Nails and Ales

Time for Round 4 of Nails and Ales. It’s been a while, I apologize! I’ve been on a wine kick for a while. I’ve also found myself relying on the trustworthy and dependable cheap beers that are usually available to me. However, I have here 4 different drinks (with a bonus for fun) and nail art designs to share with you today!


Sapporo is a very enjoyable beer. I save this for trips to the Hibachi. Mix that in with the occasional squirt of sake and you’re in for a real (sloppy) treat. The large can seems never ending, but it’s a clean, crisp taste that doesn’t intrude with all the food and flavors you experience when at a Hibachi restaurant.
Nail Polish: I used too many here to remember. These were done using the Cute Polish Galaxy Nails tutorial.


The weekend I had this Immort Ale, I had made my own 6 pack at a local deli. I tried 5 completely different kinds of beers and all of them were equally enjoyable. I decided to share this one with you, because it was the most memorable.
I know this picture is kind of blurry, but if you can make it out, the ingredients are (as always with Dogfish Head) delicious! However, it being 11% ABV, it had a sting to it within the first sip. That’s the booze, baby! But once that first sip went down, it was easy going from there.
I could honestly probably only ever handle one of these, and it’s a good thing that’s all I had. I went into hot flash mode. For a moment, I thought I was becoming immortal. Dogfish Head, I LOVE THEE!
Nails: OPI’s A-Taupe the Space Needle with Warm and Fozzie accented on my pointer and middle fingers.


Oh, Woodchuck. My love. This is the Summer cider, and it’s delicious. But that was to be expected. The only one I didn’t really care for was Spring, and I had that on tap, so I don’t think it had the right fizz to it. Anyway, this is a crisp and delicious, light and tasty cider that will be good for the summer months.
Nails: This was a failed attempt at Ikat nails, but I kept them anyways. OPI’s Jade is the New Black, Sally Hansen’s White On and Black Nail Art Pen, with Wet and Wild’s How I Met Your Magenta.


I am not above cheap beer. I will always enjoy Lionshead (our favorite local lager) and PBR pounders. I always see this next to the PBR and I liked the can. It was 6 dollars for a 6-pack, so I couldn’t say no to a simple lager. Nothing special, but I’d drink it again.
Nails: My new favorite nail polish, China Glaze’s For Audrey and Essie’s Luxeffects Shine of the Times on top.




The same weekend I made my own 6-pack that housed the Immort Ale, I found this Belgian-Style Cider from Woodchuck. It was my first time purchasing one of their Private Reserve ciders. This was tasty. It was similar to a Belgium-Style beer, cloudy and orange-y, with that sweet cider kick. I really enjoyed this. It was way better than the Spring cider, and more appropriate too!
I don’t even know if they have it anywhere anymore. I made sure to scoop up a couple 6-packs. But of course I finished it. OOPS!

‘Til next time…


“The Lady-Child”


In the last issue of Entertainment Weekly (my Bible, basically), there was an article written by Melissa Maerz that really resonated with me. It was titled “Hollywood Goes Girl Crazy” and it discussed the influx of movies/TV shows with female characters that don’t really seem to have their life together. A character like this would be the “Lady-Child,” similar to the  man-child popularized by actors like Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, etc. What brought this to the author’s attention was the premiere of the new HBO show (by one of my heroes Lena Dunham) Girls.
I’ve seen the two episodes that have aired so far, and I am in love. I’ve also seen Lena Dunham’s feature film Tiny Furniture,
and I loved that too. The reason I love these both so much is because I can relate.

In a little less than a month, I will be 25 years old. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not old by any means. However, I feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere I’m nowhere near. I live at home. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Mass Communications and I work a job that pays me little more than minimum wage and requires no knowledge beyond a high school diploma. I drive a 1993 Buick that is rusting more and more everyday. The biggest issue of them all? I haven’t the slightest idea what I really, truly, absolutely want to do with my life.
And that is what makes furthering my life that much harder.
I’m really putting my feelings and fears on this page for you guys right now.

