Snowy, Snowy Night

Last night, we got quite a few inches of snow. Lou, Brad’s housemate, had been talking about prepping for it for a couple of days. In Brad and Lou language, that means stocking up on plenty of beer and food.
I worked until 3:45 yesterday, so I made it out and home just in time to watch the snow start to fall. And even though I had to be up at 5 a.m. today, I still enjoyed a snowed-in night with people (and a puppy) I love.


Cali perched in her usual spot and a view from the beginning.


To make life easier when we were upstairs, far from the fridge, Brad and Lou shoveled snow into a cooler so they could keep cold beer in between the bedrooms and the office. Smart. We also listened to some smooth tunes and ate a delicious stir-fry the guys made from scratch. It was so darn good. The sauce was amazing, better than what I’d buy from a bottle. I just wish I had rice to sop it up. I also wish we had Christmas music, because it would’ve been perfect last night. I’m running out of opportunities to listen to Christmas music, and I need the spirit!


These final photos, aside from the one of Brad and I, show the significant amount of snow that had fallen. That amazing quiet was surrounding us, and it was so beautiful. The final picture of Cali was taken by Brad. He got some really funny photos, but it was dark and she’s dark so I had to lighten a lot of them. This one is my favorite.
She looks so cute all snowy and silly.

Before I headed to bed, we walked to Turkey Hill, which is about a block away, not even, to grab some cupcakes and candy. It was fun to walk in the snow and get some fresh air, even though Lou had to bring Cali home (her paws were so cold) halfway and my cheeks are still red from the stinging cold. It was a great night, though, and I look forward to more snowed-in moments in the wintery months to come.

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  1. Love that pic of you and Brad, and that last pic of Cali!!! :)