Delayed Reaction: Last Weekend

Is it me or is time moving way too fast?

I cannot believe August is here…really, I just had a birthday party (in May, over 2 months ago)!
My vacation came and went and the weekends are over before they even began.
Hence my delayed reaction post. I had a pretty cool weekend, but it took me this long to go through photos, edit them, and want to post them.
Sure, I posted about nails and books, but whatever.



On Friday, I went with Brad to the bowling alley to celebrate his friend’s birthday. I hadn’t been bowling in at least a year, I’d say, and it was fun. I love bowling, even though I’m not that great at it. I mean, I did beat 3 guys on the second game and got a few strikes, but it takes me a while to warm up. Fun fact: I used to think I sucked terribly at bowling and so I would just throw the ball, no care or aim, and it would land in the gutter all the time. Once I decided to actually take the time to realize what I was doing wrong and take aim, I got better.
Shocker! Negative attitudes make you suck…it’s a proven fact.
I had a lot of fun, drinking from a Foster’s Oil Can (insta-tipsy) and chatting about nail polish with one of Brad’s old co-workers.
Love geeking out about the polish!


On Saturday, we held a “beer-b-que” with our friends. There was a ton of food and, obviously, a ton of beer. I wore my new Budweiser tee, which is probably my favoritest shirt right now. Not gonna lie…makes me feel like a badass. I wanted to take a lot more photos, but I was trying to avoid the phone. I know that I could’ve used my Rebel, but I’m glad I didn’t and here’s why:
I decided I would finally break out the Fuji Instax 210 and I had a plan to take a group picture of all the girls and a group picture of all the guys. And then maybe, somehow, get a picture of everyone. I had two packs of film waiting to be used and a camera that’d long been ignored.
When I went to grab the camera from the side table, I dropped it. Mind you, I was sober. It had a spill once before and was fine. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t make it through this one. I was so upset and frustrated…there goes money, film, and memories.
After a bit of a hissy fit upstairs, cooling off, I came downstairs to play Cards Against Humanity (man, is that an offensively funny game) and saw all of these people I love gathered in one room and it was so hard to stay mad. I could feel the warmth and it was awesome.


Finally, on Sunday, I spent a lot of quality time with Jenna. She is back in the area now that her fianc√© (my friend Ed) has been deployed for pretty much the rest of the year. Wishing him all the best and safe travels and work while he’s away! We had a diner breakfast, which was delicious, and met up with some friends later for froyo. I know MYO frozen yogurt has been a thing for a while, but it won’t fail to amaze me. I get to pick my own flavor and all my own toppings and pay by weight? That’s awesome. I had red velvet and tons of goodies on top…delish!

And that was my weekend!
Hard to believe the next one is just a day away.

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  1. That breakfast looks so good all over again! And I'm glad you got a photo of all of us playing. I ended up not taking any pictures all night because I was too caught up (a good thing, but then I get sad I don't have any photos haha).