The Roaring 20s


On Saturday, we held a Prohibition-Era themed party for my 25th birthday. It was one of the best nights of my life. Pretty much everyone I love in one place, dressed to the nines in some adorable ‘20s style fashions. We “broke the rules” and drank hooch, with an emphasis on some cocktails that originated during the 1920s (French 75s are my personal favorite, though it’s probably because I’m partial to gin). Beer was sipped from bottles without labels. Oldies blasted from the gramophone (which had an iPhone in it, streaming Pandora, ingenious).
Charlie Chaplin’s silent movies played on the TV. There was always a fake cigarette in someone’s hand.

There wasn’t a single ounce of drama. Just an amazing night with friends, on a little journey back in time.


Also, though I certainly didn’t stay in that state, there is something so fabulous about getting ready to the sounds of a jazzy 1920s singer, with wave clips in your hair, filling in your eyebrows and smacking on some dark lipstick. I highly recommend.



P.S. There were way more people at the party than these pics show.
Unfortunately, they aren’t the most flattering photos and it was also hard to take pictures when you’re having fun!


  1. Gosh, this party looks like the cat's pajamas.

  2. Happy late birthday Mikey! I love your 20's themed party, those drinks and costumes look so fun.