Brad teases me, but I have to agree; I am a 14 year old inside.
I live for Young Adult novels and frilly fiction books.
I get massive crushes on celebrities I’ll never meet.
I fangirl like crazy.
I still sleep with a stuffed animal when I’m not with Brad.
I am instantly attracted to anything involving Hello Kitty.
I spend more money on nail polish than anyone with my budget should.
If I lived on my own, I’d probably live off of canned soup, omelets, and grilled cheese.

I couldn’t be happier that there are more characters out there in movies and on TV that I can actually relate to. I’ve enjoyed shows like Gossip Girl or The O.C. and I love romantic comedies, but they show a…less realistic lifestyle. I don’t want to say it’s unrealistic.
It’s just not common.

Last year, I read the book One Day. It was a good read, but there was a relatable part, in which the female lead said something about feeling as though, after college, she regressed back to her adolescence. I completely agreed. I went from living away from home at school to coming right back to the life I had before that freedom. I lost some of my confidence, my drive. Being under the same roof as your parents can sorta make you feel young all over again. Not fun.

I don’t want to be this way forever. I want to figure myself out. But in the mean time, I’m so thankful that shows like Girls exists,
that movies like Bridesmaids are there for me to laugh at and cry with.
I need movies and TV shows that depict life as it truly is. I need to see the breakdown, so I know that I’m not alone.
And so that, maybe, I can be motivated to make some change.


Sunset Stroll


Friday was an absolutely beautiful day. I couldn’t wait to get out of work and enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze. As soon as I got home from work, Brad and I threw on some comfy clothes, grabbed Cali’s leash, and took a walk across the bridge.


It was the last nice day in a while. It’s gotten colder and it’s consistently rainy and gray.
But I can be happy knowing more days like this will come again soon.


The Weekend

Working on Saturdays cuts into my weekend. I can still enjoy myself a little on Fridays, but I still have to wake up early the next morning. No late nights, no sleeping in. I end up coming home, eating something, and promptly napping. Napping has quickly become my favorite thing.
I still managed to have an excellent time. Late night dinner and beer with Lady J (I dunno, Jenna, I felt like calling you that) and a Thai dinner date with my girl Lauren, topped off with drinks at the casino with my favorite people.
So yeah…’twas good.




The highlight was my first meal at Thai Thai (cheesy website!), which was actually my first experience with Thai food in general. I went with the classic Pad Thai (Chicken, as I’m allergic to shellfish). I enjoyed every bite, but I had a lot left over. We always started off the meal with some crispy Thai rolls, and I definitely could’ve gorged on a few more plates of that.
I actually loved the fact that the restaurant is BYOB. I stopped at the wine and spirits store and picked up Cupcake Vineyards’ Chardonnay.
We definitely finished the bottle.

To a great week!




I wasn’t very creative with dinner last night. But then again, tacos are always a good choice. I go the easy route and use the Old El Paso box. Maybe one day I’ll try something different. But gee, it’s just so tasty and easy!
My family really likes tacos, too, so instead of following the directions of one box, I got a box with two dinners in it and bought over 2 lbs of meat. I am so glad I did that. We are little piggies who can’t keep away from yummy tacos!

This week has been a little mind-bending. Because I had Monday off, I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I was completely confused about the days. I work tomorrow, which is never really fun (and I work next week, bah), but I always make do. As of right now, I have dinner date plans with my friend, Lauren, and I’m super excited to try a restaurant I haven’t been to yet. Aside from that, my little weekend is free.
I’m ready for more relaxation.

Have a good one, whatever you do!




Sometimes, the weekdays just go soooo slow. It sucks, looking forward to the weekend. Shouldn’t we love and live for everyday?
It’s kind of hard to do, especially when everything feels sort of dead-end.
But let’s not forget, it’s the little things that make each day special.
Here are some things that help me through the days and make them worthwhile.

