At the Farmer’s Market


For starters, I do apologize about the lack of posting. I wanted to keep on top of everything, but each day has brought a new adventure. Both today and yesterday were focused on farmer’s markets. Wednesday = Hometown Auction, something I used to venture to nearly every week but has since turned to once a summer, thanks to my job. Today, we hit the Wilkes-Barre Farmer’s Market. I just love being outside, looking at fresh, locally grown produce, checking out little flea market knick-knacks, and eating excellent food. How can you argue with that?


So many whoopie pies! You could buy 6 for 5$, so I did that! Yum.


Love those handwritten signs.


And in Wilkes-Barre…


It was SO painfully hot today, we ducked into a local dive bar for a few tasty beers and waters.
And I rocked my new Jay McCarroll sunglasses the rest of the day.
Good times, my friends.


All photos taken with my iPhone and edited with PictureShow.

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