathon
  • Saying goodbye to Brad, who is off to Philly for business for the next day
  • Purchased mini cheesecake…unwinding

I’m not used to so much activity in such a little amount of time. I never got to relax because I always had something going on within the first couple hours of waking up. But I got to see lots of friendly faces, and I can’t complain. I’d rather be busy doing the things I was doing than actually work.



Here’s to a good (and slightly shorter) week ahead!!!


Mini Mini Mini Hiatus.


My mom decided to give me the sweetest Valentine’s Day present.
She went on my computer, even though she got her own little laptop for Christmas, and gave it a virus.

Obviously, she didn’t intentionally do it (all she wanted to do was look at some link to a picture of cute puppies with bacon in their mouths…wouldn’t you want to, too?). And we’re pretty much just laughing about it at this point. But regardless, I’ve been very frustrated trying to figure out the whole thing. I don’t have the funds for a Mac, but usually my Dell doesn’t let me down. And so far, things are looking up. But I’m trying to take a breather from doing too much on the computer, in the off chance I screw it up more or allow things to get out of hand. Besides, it has been a rather boring week over here. I’m very excited, however, for the weekend. I have Monday off, so Brad and I will be relaxing for 3 days. Aside from some charity bowling (just a couple of hours out of my free time), I’ll be enjoying lots of cuddling and relaxing and shutting my brain off.

I hope you have an excellent weekend as well (and rest of the week!)


It’s Kind of a Funny Story…

I just watched this movie this past weekend with Brad. I pretty much adored it.


I have a soft spot for movies or TV shows with relatable and realistic storylines and issues. I find depression and mental illness to be one of those things. It’s something I have had to deal with (though not necessarily to this great extent) and, more importantly, see loved ones deal with. I know this movie has sort of a fun, funny, imaginative and cool approach to some serious issues (and some really dealing with the tough stuff might not find it so funny). But I found myself smiling and giggling and empathizing and crying. I like when a movie can touch all those heart spots.

Also, it’s been a while since I saw a movie I enjoyed. I really need to start watching more movies anyways…I miss the days when I would gobble so many movies up. Then again, anyone would see so many movies when your job offered you 5 free rentals a week. Regardless, movie nights are something I’d like to reintroduce into my life, even if I do it alone.



The Weekend is Extremely Nigh…

I can’t express how excited I am for this weekend. It’s the first one I’ve had completely off and completely to myself in quite a few. No designated wake-up times. No unwanted obligations. No inconveniences.


Also, since Valentine’s Day is on Monday, Brad and I have planned our V-Day date for Saturday. We have a reservation (nothing too fancy, but you have to think ahead on this booked holiday), I have a gift for him, and I have a great feeling about it all. It’s been a while since I had someone to share this holiday with. It’s not actually that important to me. Never has been. I will always find the day-to-day more significant. But, considering I’m pretty happy and content with that aspect of my life, it will be nice to have someone to celebrate a cute little holiday with. And I like an excuse to dress up (and eat!).

Hope y’all have a great weekend :) !


Strawberry Cheesecake


{Photo Credit}

I am not one for fruity ice creams. But I’m so glad I tried this. It changed my life. Yum and yum and yum.

Minus the Bear


One from each of their LPs…it’s hard to settle on a favorite.


Soup-er Bowl Sunday

Instead of watching the game (though I caught the half-time show and found it to be very painful), Brad and I spent 4+ hours making Ham and Bean soup. I first had this delicious comfort food on New Year’s day, courtesy of my aunt. She, thankfully, divulged the recipe. We just needed to find the free time and perfect day to make such a delicious, comforting dish. On Sunday, we topped it off salad (homemade Caesar dressing!) and a bunch of flaky biscuits. I finished my last bowl of the stuff at lunch yesterday, and it was very sad indeed. I cannot wait to make another batch soon.



John Krasinski

Jim or not…I have a massive crush on this man.


Emily Blunt is a lucky, lucky gal.