Soothing music (I prefer Bon Iver or Tycho) for the commute.
A book to read. If anything, this job has renewed my passion for reading.
Comfort food for lunch. (I must have greek yogurt with granola everyday.)
My 1 PM, pick-me-up cup of coffee.
Fresh air. As long as it isn’t raining, I go for walks around the neighborhood during breaks.
Silly text messages to my boy and my friends.

Holga photo taken by me, 2010.


Photos of a Day Off






.99 cent iced coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts to start off the day.
The neighbor’s lilac bush.
Cherry Blossoms on a walk.
3 with everything from Abe’s Hot Dog.
A dress, a bracelet, and 5 new nail polishes (I told you I’m obsessed!) I purchased.


Yesterday was beautiful. Sunshine. Heat. Iced coffee sipping and reading on the back porch. Sunglasses. Flowers. Oscillating fans and no lights to keep cool indoors. Late night dinner with people I love.
It was hard to go back to normal today.


A Lovely Weekend


This weekend I: drank Hoegaarden and danced until the bar closed, ate 20 piece Chicken McNuggets by myself, slept in like mad, sat on the back porch with my lovely friends for drinks and conversation, watched two doggies fight and play, had brunch and went to the Electric City Craft Brew Festival with one of the cutest couples ever, ate my favorite sandwich from my favorite local deli, and watched the beautiful Elizabeth Olsen in Martha Marcy May Marlene.

I think it’d be redundant to say it was a great weekend. I’m enjoying the tail end of my vacation day (more on that tomorrow), and it is in over 80 degrees here! I’m getting excited for sundresses and swimming…it’ll be here before ya know it!

Since today is my “Sunday,” I can’t help but be a little bummed out. But the weekends just get better and better. So why complain?

Here’s to a great week!


Dinner Last Night: Soup and Biscuits


Last night’s meal was completely taken from The Girl Who Ate Everything. I found the Sausage and White Bean recipe on Pinterest, and when I clicked on the link to find the recipe, I found out said blogger served them with her rendition of Red Lobster’s famous cheesy biscuits.
This was both really easy and really involved to make. Baking isn’t my forte, and I might have just used some Bisquick, but it was still so much fun and everything was delicious (if I say so myself). Soup is one of my favorite meals in the world. One pot wonder.
So comforting and warm and filling and impossible to screw up!

White Bean & Sausage recipe here.
Cheddar Bay Biscuits recipe here.

You won’t regret either.



Happy Friday! I don’t have work tomorrow OR Monday (I took a vacation day) so I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m so excited to enjoy some free time. I’ll also be attending the Electric City Craft Brew Fest on Sunday, which should be a great time!

Have a great weekend! I’ll see y’all on Monday!


Outfit: Animal Instincts


It’s been so long since I did an outfit post. I’ve been wanting to for a while, but it seems like we are always rushing when I’m decked out.
Even this time we had to rush, using my iPhone. This was my Saturday night outfit. We went for hibachi dinner and drinks with my friends afterwards. It was a fairly nice day, so I could rock the “leather” jacket, no bulk necessary.


I’d been looking for a leopard shirt for a while, and I finally found the perfect one at Salvation Army.
I am a firm believer than you can find anything you want if you look hard enough in the thrift stores.

Jacket – ASOS/Shirt – Thrifted/Jeans – PacSun/Booties – Payless


Pinterest has given me high hopes…

I have no clue when I will have an apartment (let alone a house) to call my own. But Pinterest (Follow me!) has been steadily preparing me by giving me the highest hopes for a beautiful home. I did a post like this once before, and it’s basically the same idea. I adore cozy hideaway spaces where I can sip on coffee or wine and read and write and listen to beautiful music.
The true idea of Home Sweet Home to me.






I sure hope I get lucky enough to have a beautiful place soon.


Currently Obsessed…


Photo from WeHeartIt

Just a list of some things I’ve been diggin’ lately.

