What an exciting, exhausting, challenging, fun-filled, laugh-filled weekend. My trip to Long Island was a success, though traveling was a bit nerve-wracking and long. I can’t even put into words the great time I had. Rafter, Lauren, and I basically speak our own crazy language. “We R Who We R” by Ke$ha was our theme song. I had the “native” tea (Long Island Iced Tea, obviously). I ate 2 “cold slices” (a slice of pizza with cold shredded mozzarella).

I will cherish my memories. I didn’t take too many pictures, I mostly stored everything in my brain. Here’s what I do have to show.

IMG_4647IMG_4737IMG_4763IMG_4753Lauren’s cat, Earl Grey.

Already, as always, anticipating the coming weekend. I had so much fun with my friends, and it was greatly needed, but I missed Brad and sleeping in. Here’s to a great week until then!

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