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As I get older, I find I’m more inclined to stay at home than to go out. Of course, after long stints of reclusiveness, it’s only natural that I need to go out and socialize, to be in a loud room with people buzzing about. It’s very rare that Brad and I go to bars because, well, it’s so much cheaper to buy some beer for the house, have people over, and actually be able to have a conversation instead of shouting over some crappy band.
In this instance, to keep things fresh, I love doing a theme party.
Having people over is fun enough, but add some sort of theme to the situation and it gets crazy better!

I understand why some people might find the idea of a theme party childish, because who didn’t have a party with TMNT or Barbie paper plates, cups, tablecloths, and party hats? However, I feel like age actually makes these parties so much more fun. The sky is the limit! Themed cocktails and costumes and a place of your own (usually) to decorate!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a couple of years, then you may remember my Prohibition-Era 25th birthday party!
What started as a small idea tossed around over drinks turned into a really successful evening, with amazing people surrounding me in beautiful 20s-esque garb drinking gin cocktails and brown bottled beer without the label.

Not that we always have to have a theme for my birthday, but in 2013, we decided to do a brunch. I, like so many others out there, love brunch, but it’s not something we have a lot of in NEPA. Sunday Brunch is one of those beloved occasions, and little to no places have it around here. So…why not make our own?
We had sweet and savory items, such as a yogurt station courtesy of my sister and bacon and egg cups via Brad. The drinks were mimosas (oh so good) with a variety of juices and Bloody Marys, something I don’t particularly enjoy but that a lot of my guy friends do! I also really like making them for Brad. Maybe one day they will grow on me…


To wrap up a list of things we’ve done, last night, Brad decided to hold a “Bottom-Shelf” shindig for some of our friends who were in just for the holidays, the ones we rarely get to see, especially when they have so many people to see!
Since the holidays are over, it’s safe to say that most of us are broke from celebrating and gifting. So Brad decided he would still have a party, but keep it really really cheap. We got the best of the cheapest beers (no more than $15 bucks a case), store-brand chips and snacks, $1 party pizzas, and yes…there was even Ramen! The recommended attire was sweats or the crappiest, most comfortable things you own! It was a small party, but so fun! Any excuse to drink in sweatpants around friends works for me!


Miller High Life is actually a go-to beer for me. It’s so cheap but it’s delightful!
PBR is a given and Lionshead is our hometown brew, the stuff I drank while learning to drink in college.


The gist of this post is…HAVE A THEME PARTY!
Being around your favorite people will always be fun but adding dress codes and drink menus always makes for a more memorable occasion! There are so many more themes I would love to try (more on that later, hopefully), but it’s all about what you want to do. Ugly Sweater parties are classic, and they don’t always have to be about Christmas (there are plenty of ugly sweaters without holiday motifs). Do your friends love a particular movie/TV show/book series? Find related cocktails and dress like characters would or do! Want to relive an era you never got to experience? Go back in time! Want to dress up for no good reason? Break out the champers and wine and fine cheese and make sure not to get it on your gown or tux! Even the simplest idea, like BEER, can turn into a creative theme.

Have fun, everyone!
Oh, and if you’ve ever had an awesome theme party, do tell!

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