The Hunger Games. And not just the movie, though I loved that too! I made sure to read book before I saw it, and I just finished the final book on Sunday. I absolutely loved it. Very heavy material, but it was so well written and I care so much about the characters. I can’t wait to see the upcoming films. I’m especially excited to see who will be cast in them!
Fancy camera bags. There are a few different sites that make camera bags that look like beautiful purses. (See Jo Totes, Epiphanie, and Kelly Moore) If I had one of these bags, I’d actually be more inclined to have my camera on me at all times!
Twizzlers. I don’t know why, but lately I’m in love with those licorice twists. I could devour a bag in one sitting.
How I Met Your Mother. I’ve probably talked about the show numerous times on the blog, but it really is one of my absolute favorites. I find that I have to watch at least one episode before I go to bed or I feel incomplete. That might seem sad, but it keeps me with a smile on my face!
Cute Polish Nail Tutorials on YouTube. Her voice-overs are a little…interesting, but these videos are so helpful! I love nail art and blogs and Pinterest, but Cute Polish actually helps teach you how to do some really cute nail art step-by-step. I find that a lot more helpful than pictures on a blog.
Garnier Fructis’ BB Cream. I kept reading about BB Creams in all my magazines so I finally decided to try one. I absolutely love it. I’m not a big makeup wearer, so this stuff is great. My skin is hydrated and even-toned, and I just feel like I have a little bit of a glow. I’d recommend this to anyone! I have oily, sensitive skin that is prone to breakout and I haven’t had one issue with it!


Easter Weekend


Short but sweet weekend. Working on Saturdays really puts a dent in weekend time, but I’ve been able to find a nice balance in how I spend it.
Friday night was simple. A run to Target, some pizza at our favorite local spot, and watched In Time (super-cheesy, but made better with wine and candy!). As for Saturday, naps have sorta become the norm. After a cozy post-work nap, Brad and I got ready for hibachi dinner with some of his family and a night in my hometown to hang out with some friends. As for yesterday, I celebrated the beautiful Easter Sunday in a fun dress I’ve been waiting to wear for months, eating tasty food at Brad’s parents’ and finishing the final Hunger Games book, Mockingjay.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I can’t wait for the next! I have next Monday off, and I am aching  for a three-day weekend! A mini-hiatus from life is just what I need! ‘Til then, I’ll enjoy what comes my way this week.

Here’s to a great week ahead!


Dinner Last Night: Chicken Parmigiano


Apologies for the not-so-focused photo.

I decided to try a chicken parmigiano last night. This marked another first for me: frying! I’ve never fried anything before, but it was easy and fun! I got the chicken tender recipe from Rachael Ray (she’s my go-to since her meals are meant to be quick and easy to make). I used a jarred pasta sauce with some bowtie pasta as a compliment to the chicken. And, I finally made roasted green beans, a recipe I found on Pinterest forever ago and have been wanting to make from the moment I saw the picture. Green beans are probably my favorite food, so I love learning new and interesting ways to cook them and kick up the flavor!


Also, what is Italian food (or dinner in general) without wine?


It’s Friday! To be honest, this week sorta blew right by. I am not complaining. I have work tomorrow, but it’s Easter weekend, and I’m sure it will be lovely. I’m really waiting for next weekend though! 3 days of freedom. I have the 16th off, I took a vacation day, and it is and will be a much needed break from the norm. But that’s a while away. So I’ll just focus on the now!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!
And happy weekend y’all!


Yesterday, via the iPhone

I work for the weekend, but Wednesdays hold a special place in my heart. Obviously, it’s “hump day” and we’ve made it through the majority of the week. But it’s also the one weekday I usually spend with Brad. Now that he moved into a house with his friend, I can spend much more time with him, but I like to spend time at home, so I leave the long stays for the weekend.
Still, Wednesdays are a standard for Brad and Michal Lynn time.



This Wednesday included Chinese food, sunshine, and playing with puppies. So, it was a great day.

All photos from Hipstamatic/Instagram.