Best of the Year: October - December


I kicked off October by going to Wine Country (aka the Finger Lakes in NY) with Brad and some of his family. It was the perfect beginning to a great month. It’s one of my favorite places. It was only my second time there, but I don’t plan on it being my last, and I certainly want it to be an annual (or biannual) trip. Once I got back, it was time to get into the swing of fall festivities. Pumpkin patches, farmer’s markets, and preparing my Halloween costume (if I had my druthers, I’d wear it everyday). Another high point was photographing engagement photos for my friends Crystal and Alex. It was a beautiful day and such a pleasure to go through each beautiful picture filled with love.




It’s hard to believe November was last month. These past few months have gone by so fast.
It was a total blur, filled with tons of Artie-sitting and late nights with friends. And, of course, ringing in the holiday season with Thanksgiving.
My boyfriend also moved out of his parents’ house and into his friend’s, which led to me meeting the cutest poodle, Cali.




Well, here we are. December went by way too fast. Christmas was here and gone, New Year’s is approaching, and time has flown. But it has been a great month. Late nights with good friends, meeting one of my favorite musicians, an ugly Christmas sweater I can barely remember, a beautiful Christmas…wow. I can’t wait to see what the final weekend of this month/year brings.




Have a safe and VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe! See you next year.

By the way…what are you doing New Year’s Eve?


Best of the Year: July–September


July was definitely one of my favorite months of the year. Summer was in full-effect. I also had my week long vacation, and Brad and I had our first little beach-y escape together. We were blessed with beautiful weather…sunshine and warmth that lasted well into the night.  Brad and I went halfsies on an underwater camera which helped log a lot of memories. I also discovered the easiest and tastiest soup recipe that has been repeated a few times, and wrote a love letter to my swimsuit (one of my favorite purchases of the year).




In August, I began to take measures in improving my life. Nothing too crazy or memorable happened as I eased my way back to normality. Things I can remember? Brad beginning his Primal Blueprint lifestyle and purchasing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, which kicked off a nice steady pace of healthy food and exercise (which did eventually die down, but we are desperate to start again!).





September was an EXCELLENT month. Things looked up for me immensely. In fact, this was also probably another favorite month this year.
A lot of people told me I had come out of my shell (one that I had created with my anxiety and stress) and noticed a change in my mood. I started to go out more, expand my little group of friends, put things in the past, and act like a fun 24 year old for once. My first amusement park trip with Brad, a brewery tour with my favorite people, Oktoberfest at the casino with more favorite people, Brad’s birthday, and lots of yummy and different foods from the primal diet.




Almost done with the year…for real!


Best of the Year: April - June

This was the portion of the year when things definitely started to look up.


The first weekend in April was one of the best weekends of my life, not just the year. I will not forget it. The month did hold a bit of a down note, as one of the most important members of my group of friends left for the Air Force in the middle of the month. It would be 8 months until I saw him again, and who knows after that. But the weather continued to clear up (despite a snow storm on April Fools Day) and everything really began to bloom.




May is usually one of my favorite months. It might be because of my birthday (and this was a nice one, spent with my family and Brad, eating my favorite Mexican food and gambling at the casino), but I think I’ve always related it to change. When I was still in school, things would be winding down, preparing everyone for summer. It’s a happy month overall, with sunshine and warmth dominating the weather forecast. I also discovered Sally Hansen Nail Polish strips, which revived my love for nail polish, something very special to my daily/weekly life now.



P.S. I finally cut my hair. I am better with shorter hair. And it just kept getting shorter.


Now things get good. So many days spent by the pool, drinking summer-y cocktails and ales.
Long and lazy summer days, even if I did have to spend a lot of them at work.
In other news, my awesome sister graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and we had an amazing meal to celebrate, I rediscovered my love for reading in a big way, and my sister did an awesome job with one of my outfit posts (which have become a more regular establishment on the blog over the year, and also the photos were taken in June but posted in July).