All you need is positivity…

A happy list to start off the week. Since I usually feel a little like this…


  • Sleeping in
  • Strawberry-frosted doughnuts with sprinkles (DD is the best)
  • Pinnacle Whipped Cream vodka and Three Olives Root Beer vodka
  • Late night diner double dates
  • Grocery shopping with Brad
  • Planning the weekends ahead
  • The fact that I have the next two weekends work-free (and one of them is a 3 day!)
  • Remembering my trip to Long Island and laughing at every wonderful moment with besties
  • Homemade Ham and Bean soup, recipe via my Aunt Barbara, which was worth the 4 hours of simmering and patiently (sorta) waiting
  • A cleaner bedroom, thanks to Friday night with Brad, sis, and Josh helping me out. Tons more work to do and an Ikea trip to make…but progress is good
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Toro Y Moi
  • Jim and Pam, via seasons 1-3 of The Office

Ahh…that feels better.


A little collaboration…


My sister’s boyfriend came up with the idea of spinning the lollipop around. And I decided to help him out with it. We’re both pretty proud of it. Even if it will make you dizzy…


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (and other things I’m extremely awful at)

These days have been very stressful. I’m on edge, grumpy, cranky, and easily irritated. And while, yes, I enjoy focusing only on the good…why not write a ranting list to get it off my chest and move the heck on already?

  • Yes, my name is Michal Lynn. That’s my whole first name. Pronounced like Michael. And No…my father’s name isn’t Michael. So…just stop asking me all the time. It’s been 23 years of this crap already (ask my parents instead, I didn’t name myself). I’m done.
  • It would be really nice to sleep at least 7 hours every night. And for the whole night, instead of having horrible nightmares and occasional bathroom trips shake me out of it all too often.
  • My beautiful Fuji Instax 7s has been on the fritz. The flash won’t work, so pictures don’t turn out. I have yet to try it in the daylight (though the flash is always meant to go off), but regardless, I’ve had it less than a year, I still have packs of film left for it, and I didn’t do anything to hurt it.
  • I’m really, painfully, harmfully lazy. So, I should’ve called about the camera and have it sent out to be checked already since there’s a year warranty. And I should’ve cleaned my room a dozen times. And I should’ve done so many other things…I know, I know.
  • It’s really annoying to live 30 minutes away from the person you are dating. I know there are people who endure way worse (how did my sister and her boyfriend manage for months at a time, states apart, for real?), but on days like these, it’d be so nice to take a quick drive over, cuddle for an hour, and go back to whatever else I need to be doing.
  • How did I become friends (on Facebook, as well) with so many teachers? It has been rough seeing Snow Day statuses while I struggled with all my might to get out of bed and into work.
  • Have I mentioned the WEATHER?

Well…that felt better. I’ve noticed February has been a depressing month via blog thus far. Once this week is over, I have plenty of wonderful things to look forward to and you can bet your bottom dollar all will be well in this world again. I just gotta kick the next few days in the ass.



Seasonal Affective Disorder is a serious issue, but I believe we all get a bit funky and (our own versions of ) depressed during the winter season. It’s come to my realization, as I get progressively antsy and sad and lethargic and miserable without reason. The short days, freezing cold temps (with wind!), snow, sleet, and freezing rain are definitely getting to me. So what do you do? I pulled out a couple of my dance DVDs tonight and working out definitely helped. But mostly, I’ve been enjoying reminiscing on the warmer, sunnier, happier times. They’ll be here soon enough…right?


Just some pictures from spring 2010. Can’t wait for it to come around again. What a wonderful time…


Monday Grumps.

It’s always tough getting back into the work groove when you’ve had an excellent weekend. Add unnecessary stress and worries and annoying issues popping up and you’ve got yourself a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Monday. How does one make it better?

  • Chinese buffet date with the boyfriend
  • Girl Scout cookies and tea
  • Wearing my H&M high-waisted trousers for the first time
  • A little nap
  • Laughing about all the funny things that happened during the weekend (I wish I could relive it)
  • Of course, daydreaming about the weekend (which unfortunately doesn’t start until Saturday at 1 pm for me, bleh)


By the way…it’s February! When did this happen? Cannot believe the first month of 2011 is down and done. And even though I don’t want to continuously wish time away, I’m definitely getting sick of winter weather. The cold and short days are beginning to hurt. Spring is one of the best times of the year…I can’t wait for it to get here…eventually.